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Dating Someone with Aspergers – What Helps? Harley Therapy™ Blog

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Dating Someone with Aspergers – What Helps?

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dating someone with aspergers

When I started dating, I was a partner when I noticed someone with Aspergers?

The author, Andrea Brandel, is exploring how to deal with your partner with autism spectrum.

1. Remember that that person is still a person.

No one is their diagnosis. They are first, who happened to be diagnosed. with Autism spectrum disease

(“Asperger’s syndrome” is an old diagnosis name. It is still used, but the formal diagnosis is ASD).

The diagnosis of mental health is only a term created by mental health experts to describe people’s groups. with With similar symptoms, labeling and labeling cannot express the person perfectly.

Autism is also called “spectrum,” because people with autism have so many variations.

2. Educate both sides.

If you read this article, you’re obviously on this path.

It is also good to read what people have written. with Asperger’s case “Asperger and my life”. They know well through the experience. Autism. org. uk. You can read the ideas of the human relationships of autistic people.

3. Listen without deciding.

You who read out the information about Asperger’s Syndrome. It’s already a pretty expert. Or you?

Other than this person, no one is another expert. So what should I do instead of thinking that it matches the content that I read or understands the other person’s way of thinking? Ask your partner

If you’re an Asperger, “If you decide, catch yourself and check calmly. in with about it. What is the reason for their actions?

4. Become a unique (unique) community master.

dating someone with aspergers

Communication is important in all relationships. However, if the partner is Asperger, it may be more difficult to understand other than direct communication.

All no n-language signals, such as body language and voice tone, may not be reached at all.

Therefore, you need to determine what communication is valid. It may be something that is not bound by the frame, such as writing a letter. It may mean that there is a long “processing gap” during the conversation until the result is agreed.

And communicate as calmly as possible. If you feel calm, take a step down and find a tool that handles your feelings, such as a diary.

5. Let’s fix it. “

You can think that the other person is “normal” and depends on as a partner. to help LearnAs a result, the partner may feel overwhelmed, judged, and monitored.

Your partner may like some kind of existence and way of life. Until now, it has been managed. So it’s important to ask what the other person wants to do without deciding.

Also, if your partner is meeting a therapist, you may want to work personally. with Therapist You are neither your teacher nor a therapist. You are their partner, it may be more beneficial for them, and you have a good boundary here.

6. Recognize and respect your own needs.

Of course, if you are at the mercy of the other person’s needs and forget your desires completely, it will not work. It is coding.

Both of you are through. And both sides will need a compromise. maybe some It would be impossible to understand emotionally. But you just have to work on other things.

Decide what is most important for you, tell them, and find a way to grow together.

7. Connect with Others who really understand.

dating someone with aspergers

It’s very fun to talk to a friend. But if you don’t have a partner with Asperger’s advice may be frustrating or looked down, even if it is a good meaning.

You can find not only Facebook groups, but also support groups and forums. with In addition, you have an Aspe partner.

The UK resource here is as follows.

  • Autism. org. UK online community with Section for “partner and caregiver”
  • “Differently Together for adult partners with Aspergers.

8. Resources for other partners someone with Aspergers.

You are still 50 %. with What does not work in your own relationships is not necessarily caused by your partner, even if it looks convenient.

And don’t forget that there is a problem from the other point of view. one person with Asperger, the “recognition normal” type, is excessive, very demanded, and disorderly. Everything is a viewpoint problem.

9. Focus on what is valid.

If you look at the literature on Asperger’s Syndrome, you may get overwhelmingly negative. You Can’t, No, Never, these words may come out repeatedly. I don’t know your feelings, never fascinated.

Again, don’t forget that everyone is an individual. Also, not only the effect, but also it may be a plus. When you are not, your partner can be very organized. Or very faithful. They may completely yearn for you, as you are one of their strong concerns. And you may be able to send a great sex life.

10. Please forgive me for being sad.

Of course, if the diagnosis is recently, there may be times when you feel sad and sad. some It may not be the case that you want to change in the relationship. Efforts to fix your opponent, efforts to enjoy hold, and efforts to get rid of with A specific hobby? Maybe not.

You may need to mourn your perfect relationship ideas you want to develop. Again, most of the romance failed immediately after the first buzz, and then compromised.

11. Taking yourself.

dating someone with aspergers

It is a pattern caused by this relationship, that is, you feel invisible, misunderstood, overestimated, and not evaluated. someone People who can’t be emotional “-Is you play in other human relationships?

Dating someone with Asperger can be a gift. The problems of human relationships that I had already had at that time became even more clear and forced to face each other. with them.

Consider seeking support. therapist can help We support all problems, solve them, and learn new ways of involvement.

12 Be honest with yourself.

Some people do a date with someone with Asperger can result in success or unexpected plus. Many partners have a happy marriage for a long time and have children.

Others are just struggling. It doesn’t mean you are a terrible person. It’s not the fate of everyone together.

If you don’t really think you can get along someone with Asperger, it is useless to pretend to be. Then, your partner only suffers from your grudge and dissatisfaction pressure.

Do you really know? someone with Aspergers?

Finally a word. If you are reading this article, how did you judge that your partner was Asperger as a result of your own investigation? It may be different from you, as you can jump into the conclusion, or it may be like Alexi Saimia. Only experts can diagnose the autism spectrum.

Whether you wish to diagnose or counseling is up to your partner’s judgment. Not everyone is so, and it takes time and room for many people. Read an article about how to tell your loved ones that counseling is needed.

Do I need support to navigate human relationships? connection you with Central London’s top therapist, or if you live outside the UK, use the reservation site or online therapist.

Do you still have any inquiries? someone with with

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