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Dating in Wuppertal | Face-to-Face Dating | Face-to-Face Dating

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Wie funkktioniert das Barhopping in Wuppertal?

If you don’t like one-on-one situations and don’t provide enough time to get to know you for speed dating, we created face-to-face dating. This works.

Kann man Face-to-Face-Dating noch einfacher erklären?

Yes, preferably with this video.

Where are the bars for face-to-face meetings in Wuppertal?

  • Around Wuppertal Elberfeld Mitte – Neumarktstraße.
  • Wuppertal Elberfeld Mitte-Around Friedrich-Ebert-Straße
  • Around Wuppertal Elberfeld Mitte – Luisenstraße.
  • Wuppertal Elberfeld Mitte – around aue
  • Around Wuppertal Nordstadt-Hochstrasse
  • Wuppertal Nordstadt – around Wiesenstrasse

With 3 bars each within walking distance, you don’t need a car to get to the bars.

What age groups are there in Wuppertal?

  • 1st group: 20-35 years old
  • Second group: 35-45 years old
  • 3rd group: 45plus

If there are many participants, the grouping may be slightly different from the age information. Then break up the groups into smaller groups, such as 20-25, 30-35, 45-50, etc.

How will timely face-to-face dates be carried out?

  • 19:00: Start from bar 1
  • 8:30 PM
  • 22:00
  • 11:30 a. m.: Group meeting with all participants

He never looks twice at someone in three bars.

Welche Erfahrungen haben Kunden bisher mit F2F-Dating gemacht?

We have heard from many customers. Also, many media quotes about F2F encounters.

The image is an image.



It's FEM.

How many face-to-face (F2F) dates are there?

In-person fakes cost €18, 90 per person. There are 18 new encounters in 3 rounds and it’s a lot of fun. In addition, there will be a final meeting with all three age groups of participants. Subsequent online voting and the next meeting are completely free. Of course, it is also possible to exchange numbers directly at the venue.

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Gibt es auch Dating-Events rund um Wuppertal?

Yes, face-to-face dating is possible in other cities within 30km of Wuppertal.

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