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Disney Twisted Wonderland Gameplay Explained & Is it a Dating Sim?

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Disney Twisted Wonderland Gameplay Explained & Is it a Dating Sim?

Disney Twisted Wonderland Genre Breakdown and Re-Dated Sims

A lot of my acquaintances from Japan are in Twisted Wonderland. And if time permits, I’ll be diving deeper into that swamp myself.

This work, nicknamed TWST, has finally been released in English, so let’s briefly introduce the parts other than the details that can be read on the official website. Here’s what to expect, centered around the game’s genre gameplay wise.

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What’s the gameplay genre of Disney Twisted Wonderland ?

Is Twisted Wonderland an otome game?

When you think of otome games, Koei Tecmo’s “Angelique” series and Idea Factory’s “Hakuouki” come to mind. Like a visual novel, there are many choices and paths, the main character is a woman, and you can fall in love with multiple characters.

Twisted Wonderland is not an otome game. First of all, it is a socié gacha game. In other words, it’s free to play, and new elements and content events are being added all the time.

Is Twisted Wonderland a dating simulator, a simulator?

For dating simulators, games such as recently released “Jack Jean” and “Tokimeki Memorial 4 Girl’s Side” fall into this category. Like a game where you fall in love with other characters. But for that, you have to manage the program and the main character’s parameters. Good at studying or good at sports. Then ask the character out on a date, confess to him, and so on.

Twisted Wonderland isn’t like that either, it’s neither a dating simulator nor a simulator. So what kind of game is it?

Twisted Wonderland is an Adventure game

Twisted Wonderland is a “Narrative Adventure JRPG”. Commonly known as “adventure” games in Japan and “Adv” abroad, these are “visual novels.”Adventure games are text adventures. In some cases, you can move your character through the menu or directly on the map. Making decisions and exploring objects and places. Gyakuten Saiban” series and “13 Assassins Aegis Lim” are good examples.

On the other hand, there is another category called adventure games, which is closer to the concept of visual novels universally accepted in the West. where it all comes together the gameplay is mostly just dialogue, and sometimes the choices don’t matter. And “Twisted Wonderland” is just that.

Twisted Wonderland has RPG twists and rhythm game elements, but RPGs and rhythm games are incredibly misleading. You will spend most of your time reading. And listen to the stories of the characters so that the expression of the main story can be fully demonstrated.

Twisted Wonderland gameplay is like a visual novel.

If you don’t like reading, don’t expect too much. Focusing on your favorite characters and deciphering their stories and interactions is the biggest appeal of this game.

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