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Chambéry: What to see and do (Savoy, France) – Snippets of Paris

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Chambéry: What to see and do (Savoy, France)

A trip to Shambelli in Savo, Averin u-Rhun e-Alp, France. We will introduce highlights and specialties from the attractive old town to the new museum.

Fontaine de Elepanz

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The small town of Chamberry is not more tourists than other towns in the French Alps. While many tourists go to the suburbs Annecy, Chamberi is only about 30 miles (50 km) and is known as a hidden famous spot.

Shambeli, located in the Savois region of France, is known for being once the capital of Savoowa. It is less than an hour from the Geneva and Switzerland and Italian borders.

Originally, Chambelli settled as a relay point connecting the state of Northern Italy in the Franco Roman era and Lyon, the major capital of Rome at the time. The Savoowa region is independent in the Middle Ages part In the era of the Holy Roman Empire, we convey the rich culture of Savoyar.

The surrounding area is the mountains of the Alps and the nearby Rack Du Burgie (Lake) are loved by people who love nature. Nearby, there are hiking courses in summer and many ski resorts in winter. In addition, there is a university nearby, and it is a lively city that all types of travelers can enjoy.

It is known for its historic old town and medieval castles. There are many classic buildings, monuments and museums in this city. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Samberry. Allons-Y!

Bozar Museum

Things to do in the area


The dignified “Savo Duke Castle”, which looks down on the old town, is a symbol of the city.

The Savoy family was the royal family dating back to 1003 AD and independent. Shanbeli became the capital of the Savoowa Principality, created by the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages, and bears its name.

Rue Basse Du Château

The area continued to be conflicts for centuries for centuries, and was exposed to the threat of the Kingdom of France many times (for this, the nearby Grunoble became a very strict fortress because it was close to the Savoowa Principality).

Until Napoleon Bonaparte annexed Savois for the conquest of Italy in 1792, the Principality was the majority of the Alps. After several wars and coming and going, in 1860, Victor Victor II, Prince Savois, handed Savois to France in exchange for King Italy.

Chateau du du de Savois, which is still functioning as a castle, has a small museum and a town police station. The museum in the castle exhibits items related to the history of the town and collections of coins, which are said to be the oldest legal currency in the world.


Hundreds of meters from Chamberry Castle is a large monument called “Elephant Fountain.”It is a monument dedicated to the adventurer who made goods in India, not the royal noble, and was erected in Chamberry in honor of its honor.

San Francoisow de Sal Cathedra l-Chamberry Cathedral

Bunowa de Boisshund is the son of a local shopkeeper, serving King Mahara Storia, who ruled the Marter Empire in the late 18th century, and struggled to fight.

In India, he was given the title Jagilder, but later was given the title of the Earl by King Sardinia and was called General De Bowarnu. Returning to France, he was awarded the Medal of Legion Donnur, and in his later years he donated a large amount to Chamberry.

After his death, Bunowa de Boissi donated about 500 kerl (19t h-century currency) property to Shanbelli. He paid for everything, such as hospital beds, houses for poor people, renovation of churches, local universities and nursing homes, and established several permanent trust funds for the future of the town.

The elephant fountain was created to commemorate him in the 1830s, a few years after his death. There is his statue at the top of the fountain, and the shape of the Savois cross is characteristic. The four elephants made of cast iron are facing outwards with water blowing through the trunk, expressing the time he spent in India.

3. Bozar Museum

The Bozar Museum is located directly opposite the Chamberry Palace.

Sun Rege Square

Under the influence of Italy and Savoyards, we are collecting classic Italian paintings from the 14th and 18th centuries.

Due to the influence of the Renaissance period, many paintings are based on religious events. You can also see the influence of Flanders and Scandinavia in paintings.

Admission fee is about 6 euros/ adults during the busy season when there is a special exhibition, and about 3 euros/ adults during the off season.

5 Rue Basse Du Château

Rue Basse Du Château is the oldest chamberry, which means “castle street”. This street dates back to the 14th century and is several meters from the front of Du Savore Castle.

Mushroom cheese fondue

This narrow street is the center of the historic old town of Chambeli. At present, there are hotels surrounding this street, and there are many other stores and businesses. If you are looking for a photo that shines on the chamberry Instagram, this is recommended.


The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Chamberry was actually built as a chapel for the Francisco Association in the 16th century.

Cafe in the old town of Chamberry

Interestingly, the construction site was wetland, and 30, 000 telephone pole was needed to support the structure. Like other impressive cathedrals in France, it became a major cathedral in the city in 1779.

6. Sun Rege site

A river was flowing in the Sain t-Leger Square, one of the historic areas of Chamberry.

ROMANS-SUR-ISère: How to enjoy in a town that loves shoes (France)

Many of the areas were previously unable to construct in wetlands, so we decided to fill the canal and make a detour the Albanne River.

At present, shops and restaurants are lined with eaves, making it the perfect place to enjoy window shopping while watching the locals.

7. Charmet Museum-Jean Jack Rousseau’s House


Les Charmet is a beautiful cottage, along with a large garden with many kinds of medicinal herbs, where most of the premises are stored. Admission is free.

8. Try cheese and wine.

If you come to Chambelli, you won’t have to try Savo Wayal’s traditional cheese and wine. Many France’s leading cheese, such as Bofol, Rephrion, Racket, and Fondue, is made in this region.

Enjoy the chamberi with a classic French wine from Savoowa and the famous sausages of Savo Wayal cuisine restaurants in the city. Here are the details of Alps food and sake.

What is access to Chambelli?

You can go to Chambelli in a hig h-speed railway TGV for about 3 hours from Paris and about 1. 5 hours from Lyon. If you drive by car, it is about 355 miles (570km) from Paris. In addition, Chamberry has a small airport, and there are stools from all over Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because there is a university in Chamberry, restaurants and nightlife are thriving, so we recommend that you stay at least one night. It is close to E x-Le Van and Annecy, so you can travel a day trip.

Where is your accommodation?

We recommend staying in the center so that you can walk to sightseeing spots in the city.

If you read this article, would you like to know more about the Avery Rhune Alp region? A Bietôt!

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