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Body Language of Love & Dating: Summary & Review | Power Dynamics™

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Body Language of Love & Dating: Summary & Review

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Body Langage of Love & Dating can learn the following reading in a video course by Vanessa Van Edwards. body language .

  • Outline of bullet
  • Elucidation
    • Body Language of Love
    • Attraction science
    • Basic knowledge of Ibumon
    • Religion psychology
    • Dating dynamics
    • Connectivity connectivity
    • Let’s move

    Bullet Summary

    • We think our signature is easier to understand than it really. Always give a lot of signs
    • It is effective to touch yourself to measure how much women are liked.
    • Women prefer to be approached from the side

    Full Summary

    The body langage, which is a romance and dating claim, has sufficient length and simplicity for many people to move.

      • In search of love
        • Single male / female
        • I am interested in building human relationships in all aspects

        Vanessa Van Edwards says all the no n-language signs for arguing. He seems to give a romantic advice that is as good as anyone else, and the lecture is only a crisp stunt without small work.

        Her course stands out because of the scientific backing tested in her lab, with a sense of humor and a solution.

        Body Language of Love

        A man’s favorite body Some of the women’s legs and what women like body The parts of the person are limbs.

        Vanessa talks about conformity and dissonance. When we face the contradiction, we always believe in no n-language signs.

        Vanessa says that the body language There are two main elements in love.

        • Trust: The hormone called oxytocin is based.
        • Chart: Estrogen, testosterone

        Women seek men with many testosterone, and men seek women with many estrogen.

        Vanessa also says that couples who have decreased no n-language communication are less satisfying.

        Science of Attraction

        Vanessa will further explain how someone is attracted to him. She lists five solid ways.

        #1. #1.

        There are three types of humans, and Intimate Sensing is an attractive way.

        The power to see the power looks at someone’s eyes and look at the forehead. The gaze is upward, and we want to demonstrate power in business negotiations and negotiations.

        Social parliamentary social congregation occurs when you look at your eyes and mouth.

        The valley of the intimate parentzes is eyes and chest. Eyes to see boobs, eyes to see the chest. If you want to send a signal that you like, look around your opponent’s chest.

        #2. feet

        The direction of the person’s feet can tell the person’s spiritual activity.

        #3. Information

        Vanessa steps into the intimacy zone, personal zone, and social zones that people tend to use when they keep a distance from others.

        Women often touch their own body, while men tend to do so.

        When you are near your favorite woman, it indicates a territory (spreading your lesions or legs, turning your arms on a chair, etc.)

        Puffle up (inflate the chest)

        Alpha Closs (mainly in Europe and the United States: Release the space and release the pheromone)

        To determine the timing of moving

        Vanessa suggests before you take action.

        • Observe three types of pull signal or the same signal three times.
        • Conclusion: Make sure she has not emitted these signals.
        • Vanessa is an appropriate study in a certain research

        The more attractive people who did not give the signal, were many times.

        Signal enhanced bias: I tend to think that my signal is sel f-evident. In most cases, not.

        • Vanessa introduces some ways to send the right signal, called “primal ideas”.
        • availability
        • Facing: Move your toes, torso, and upper body towards you. Some women are nervous and keep their trunk away, but this is not good, and if someone is facing outside, the brain will not be able to connect.

        Smile: As soon as I meet my date, I smile and appeal that I am a friend, not an enemy.

        Take eye contact: The intimate gaze and deep gaze that have already been talked about. If you look strongly and long, oxytocin is secreted. We are looking at 60-70 % on average. If you have a particularly interesting topic with the angry momentum, focus on observing the color of the opponent’s eyes.

        • According to a study by Pamela C. Legan, successful men are looking for a short gaze against their favorite women. The two flirting had begun long before the conversation started.
        • Confidence

        Flirting Fundamentals

        By using a power body language, you will be more confident and more confident. Please see the wonderful work. body language A sexy pose that puts your hand in your pocket at the bar.

        The pose shrinks, bow, and turn your shoulders. High

        The pose spreads. He claims the ground, raises his head high, relaxes his arms, loweres his shoulders back, and opens his chest.

        But Vanessa says:

        In normal situations, the pose is too noticeable, the ideal is in the middle (pulling out the strength of the arm, opening the torso, dropping your shoulder, raising your head, and putting it forward). but, you are

        Before the presentation or before going out, the repository is in the middle.

        Vanessa likes to find some ideal poses for me, practice it, use muscle memory, return to that pose, and never get hooked.。

        Vanessa quoted the words of Pamela C. Legan again and found in a successful man.

        1 mesh pattern approach. The author says that his first 5 to 10 people in a new space will scan the room.

        Then, identify the target. This is one or two people who bother us, often the toes are turned to that person. This part ends within 3 seconds. body language If you feel the possibility, look at each other for more than 3 seconds, see if you have a smile, and see if you have 3 seconds. If all signs are positive, there is an approach. Low power The good thing about the eye pattern is to do a trial and error before approaching, and invite you to the approach. You can see the other person to invite an approach. power Monica Moore has discovered that 13 direct eye contacts are needed on average before the woman is called out.

        2. Approach. Women feel very intimidating from the front, so I like being able to call out from the side. power Men prefer to be approached from the front. use power Visual voice

        Before the connection low power poses again.

        So, depending on the person, you may feel uncomfortable and you should not look completely, but it is important that the other person can completely see from the tip of the head to the toes.

        For example, Joe Navaro suggests to look away from the other person so that the other person can look away and see himself.

        How to approach women

        “Cold approach as an approach strategy

        First impression

        Vocal confidence. Vanessa recommends that even women, even if they have a question mark at the end of the sentence, often lacks reliability. Men with a deep voice are more attractive, and hig h-speaking women tend to look more attractive on dating, as they indicate estrogen (although it is counterproductive in a business environment).

        The Psychology of Courtship

        Primary Icharging: Loan, smile, confidence.

        Verification: Give the speaker verification by indicating that you are completely involved in the conversation.


        Fart. We shake when you are curious, interested, or want to connect at a deeper level. You can use lean (inclination) to show the engagement and test the commitment. Measure and test your inclination. If you are too close and the opponent pulls, it’s too strong now.

        Raise your eyebrows: Use it when you say “oh realy (Tell me more)?”If you use it when you speak, it means “be careful about what you say” and “This is really important for me.”

        The eyebrows blink and glance. Eyebrow flash and direct flash

        Dynamic Mirror We subconsciously mirror the person we like, and the person reflected also perceives us as the person we like more.

        Vanessa recommends Happy Medium, which “reflects only a neutral, positive mirror signal without being too reflective.” body Or the rhythm of the way you speak, the volume and tone of your voice, facial expressions, etc.

        Vocal emotional expression. Vanessa cites an MIT Media Lab study stating that men are more interested in women who change their tone of voice.

        The key to expressing emotion in your voice is to be empathetic and passionate about the topic you are talking about.

        • Vanessa Van Edwards argues that women use more areas of the brain to decipher nonverbal language, and that men and women interpret nonverbal language differently.
        • short interjections. Short interventions are “uh-uh”, “ok”, “I see”, “aha”, “yes”, “yup”, etc.

        Vanessa, citing another MIT Lab media study, said that most men used short interjections in their conversations, and that they were most attractive to women.

        The more a woman uses short interjections, the more she likes the outcome of the relationship (she feels she is engaged in a relationship).

        Go deeper. Slowly she shakes 3 times and it turns out that people can talk longer (doing it slowly and quickly makes them feel impatient).

        A tilted head indicates empathy and commitment. When it comes to love in detail, men come from Mars and women from Venus.

        To be honest, there isn’t much “nature” in this section, and there are some references, but it’s just a collection of love advice.

        Vanessa von Edward cites Rebhaan’s research that men tend to overestimate women’s sexual interest and women tend to underestimate men’s willingness to commit.

        Kiss cue: The woman you want to kiss should bring her mouth slightly closer.

        Ready to take home, the woman returns to Marilyn Monroe’s famous pose, “Marilyn”, with her eyelids lowered and her mouth open to reveal her neck, mimicking orgasm. Read about Marilyn the here).

        Dating Dynamics

        Give her back-up signs by puckering her lips (holding back what she wants to say), touching her neck (she’s nervous), and putting her purse between the two of you.

        Note: I don’t understand why you’re saying touching your neck is a bad sign here. Even if she’s nervous, it can be a great sign if she’s nervous because of you.

        Behaviors that indicate untrustworthiness include leaning over, folding hands, rubbing, holding hands, and touching the face (for men, to show nervousness).

        Men gain self-confidence by showing their hands, and offering protection is the ultimate alpha behavior (opening doors, offering coats, pulling chairs).

        presexual touch. Men prefer back massages and kisses on the lips. Women prefer hugs/holds and holding hands.

        Vanessa reiterates that the main points are to show that you are attractive, that you are empathetic, and that you want to get to know the other person.

        When you’re nervous, catch your breath before you start talking

        Short interjections (“uh-uh”, “ok”, “I see” …) can be used freely.

        Upgrades aren’t as catchy, but there are upgrades

        You can mirror the body language Facial expressions and lies I don’t think slanderous lies have anything to do with dating, and I don’t think facial expressions should have been taken up. Also, if you stick too much to “lies” and “micro-expressions”, you will go in the wrong direction.

        Vanessa Van Edward places great importance on “warmth” and “comfort”.

        That’s fine, but she feels she has to deal with a lot of different things in a course on love and dating body language.

        Relationship Connectivity

        relationships such as leadership and dominance

        That said, the course packs a lot of energetic and useful information that you won’t find anywhere else.

        And what I love most is that Vanessa has a clip from her series, Dating in the Dark, that gives a real-life example. These analytical results are very good.

        Let’s Get Physical

        Real Life Applications




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