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Die besten Dating-Apps für iOS und Android | klarmobil Magazin

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Dating-Apps im Check

Dating through apps is of interest to many. But which Flirt app is better? We are comparing several candidates.

Smartphone users use dating apps on mobile phones.<SPAN> Is there anything yet? There are many other dating apps. Try luck with Badoo, Coffee Meets Bagel, ZOOSK, Meetme, and IDATES.

Dating apps are popular. There is nothing more convenient than finding your ideal partner on your smartphone. The concept of swapping partners on mobile phones is enticing, and today most people know the couple whose Cupid on Arrow was essentially a hit.

Single-Apps für jeden?

Because in fact die beste Dating apps in germany? Thanks to the huge mass of digital couples, this question is not so easy to answer. There are always new challengers in the ring, each with their own tone. I picked up a popular flirting app. Maybe there’s something out there that’s perfect for you.


Start form for the most famous dating apps. Tinder” (iOS|Android) motto is “Plan on love happiness”!At least for the next hot flirting. Only when you swipe right and match people you like. One person swipe left and the partner in the hunt continues with the next single.

The Tinder app itself is free, but key Premium features are only available through in-app purchases of Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.


“Bumble” (iOS | Android) is the top-grossing dating app, putting him in second place, a clear distance from market leader Tinder. Bumble’s special selling point is that it’s where women always take their first steps. This is intentional. She has total control and must decide who to approach and who to write for.

Upload your photo and optionally enter details about yourself before starting Swipen. However, these are not limited to stature and hobbies. You can also mention what you would do if you were to reveal yourself, how you imagined the perfect first date, or what your most useless talent is.

Free to download and use, premium features require a paid subscription.


And this is where Holde’s femininity comes into play. If you are a woman, you don’t even need to create a profile in “options” (iOS|Android). You can pass profiles instantly and anonymously from your current location. It seems that you can upload photos and text in the app. And waiting for you to “choose” yourself. Just send him your chat request and your photo – if you’re interested he can go for it.

Options are free to download and use. A subscription is required for access to premium features.


Algorithm pairs with “Hily” (iOS | Android). State what you are looking for and how you would describe yourself. The dating app links this data with geographic factors and promises to “find a compatible date or friend in just 15 minutes after her.”A match occurs when two users like each other.

What makes Hily attractive: It cares about user privacy and effectively combats fake profiles and bots.

Even Top Hily is free for basic features. Anything else requires a paid subscription.


This flirt app is mainly impressive with abundant filter options. Finely classify the qualities and expectations you want from the ideal partner. And the algorithm of “OKCupid” (iOS | Android) compares compatibility with other users.

It is also possible to look at the profile like Tinder. You can also hear your taste later. If the matching is established, the price will be displayed in a percentage based on the profile information. Dating apps can be downloaded and used for free. Premium limited functions can only be used depending on the subscription.


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With this app, start with a game with each question and answer first. Each user is anonymous and creates up to five games in his profile. The answer received (also anonymous) can be ranked from 1 to 5. Matching with “winner” is born. Only at this time, you can see the other party’s profile or chat with “Candidate” (iOS | Android).

Like Tinder, there is also an option to look at your profile. However, only one profile photo is displayed. If you want to see everything, you need a matchin g-or a paid member registration.


Like many other dating apps, the proven enamel mechanism is also used in “Lovoo” (iOS | Android). The app depends on your current location. Simply put, it means “display mainly for users in your area.”The community is relatively large and active, so the whole is even more fun.

The point that Lovoo has escaped from other dating apps. The user can also connect without matching in advance. However, this is not always useful because it opens the door to an inexpensive address. Fortunately, this “ice break” cannot be used unlimitedly.

On the other hand, the pleasure is the streaming function that each user communicates with others at live and skips jokes to get along.

The basic version of Lovoo is free. However, there is also a paid premium version (unfortunately the advertising is a little intense …).


You don’t feel like a superficial date and an annoying ghost, but are you looking for a serious relationship? Then you are with “once” (iOS | Android) ) bestens Instead of judging intuitively, it is necessary to take a sufficient time to find the opponent, rather than flying to the right or left in a few seconds.

That’s how. First, fill in a virtual profile and upload your photos. And in this platform, fucking algorithms become a cupid, searching for appropriate opponents.

However, this app is named “once” because it displays only once a day. After displaying the Soulmate candidate, you can press “like” within 24 hours and contact you.

as a side note. ONCE is one of the completely free dating apps.

Dating-Apps wie Sand am Meer

Is there anything yet? There are many other dating apps. Try luck with Badoo, Coffee Meets Bagel, ZOOSK, Meetme, and IDATES.

Dating-Apps im Vergleich: Die wichtigsten Infos

  • Dating apps are popular. This is also reflected in the number of apps and offers.
  • Many digital couplers offer basic services for free. However, the important premium function is often behind the wall of the subscription. It is you who decide the value of flirting success.
  • Depending on the flirting app, the concept of matching and selection of friends may be completely different. Some programs intentionally make women take the first step and take the initiative.
  • You can use any app. When looking for an ideal partner, don’t rely only on one dating app. Especially in everyday life, keep an eye on it

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