C-Date kündigen - verabschiede dich richtig von der Dating-Plattform - dating new york city

C-Date kündigen – verabschiede dich richtig von der Dating-Plattform

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C-Date kündigen – verabschiede dich richtig von der Dating-Plattform!

Whether you’re on the go or from the comfort of your couch, the Subscription Reminders app makes canceling your subscription as easy as possible.

C-Date is an online portal site that offers casual dating. The subscription is completely free for women looking to meet men. Not only men but also women and women who want to meet couples can register for free, but you need to become a paid member to fully use the service. This can be 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Like You C-Date kündigen introduced in this article.

C-Date kündigen : so beendest du deine Premium-Mitgliedschaft

Paid members who wish to use C-Date kündigen These conditions are set out in C-Date’s general terms and conditions. We will guide you step by step on how to cancel.

It hasn’t been 14 days since you signed the contract, but you already regret it? In order to withdraw from the premium membership, she can cancel the contract within 2 weeks from the contract. You can read more about it in our article on undoing dating C.

Step 1: Check Notification Period

Möchtest du C-Date kündigen To do so, we must first determine how much notice period is required. According to C-Date, cancellation notices must be given to her at least 14 days before the end of the contract period. If you do not cancel in time, your paid membership will be extended for a predetermined period of time, such as another six months for her.

The term of the contract is stated in the document sent by email from Sea Date at the time of signing the contract. You can also find this information in your C-Date profile. If a different notice period was agreed upon at the start of the billing subscription, this must be adhered to.

Step 2: Send Timely Cancellation Notices

In order for the C-Date closing to be effective, it must be explicitly sent in plain text. We accept letters, faxes and emails. It is also important that you provide accurate personal information in order for Sea Date to notify you of your termination. richtig can be assigned. Please include the following information in capital letters in your cancellation notice:

  • full name
  • Countries with C-Date service
  • Country where you are registered on her C-Date
  • Username (alternative: Contact ID)

I recommend that you send important documents by registered mail or by her FAX, which has a transmission history. Only in this way can you prove that the cancellation was actually sent.

Please note that C-Date is not based in Germany, so it may take a little longer to send letters abroad. So please send your cancellation in time

Die Kontaktdaten von C-Date

You can send C-Date cancellations to this address.

C-Date Account endgültig löschen

Please note that Premium membership does not automatically terminate when your account is deleted. It must be done separately as above.

If you need advice on cancellation terms for other providers, please see our Pership article.

  1. Termination and Revocation
  2. Is it troublesome to prepare documents for cancellation? Flat-rate alarm cancellation service
  3. Signing up with C-Date is just a few clicks away. Simply complete a pre-formed, legal cancellation letter on your computer or smartphone and send it online directly to your provider. You will then receive a cancellation confirmation email from us. In the event of a dispute, you can indicate cancellation shipping.

If you have questions about C termination due to subscription alerts kündigen .

Of course, you can always contact our experienced customer service. kündigen oder UseNeXT kündigen vorbei.

C-Date kündigen in nur 2 Minuten – mit aboalarm!

Please note that our information is edited content for the purpose of providing information that does not represent the terms and conditions of contracts for individual projects. To do so, you will need to read the exact text of the agreed terms and conditions and the provider’s contract. This is because we cannot be sure that these details are updated on a daily basis.


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