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Dating Sites for Nerds & Geeks

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Looking for a Gal to Geek Out With? Try These Nerd-Centric Dating Sites

February 12, 2021

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Did you ask? It is popular to be a nerd!

In 2014, the New York Times declared that “we are all stickers now” and became attractive to the traditional geeky, such as technology and superhero movements. He explained that the boundary of the mainstream culture has never been so porous. “

In terms of attracting others, single people are generally attracted to those who recognize themselves as de S. According to the Zoological Chart, we analyzed 777. 168 dating profiles, etc., and found that when I say “Dasai”, more than 74%of messages are incoming.

Surprisingly, I’m “? nerd There is no reaction like “nerd”. The former increased by 7 %, and the latter was actually reduced by 7 %. Lesson? Semantics is important! Don’t be afraid to appeal to your smartness. If you say “wise”, “cultivated”, “familiar”, the number of messages reaching in the inbox will increase by 68 %.”Ph. D.” has also increased by 41 %, which may be another reason (such as the size of a wallet).

Dating Tips for When You’re Feeling Socially Awkward

It is important to know that most people are nervous when dating. The date will come out of your comfort zone, and your first date may feel like a job interview.

“A Friend of a Friend CEO Claire Ah says,” Please forgive yourself and don’t blame yourself.

If these social issues cannot be overcome, AH advises a date coach. Please be assured that those who do not fit your budget. Many reputable coaches offer free services, live on Facebook and Instagram, provide free workshops on ZOOM, and set up a thread on Twitter. AH also recommends downloading the free audio app “Club House” where professionals in the dating industry constantly do Q+AS.

“However, don’t get close to Nampa,” AH warns.”If you want to meet someone for a date or romance (and respect the other person in the process), this is not a way, and it will be a prey for people who often feel socially troublesome.”

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Don’t be afraid to talk honestly about your ridiculous hobbies. I want to find someone who enjoys this important aspect, because my personality is the biggest property late or sooner and knows who I am.

“I would like to recommend a lot of special interest in any sub culture (whether or not it is geek), include myself and other aspects of life.” “War and travel.”Ah says not only about how convenient in the kitchen, how to use hiking, and the latest volunteer experience. Tell the statue.

6 Dating Apps for Dorks, Nerds, and Geeks to Use


The logo of the dating app

Since all the statistics we report are from ZOE, it may not be a dating niche for nerds, but at least recognize the diversity of members. From these statistics, it is clear that the zoo likes its data. In fact, based on this information, “behavioral science and technology” consistently learns the behavior of the user, providing a better and better matching.

There are 40. 000. 000 single people around the world, with about 3 million messages every day (some geeks should be!). What is particularly fun is the “MEGA FLIRT” function, and if you choose an automatic message to get to know, ZOOSK will send you to you on your behalf. It is also recommended for those who are not good at starting a conversation.

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Kippo date application logo, screenshot of Kippo matching page and messaging page

According to ZOOSK’s survey, the gamers generally did not fit into the date scene and said that simply saying “gamers” or “video games” decreased by 60 %. Fortunately, there is an app called “Kippo” dedicated to gamers. With many niche dating sites, Kippo won the first place in the 2020 best dating app in Digital Trends, the first place in the 2020 dating app in Mashable, and the number of downloads exceeded 500. 000 times.

Since this app uses a “card deck systems”, users can show their unique preferences in a fun and novel way, and use the Myers-Brig Stest to show their personality. The app that removes all the fun and delicious places is similar to Tinder, which swipes the profile left and right, so it should not be so difficult.

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LGFDATING logo and screenshot of profile and message page

LGFDINGATION TOUNTS touts itself as both “Most Popular Dating Gamer Site” and “Number 1 Dating Site on the Planet”. That said, the site was named his Mashable’s Best Dating Site for Gamers of 2019, so maybe he’s on to something.

Positioned as a community for “serious dating gamers”, it features a very simple interface that makes chatting and browsing quick and easy. If you’re looking for a community of like-minded gamers with the experience many fishy dating sites are known for, LGFDating is definitely something to consider.

Click here to try lgfdating

Hated person

Two smartphones that show the logo of the dating app

Otaku are obsessed with what they like, and equally obsessed with what they dislike. That’s why Hater is perfect for nerdy bachelors. At Hater, users poke to express their feelings on a growing number of topics, from Donald Trump to Coriander.

Apps can leverage this Intel to find the best match, which the user can browse or pass. Matched members can start conversations and break out of boring small talk with an intense ice breaker (think human race card) built into the app.

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Soul Geek date site logo and top page

Soulzeek was inspired by a cosplaying couple holding hands while standing in line at a Battlestar Galactica event. I wanted to do the same, so Soul Geek was born.

The dating site describes itself as a “nerd’s paradise,” offering fandom fantasies and pure joy as a way to find a mate. It may sound over the top, but this dating site is pretty unique with a fun twist that encourages users to share their favorite content with the community, such as music and online videos. You can also post personal blog entries and create forums for comments and interactions.

Soul Geek is also committed to the community outside the site and provides a local geek list. and nerd events.

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Most people who seek sex in the Grindr date application logo, smartphone, or profile screenshot and chat page < SPAN>, this app is mostly looking for sex, but it seems that many people are looking for dating or lon g-term something.。

If you’re gay, bi, or trans looking for that special someone, Grindr is the place to go. The most popular social app for queer men, with 4-5 million people using it every day.

The app has many useful filters for finding potential partners. An easy way to find your ‘race’ – Her A for identifying within the community – You can find your ‘race’ by selecting the option for ‘Nerd’. The app is location-based, so you can see all the nerds around you and exchange chats, photos, voice and video messages, and more.

Most of the apps are seeking sex, but many people are still looking for dating or lon g-term something.

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It is also possible to dig into it.

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