Drake s Dating History: From Serena Williams to Kiki - dating new york city

Drake s Dating History: From Serena Williams to Kiki

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Drake’s Dating History: From Serena Williams to Kiki

Who has recently been dating a champagne Papi? Dating with Drake history includes everyone from From attention celebrities like Rihanna and Serena Williams to everyday girlfriends like Sophie Brussa.

A Canadian rapper named Orburi Graham has become a hot topic of the diamond necklace purchased in December 2022. from 42 engagement rings This stone indicates all the number of times that you did not want to propose.

Approaching the love situation of a certified rubber boy artist. from Former her current partner.

Who is Drake Dating Now?

HOT LINE BLING’s rapper has certainly been in love. At least as of October 2021, Drake is undoubtedly single.

Drake’s Dating Timeline

Drake dating has continued for many years, former Kano and former him.

Drake has so far, Rihana, Selina Williams, Drake’s mother Sophie Brussa, Imann Hamam, Kaila Genner, Jennifer Lopez, Tatiana Ali, Tatra Banks, Sofia Marie, Rashida Jones, Rita Ora, He has been romanticly interacting with Black China, Kaila Chao, Jennifer Lopeza Vanessa Bethrea.

So what is Drake’s Dating Criteria?

On August 15, 2022, a Canadian rapper appeared on the Radio program “Queen Radio”, a radio program hosted by Nicky Minage.

In an interview, Nicki Minaj asked the rapper about the dating standard. To his wife in the future, Drake is interested in dating beyond his appearance.

He said that a young woman who wants to enter the life of Drake cannot date because of his influence, saying, “I don’t want to be filled with water anymore,” and said, “I want to be out of the first date and not get excited.”

Johanna Leia (2021)

Last year, the rapper was witnessed to be dating with model Joanna Leia in a reality program star. The two met in Los Angeles Dodger Stadium in July 2021.

Drake has died with Joanna Leia, and proves that he has regularly died with Amari Bailey, a Joanna son who will become a basketball star in the future. Real TV Star and Drake are witnessed front In the high school basketball game where Bailey played, he was many times as a center.

The dating of Drake, who had been dating Leia, was reportedly broken and ended up.

“He’s not with Joanna anymore, she’s a new lover who sent Arabic dubke to his home on his surprise birthday,” said Radar Online.

A String of Models on Drake’s List

Imann Hamam (2020)

The former “Degrassi” star and supermodel Imaan Hammam were spotted together in New York City in early 2020. Rumors circulated that Drake and the model were dating after footage surfaced of Drake and Hammam having intimate conversations and physical contact.

However, it was only for a short time, and there was no new update between the New York native.

Drake dating Kylie Jenner (2019)

After Kylie Jenner publicly split from her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott, Drake seized the opportunity to shoot a game with model and business Chie in late 2019.

A source claims that Drake and Kylie expressed their “feelings for each other.”In May 2020, Drake’s relationship with the Kardashian family took a turn for the worse. Drake was spotted performing a song on a livestream that describes Kylie Jenner as “a sidepiece.”

The rapper has since resolved the issue, claiming, “The last thing I want to do is wake up in the morning and find my friends weak, so I had to say this at the start of the day.”bottom.

Drake “In My Eminus” Era

In 2018, when Drake dropped the single and music video for “In My Emotions,” fans went wild to reveal who the rapper’s first girlfriend was. In the song, Drake names several women, many of whom are rumored to be romantically involved. from From Zoë Kravitz to Rita Ora to Tyra Banks.

The new female identities on the hit single were listed as Lisha, JT, Kiki, KB and Jenny (possibly Jennifer Lopez).

Drake dating Kiki from “In My Feelings” (2018)

Before Drake, he made his debut in the popular Canadian drama Degrassi.

Early fans have long wondered about Drake’s relationships and his first girlfriend, the mysterious woman. In 2018, the identity of the woman was revealed to be Keisha Shante.

According to sources, “kiki” from Drake’s 2018 release, “In My Immortals,” features actress and singer Keisha Shante, the hitmaker’s first love.

“First and last friend, absolutely legendary, someone I admire with all my heart. to raise a ruckus in honor of Keisha Chante,” Drake said on the opening day of his Ovo Fest on July 2022. He confirmed that he would address the audience on the 29th of the month.

Shantae appears and hugs the rapper. He then took to his Instagram to show his love and appreciation to the “Scorpion” rapper, confirming that it was indeed “Kiki” who was pointing to the dance floor in “My Feelings.”

What are KBs? Drake’s Alternate Kiki (2018)

“KB, do you love me? Say You’ll Never Leave” Orburi Graham sings at the beginning of his track “in My Feelings”.

The identity of a woman is rumored to be K’yanna Barber, an American model who dated Drake in 2018. Former Kano confessed everything in a Power 106 FM radio interview.

KB, K’yana Barber, met Drake for the first time a few years ago as a backup dancer for Auckland rapper KAMAIYAH. the internet history Reveals that they have spent a romantic summer and become intimate. from then on.

Barber was shocked by the name of the music video and revealed that he was surprised with his son at that day.

“I was listening to the album like everyone, and finally when I reached” in My Feelings “, my son said,” Mama, how do you say your name now? I’m very surprised.

Dating situation between British singers and Drake

Rei (2018)

In April 2018, the “Controlla” rapper was reported to associate with British singer Raye. Apparently, the two have begun to get used to this year while Drake was visiting London.

Drake and Ray, who have been caught in a new relationship, have dated several times, and according to the sources, the Canadian rapper took a new girlfriend to London’s favorite location.

Drake is a date with Bella Harris (2018)

Model Bella Harris had dating a scorpion rapper when he had a dinner and lunch at a restaurant in Washington, D. C. in September 2018.

It is reported that this rapper closed the place to spend the night with a new lover. Bella Harris is the daughter of Jimmy Jam, a famous music producer who frequently collaborates with Janet Jackson.

At the time of the romance allegations, Bella was only 18 years old and Drake was 31 years old, so it was an eyebrows.

Harris then dismissed the rumor that “I did not dinner in DC.”Every day, I enjoyed working and eating in New York.””

Officials, who are said to be close to rapper, have claimed that they have never dated.

Drake’s Shocking Reveal of his Son

Sophie Brussa (2017)

French actress and AV actress Sophie Brussa have an old relationship with Drake.

In 2017, Drake met Brussa in Amsterdam. The Drake’s date timeline is likely to have started a new tour during the Boy Meets World tour in January 2017. While the media was crowded, Brussa was pregnant and later gave birth to his son Adonis Graham on October 11, 2017.

In 2018, rapper Pusha T accused Drake of hiding his children in a diss track entitled “The Adidon Story.” from the media.

Drake, who secretly dated Brusseau and later became a parent, revealed the birth of his son on his social media in 2020, adding to the scrutiny of the child’s physical appearance.

Drake Dating Another British Girl

Jorja Smith (2017)

Drake’s dating includes one thing about the British singer. Drake was reportedly dating British artist Jorja Smith in 2017.

The rap star has posted a picture with the “Teenage Fantasy” singer during her 2017 music tour opening act in Birmingham.

The new relationship is certainly making headlines, with Drake rumored to have got an ’11’ tattoo in honor of her British singer’s birthday.

Drake reveals the true meaning of tattoos in her own song “Mach 14th.” from Her album “Scorpion”.

On the dance floor, the rapper says”I got her 11 tattoos for someone and now it’s yours,” Drake said, referring to the birthday of her child Adonis since ending her relationship with Jorja..

Drake’s Most Famous Ex-girlfriends

Jennifer Lopez (2016)

Drake’s list of ex-girlfriends also includes Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer started dating Drake in 2016, when the “On The Floor” star came to cheer on the Canadian rapper at the New Year’s Eve show, and she started their romance in Las Vegas..

While not fully confirmed, the rapper puts her J. Lo name out on her 2017 track “Diplomatic Immunity,” saying, “I lost J. Lo.”

Hailey Bieber (2016)

In May 2016, Entertainment Tonight reported that Drake and model Hailey Bieber were “totally unhappy with their conversation” over Memorial Day weekend.

Rumors had been circulating that the two were dating for some time, but things got worse when they were thought to be just friends. Since then, the two have never been seen in similar social circles.

Drake Dating Rihanna: A Decade-Long Love Affair

Rihanna (2009-2016, ON/OFF)

Rihanna is the most famous and often used ex-girlfriend of the founder of Ovo Festival.

Singer and Drake’s “Pon de Replay” first met while working together in the early 2010s and have been on and off since. In 2009, Rihanna left Chris Brown. She would eventually team up with Kanye West, and her love for her struck a chord with the Canadian-rooted rapper. Drake admitted to sharing a “romantic moment” with Rihanna on her 2013 The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

In 2016, Drake and Rihanna became a cement duo with a “project”. In his VMA in 2016, Canadian rapper declared love on national broadcasting, and the situation changed. Lihanna then dropped in that night and told Vogue magazine, “It would have been the most uncomfortable time to wait for that speech.”

Two years have passed since then, the two are no longer friends, and the singer “lifting me” while saying “It is what’s”.

Romance Across the Courts from Tennis to Basketball

Serena Williams (201 1-2018, ON / OFF)

From 2011 to 2018, Serena Williams and Drake were reported many times. The relationship between Drake and Serena was reportedly caught in the spectator seat when she attended some of the tennis games she participated in, and became a big topic.

The Rapper in God’s Plan has repeatedly referred to Serena Williams in his music, and his 2013 truck Worst Behavior names tennis stars. On the dance floor, Drake persuades the e x-girlfriend in his game.”When Serena is playing with her left hand, I can definitely beat Serena.”

If this tennisstar had no other plans, the world might have obtained Serena Williams Drake.

Rosarin Gol d-On Wode (2015-2017, both ON / OFF)

The Drake Date Life also includes a romantic relationship with the NBA reporter, Rosaline Gold Onoude.

Although he was not determined to be one of Drake’s former lover, they had spent a pleasant time from 2015 to the summer of 2017. Romance rumors spread by Drake and Gold On Ude in 2017 NBA Awards.

Later, in an interview, Gold On Ude admitted that he had nurtured his friendship, although he did not associate with Drake.

Drake and Cat Dining’s date (2005)

Actress Kat Dennings may have been Drake’s first girlfriend from In 2005, when they dated.

After a sushi dinner at a restaurant in Toronto, Dannings was repelled on Twitter. from Don’t get drake! Some fans get angry. from me, he’s mine.”

Although it was a different moment, Drake later acknowledged that Dennings was impressive as his partner in the “Ellen Degeneses Show” and admitted that he always had something for her.。

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