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Download Campus: Date Sim MOD APK 2.65 (Free shopping )

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Campus dating sim

The stage of the campus game is beautiful girls who go to school campus Each student has a hot and charming beauty. Your goal in this game is to find a way to raise them. Campus: Date Sim is a highly interactive game. You and your in-game characters interact with each other through the character language system. If you’ve never dated a girl, hurry up. download Campus: Dating Sim Mod Experience the feeling of dating and master your best flirting skills!

  • 1 Download Campus: Dating Sim MOD – Conquer Hot Girls
    • 1. 1 Simple game
    • 1. 2 NPC character system
    • 1. 3 Flexible use of bonuses

    The image of the campus character has a clear outline and is finished in an impressive image. Gameplay is very simple and easy to understand. As such, getting used to the environment of “Campus: Dating Sim” is not difficult. In this game, you participate in many events and mini-games to earn money to buy gifts for girls. You will have to venture down the road to conquer hot girls. The combination of various game functions supports your perfect life. Optional. The story you play, Chapter, has two names for her to capture the unique story.

    Campus date SIM MOD

    Download Campus: Date Sim mod – Conquer hot girls

    The story of the game revolves around three beautiful girls, Emma, Kim and Sophie. Your challenge is how to approach and flirt with them. Use scripts to interact with game characters. In each game scene, you have 3-4 choices. It takes a lot of skill to make the best choice for you. By choosing the correct answer, you can advance your conquest progress. Conversely, if you make the wrong choice, you will make a bad impression on the girl. Then she might end the relationship with you. Why don’t you evoke sympathy with funny conversations or give gifts?

    Campus Date Sim mod downloand

    Simple gameplay Download

    The content of the game focuses only on elements related to dating with girls. So the game game is very simple. The final goal is to conquer all characters appearing in the game. Therefore, players who want to sell to girls must take several steps. To start a game, you have to talk to each girl. And answer the casual questions you have heard. Also, it is important to know the personality, preference, and personality of the girl … you will surely get your favorite child. to shop All you have to do is wait for the girl to like you.

    Campus Date Sim Mod Android

    NPC character system

    Emma, Kim, and Sophie are the main characters of this game. All three have beautiful beauty and attractive body. Girls will have different personality and dress. Some characters make you feel erotic and personality, while others have a soft and delicate character. Designers are perfectly finished in all aspects. Depending on your taste, you can choose a girl that suits you. These characters interact with you through a pr e-programmed situation. This makes the path of women’s conquest more charismatic.

    Campus Date Sim MOD APK

    Flexible bonus use

    Campus: Date Sim’s money is very important. You can make money by playing in a min i-game or answering interactive scenarios to please the girl. If you clear the path of each girl’s heart, you can receive a special bonus. You can also get a side income by watching a promotional clip related to the game. It’s not enough for girls to like you. The money you earn will be used for activities with each girl. Buy clothes and jewelry, go on a trip, give a present. As long as you have money, you will have a chance to capture girls.

    Campus Date SIM MO

    It is an attractive game for both campus stories and content. In this game, you can train your patience and ultimate flirting skills. The video is a bright color, creating a sharp and vivid character. You can freely manipulate various music effects according to the character’s behavior. In addition, you have the opportunity to receive many attractive benefits. Not only that, this game will give you a valuable experience that can be applied to real life. Campus: Date Sim “Download MOD, experience a ful l-fledged dating sensation and heal the fatigue of stressful work.

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