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Dating in Europe: a guide to first date etiquette | Expatica

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Dating in Europe: first date etiquette

Dating games are very difficult even if you know the rules. How do you date in Europe without knowing how to proceed with the game? Here, we will introduce how to play dating in Europe.

Dating games are quite difficult in your country. However, if you sail without knowing what international encounter is like, it will be even more difficult. Here, we will show you a date in Europe.

I asked about 500 foreigners living in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland (mostly the heterosexual) to realistically convey the European date scene.。And their sex life.

Of course, all relationships are different, and how your relationship develops depends on your two people’s personality and compatibility. If you like each other, you will find a way to go well, regardless of culture. But who does what kind of things do what they do by knowing the differences in culture? the first move, kissing on a first After a date, you can avoid awkward situations, such as how long you call, at least hurt yourself, or unintentionally hurt someone.

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Encounter with other expatriates

Getting to know someone in Europe

In Europe, knowing the other person romanticly is quite relaxed. People do not often date strangers at all, and they often meet people who are already friends or friends (or those who met online). And you will be independent at a sudden opportunity. Think of it as an amateur from a friend.

There are not many stiff rules.”In the Netherlands, there are no fixed rules. You can do anything and do nothing. the first Or the timing between “and” on the 10th. the first Dating and sexual intercourse in France may be 20 to 20 seconds, “said a stall from Europe.

Making the first move while dating in Europe

In Belgium, France and Germany, it is common to invite women from men. However, in Switzerland, men are a little vigilant, so it may be a good idea for women to push their backs.

For French men, chasing is everything, and playing hard is part of the game. Keep eye contact when your opponent is interested. If you don’t, don’t. If you refuse the invitation, you will think that you are “playing” and you are likely to be persistently invited. If you’re not really interested, tell them clearly and carefully. but firmly Advice that can be used in your home country may not be accepted in France.

Couples sitting on a lake bench

Spanish people are said to be romantic and passionate people. If a woman gets interested too quickly, she may scare men. Like France, a negative game must be played before the date is realized.


Where to go when dating in Europe

In many European countries, you can learn more casually, rather than repeat specific dates like North America.”After a walk in the afternoon or evening, you can drink a cup at a cafe (toast!) And eat lunch. It’s not unusual to meet a friend in a group. Say.

In the Netherlands, you can take a walk or ride a bicycle. German couples may be considered a couple for the first time after unofficial encounters such as walks, meals, movies, and drama. In addition, in the case of couples, it is often the case that it is an item.

Dating in Europe: the date itself

If you don’t do anything sporty, dress up a little. Beach sandals, shorts, and sloppy clothes generally have a good impression in European cities that are sensitive to fashion. Smart casual wear will be the best.

In France, men may be late, but don’t think badly. French men are not good at procrastinating. However, in Germany and Switzerland, it is valuable to keep time. If either rotation is slow, the start of the date will be worse.

French and Spanish men may seem a little exaggerated to give women praise. In such a case, don’t panic. Praise is not a flattering in that country, but a kind of evaluation, so it doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable.

In the Netherlands and Germany, people can speak very directly (for example, as is often the case in the UK, etc., say that they are too polite and do not care to avoid someone’s emotions. Rather, say good things). You can receive what you say at face value. Don’t always swallow what you are told.

No matter what you do, don’t get drunk. In the UK, drinking a lot of alcohol can play a central role in starting a sexual relationship with someone. However, in Europe, there is a rule that you should not do it almost everywhere.


Who pays for your date?

In most countries, men offer to pay. However, even if a woman has a split bill or drinking fee, it will not be automatically offended. post the first The date is probably expected that most people will go to the Netherlands (not limited to the Netherlands).


To kiss or not to kiss

Recently, a famous romance SNS, “Kiss or kissing 13. 000 members around the world? a first The date is displayed. More than half of Americans, Australians and Canadians say they kiss. a first The date is displayed. On the other hand, only 29 % of Germans and 32 % of French people answered “blood flow.”Of course, in many countries, kissing your cheeks and greeting them is not generally explained.

In many Englis h-speaking countries, kisses are not as important as other countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, if a woman kisses one or more men in a club or bar (vice versa), it does not necessarily mean something or leads to some relationship. On the other hand, in France, kissing (or having sex) on your lips means dating. So please kiss carefully

Dating in Europe: the day after

In the United Kingdom and the United States, there are various discussions on how long to wait before calling. a first The date is displayed. If it is too early, some women and men may get frustrated. If it is too long, it will not be interested. In Europe, if a man knows your phone number, he will call immediately without waiting for a few days.

If you call a man many times from a man, don’t think it’s like a stalker. In France and Spain, it is not unusual for men to call and email. That is, he was interested.

French and Spanish men may say they love you a few weeks later, but don’t panic. This usually means “I really like you.”Women can say to men in the same way. This does not mean you have to live together or buy a ring.

When you’re on a date in Europe, don’t rush into a formal dating with a conversation “Where to bring this relationship”. Don’t be bound by the schedule, leave yourself to the flow and enjoy what is happening between them. first Valentine’s Day together. Inviting interviews with parents is mostly evidence that dating has become serious.

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