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Dream Crush revives the dating board game with modern complications – Polygon

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Dream Crush revives the dating board game with modern complications

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Some of board Games are more interesting in small genres, and so on dating games. This genre dates back to the 1960s. with A mystery date, a classic and ridiculous problem. However, Monde Games (unmatched) has released a colorful new content. The name is “Dream Crash”. It is one of the most exciting games in the game released this year.

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Dream Crash’s drive mechanic is a lightweight story engine. The player secretly selects one of the three nodley characters (NPCs) and their own. crush In each round, draw one card. For this card a complication You may be invited by the NPCS to the Trivia Bar team, or it may be good to c o-sponsor hires. with about it. And the secret is … each of the small trivia. crush It takes time to learn. The secrets are divided into multiple categories, including awards, ambitions, interests, habits, and switches.

By the end of the five rounds, Dream Crash created a fun and small back story for each of the three NPCs and the journey where everyone on the table had walked. This game is extremely social. It is recommended that everyone takes time to protect the crash during the game. However, anticipating which NPC will choose which NPC will score.

The components of Dream Crush laid out on the table. The background is magenta with purple stripes.

After all, it’s more important to get along with the selected person than to dunk to NPCS. with This is a reboot version of the “MyStery Date” series recently released by HASBRO, a terrible mean “MySTERY DATE CATFISHED” and “Monopoly Socialism: Winning is for Capitalists” and others. It is ahead.

However, I think that Dream Crush was pushed up at the top of 96 crash cards. It contains beautiful, various images. modern Man


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