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“Block all dating sites”: how to block access to dating websites

Popular, convenient for those who controls them but potentially dangerous

May 21, 2022 / by Valerio Mariani
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“Block all dating sites” means blocking dating sites on laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablet terminals. This time, I will explain the method. can block Here’s an eas y-t o-understand explanation why it is important.

1. Dating websites: the services we mean

The web can be a dangerous place not only for minors but also for everyone. In search engines, there are a lot of suggestions for blocking all dating sites. This time, I will tell you why it is important to know “”. block The meaning and method of all dating sites, laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones.

First, let’s organize what a “dating site” is. It is a service that can be used on websites and apps that aim to connect people. Originally there was only website, and the first dating domain registered in 1995 was Match. com. Today’s match group is a giant for online dating. Thanks to the game website with 45 domains and about 10 million subscribers, the group alone has sales of 20. 40 million yen. Their websites include all the most commonly used ones, including famous Tinder.

Since the explosive spread of mobile phones, all dating sites have developed their own apps for iOS and Android. According to the data obtained from the website BUSINESSOFAPPS from various sources (App Annie, Site Review, Racing Team), the number of users on the world dating site is at least 324 million, in 2025. It is expected to exceed 450 million. The economic value in this area in 2022 is about $ 4 billion. Therefore, it can be understood how popular dating sites are, how convenient for those who manage them, and how dangerous they are.

The most used dating site? According to dating sites, there are 2, 000 dating services that can be used in the world, 2, 000 in the United States alone. But after all, 324 million users are concentrated on a handful of websites and app services. Badoo is the largest number of users, followed by Tinder, Lots of Fish, OKCUPID, Bumble, Eharmony, and Grindr ECT.

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2. Why can dating websites be dangerous

What happens when you use a dating site? In general, it develops from online encounters to offline encounters, and there is no common time, such as sexual violence, harassment, pediatricity, fraud, and extortion. However, it is clear that there is a danger of causing serious results not only minors. Potential, indeed, on the Internet, we are all dangerous, not just dating sites. However, in the case of dating sites, a new encounter creates an defenseless situation. At that moment, the fulfillment of the desire to build a relationship can overwhelm our rationality. In this way, if you ask for contact, you will weaken and you will not be able to pay attention to the doubts you should have thought clearly.

If you don’t feel the need to verify the correspondent data, or if you are good at it, it will be worse. It is in no time to be a proper meeting from the conversation. And there is a high risk that something unpleasant occurs, especially for weak people (minors or adults). To be clear, most of the meetings do not have any dangerous things, but looking at this data is forbidden.

According to a survey on the information site Phactual, 10 % of the sex offenders on the public list have their profiles on dating sites. In addition, one in four rape demon uses these sites to contact the victim. However, according to Marketdata Enterprise, 10%of the free dating sites are fake. It is also worth noting that major players in the industry, including match groups, are conducting activities to improve the quality of services. For example, by asking a subscription, you can eliminate unauthorized users and check data. In recent years, applications have been used to use artificial intelligence to match users’ profiles.

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3. Block all dating sites: how to do it

Unfortunately, only some settlement sites and applications may be asked to submit the identity verification documents and age confirmation documents. As in the case of social networks, creating profile on dating sites is often literally children’s play. Parents need to be aware of this and be able to prevent access to more dangerous sites, even if they are not convinced of the registered sites. But,” block “All Dating Sites” is an interesting search item for companies to prevent employees from using company resources to prevent dating services. The reason is not only to avoid distracting, but also to protect corporate networks from the risks caused by employees’ contact.

The procedures to block While all dating sites are only websites to block In the case of an application, you have to take another action. In this case, you need to access your smartphone or tablet and apply a special procedure. This procedure is available in all mobile devices, Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

The way of calling varies depending on the mobile OS, but it can be very easy. Just search. block Specify “App”, etc. in the application and privacy management settings. Once you have confirmed the settings, you can select the required app in the simple guide procedure. to block and enable the block This is the method. For example, it is possible to select a password, or if possible, to enable fingerprint authentication using parents and faces of parents and biometric authentication.

When the process is completed, access to the application is allowed after unlocking. It also does not affect the use of terminals and other apps. On the other hand, to block access to dating sites, use options that can be used in each navigation system, such as Google Safe. Google has also enabled a dedicated app (family link) to protect children’s navigation. This app is convenient because parents can check the usage time of each app to block Can be downloaded or downloaded remotely.

However, there are several limits for Google Safety Search, generally provided by operating systems, services, and apps. First of all, it controls navigation from that specific service, app, or operating system. In addition, it is a genera l-purpose because it is often impossible to personalize. block It has been able to respond to any kind of content that can be dangerous for a young age group. If you want a specific thing block On a specific website, for example, if you wish to block It is recommended to select a more sophisticated solution on all dating sites.

4. Choosing a web filter to block dating websites

If you think that the options provided by web services such as OS and Google are not enough and need more powerful and flexible solutions, you may want to target web filtering services such as Flashstart.

Not only the possibility of personalization, but also quality and speed. The quality in this case is the ability to minimize the s o-called fake negative and identify as many dating sites as possible. Furthermore, based on the filter the block DNS, can affect the navigation speed. In order to avoid speeding down, it is important to choose a vendor that depends on a very wide surveillance network.

Flashstart works with networks of the ANYCAST data center in various regions and have more than 145 customers. The Flashstart filter acts on the DNS protocol by blocking access to the website with a constantly updated database. In addition, Flashstart has an option to link with Microsoft Active Directory. And this is also a feature of the high quality of the solution. Finally, the personalization of the Flashstart service, which can be used on all devices such as desktops and mobile, is very intuitive. In fact, this service uses a very detailed site classification that is always updated. The database that Flashstart exploits is designed so that only the following can be used. the block For websites in specific categories such as dating sites, other websites can be viewed freely.

You can enable Flashstart® Cloud Protection with any type of router and firewall, ensure security of desktops, mobile, and IoT devices on local networks.< SPAN> Not only the possibility of personalization, but also quality and speed. The quality in this case is the ability to minimize the s o-called fake negative and identify as many dating sites as possible. Furthermore, based on the filter

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