Dating Vs Marriage: Things You Should Consider Before You Pop The Question. Vulcan Post - dating new york city

Dating Vs Marriage: Things You Should Consider Before You Pop The Question. Vulcan Post

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Dating Vs Marriage: Things You Should Consider Before You Pop The Question.

The secrets of a happy marriage remains a secret. – Henny Youngman

Why do you want to get married?

You’ve been dating for more than three years. You are used to each other, so you probably know that you need to know about your loved ones.

Certainly, we have a face together for meals, but it is longer to watch the smartphone than to talk, and it is better to have others. She has been hinting for a while that you need to proceed with the relationship to the next level, and is unfortunately seeing others get married on Facebook. That way, you might be able to get out of this relationship.

I wonder, how difficult is it? She buys an expensive ring, chooses an appropriate day, sits down, and says that she easily agrees. Soon, the announcement will run around Facebook, and the combination of your news will collect more likes than ever.

Marriage should be easy, think about yourself. After all, all married people on Facebook are doing the same thing as you, being displayed for dinner, traveling, and often in a taxi from other things, but they are less than other things. The rest of the world to remind you of how to miss.


Is it so easy? Can different two people live together without exploding the universe?

That’s the problem now. You won’t notice its depth until it’s too late, as you get stuck in the sand. What do you do next? You will be fateful, become a sullen middl e-aged man in a shopping mall, search for a nearby building, jump off, and land on a sharp thing.

Here is the truth. Discover the commonalities of the two as they go out in marriage You will be keenly aware that they are different people and have different tastes.

Now marriage It is a high and more difficult process with a high barrier to entry, and the withdrawal barrier. So better consider It will introduce a part of. before You inevitably make a leap in order to prove that you are a great guy.

#1 Your fights will last forever


Imagine two Sengoku, which is armed with nuclear weapons and is completely confronted. This time, please have the bed together at night. If you are married, this will happen when the fight begins.

#2 You have a whole new family you did not ask for

Parent s-i n-law

You can’t choose your family. But with the husband you chose, a completely new family has come, and the strange and whimsical way is not signed up.

#3 You need to hang out with terrible people a.k.a. other married couples


It’s not as wonderful as hanging with other couples who seem to have lost their enthusiasm to enjoy life, and you can enjoy dinner. consists From a small conversation (at least for me), such as real estate investment and remittance rate.

The worst is when your wife pointed out the common point of a friend’s unusual husband and tried to pair you. I don’t want to associate with him, no matter how he looks at “Game of Slones” like me.

#3 You attend a lot of birthday parties for toddlers


When you get married, be surrounded by couples who make children like a flaw vending machine. They grow their birthday parties because they grow up and are very special for their parents. Your wife will be warned that “If you don’t take a decent attitude with a on e-yea r-old party, no one will come to your child’s party in the future.”To be honest, I don’t want to invite an adult with a mad and hitting a madness to a child’s birthday party.

#4 You have to compete with super husbands


It proves that your wife has this friend who has decided that his husband is intimidating, overlaps, nausea, and has decided to make you miserable. They will turn the world on their spouse’s birthday, and they know it when Facebook shouts it on your face for the anxiety of the gods.

#5 Your weekends become a To-Do List in a harsh Labor Camp environment


Don’t do anything, take a terrible look and remember that Saturday, when you told yourself, “This is the feeling of a rock star …”. Such a life is good. On weekends, you will have to shop, change sheets, pay for bills, and generally feel miserable.

As you might not know, Victor Yugo probably got married and wrote Les Miserables on the first Saturday.

#7 You will be part of a lot of future-planning sessions where your ideas will be mostly ignored

Discard in the future

Women like to plan, but I hate planning not to control them. Before marriage There was a relaxed fun. rear marriage I have been labeled reckless and careless. Today, my wife is approaching one hand and hearing my career and emotional expectations for the next five years, so I am almost avoiding it.

It is normal that you do not know what to eat for the next day.

Disclaimer This article may not reflect the true intentions of other “real men”. This is to look at how your life changes after marriage with humor, and you don’t have to think seriously as much as your current lover.

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