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Did Tom Felton And Emma Watson Date? Inside Their Close Bond – Capital

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Inside Tom Felton And Emma Watson’s Special Bond As They Deny Dating Rumours

Tom Felton denied the secret romance with Harry Potter c o-star Emma Watson, and showed a honest reaction.

Tom Felton (34 years old) and Emma Watson, 31, are dedicated every time, despite dating with American businessmen.

However, when the actors of Draco Marfoy and Hermione Granger were asked about the signs of romance. their Harry Potter’s best friend is revealed immediately up their relationship.

However, Befs did not stop praising each other at Harry Potter’s special reunion.

Here, we will introduce the remarks of the two and whether they are actually dating.

Are Tom Felton and Emma Watson dating?

Harry Potter fans need to tell the sad news that Tom and Emma are not dating. However, they have been a best friend since meeting the movie franchise 20 years ago.

At Harry Potter’s special reunion, Emma is always incredibly close and explained that when he was together in the movie, he fell in love.

I looked back. There was a task of “what looks like a god”, and Tom pulled a naked girl on a skateboard. And what should I say … we just fell in love with him.

Tom is stunned by the sweet confession.”While sitting on a hair and makeup chair, I think someone said,” Oh, she was in love with you. “I came to care very much for her. Yeah, I say, “She is always sweet to her, it lasts all day.”

Our heart can’t stand it

Did Tom Felton and Emma Watson ever date?

Tom and Emma argued that they had never dated, and actor Draco Malfoy mentioned this about this year in chatting with Entertainment Tonight.

When he first surprised, he answered, “We are” something “. We were always on good terms. I like her.

I think she is wonderful. I hope she will come back … “

However, regarding romance, Tom claimed that Tom was born from the magic world, not a real life.

And added.”In love, I don’t think it’s Slysin and Griffindor, not about Tom and Emma.

“I think it’s absolutely the world, but she’s the only girl, she’s the youngest girl in her set, and she grew up with something she had to grow up. It was. I guess it would have a great influence on the world. “

He often talks to Rupert Grint (Ron), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), and Emma, saying, “They still understand themselves.” a bond The movie is like “just yesterday”.

Who is Emma Watson dating now?

Emma was thought to be dating a boyfriend Leo Robinton, but she was drawn.

Does Tom Felton have a girlfriend?

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