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Ein Date in der Bib • • Freie Universität Berlin

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Ein Date in der Bib

Bei einem Speed Dating in der Wirtschaftswissenschaftlichen Bibliothek haben sich Studierende getroffen, um Lerngruppen zu bilden

It’s winter and freezing outside, but inside is warm and cozy between the shelves. The atmosphere is perfect for a small date. But the night is not about flirting, it’s about finding like-minded people and learning together. For business and economics students, the range of services offered by financial libraries is unique.

must fit. Good interpersonal relationships are also important in the study group. In the first study session speed dating, economics undergraduate business or economics students were able to find a partner.

Study groups are especially effective for exam preparation when studying economics and business administration. The exam requires both legal knowledge and mathematical skills. We had study sessions in almost every class,” says Laszlo Varenna, who is in her seventh semester. But it is also psychologically important to concentrate when learning. The “first exam” is the hardest. It might be thanks to the study group that I was able to study well.”

Inspired by students

Laszlo Ballena, a member of the Student Finance Committee, started a speed-dating study group with library staff.“Students keep asking if we can form study groups,” says library manager Karin Reese. Students decide their own themes, such as public law, mathematics, and foreign business accounting, and work on them together.

But this night is more about getting to know each other than content. Before the official start, her ten students, mostly first-year students, get to know each other here and there, and it’s pretty quiet. Then, when Laszlo Barenna gives the opening signal, the small talk begins.”What semester are you studying in?”

Flirting is out of the question.

Kevin, 20, is skeptical of law exams.”I really have no idea what will happen in the exam. Passing is the number one priority,” he says to Elisa, who is sitting across from her. She transferred to Fry University in October and is in her third semester. He advises those who are still lost between economics and business administration, “Economics is very mathematical and you have to get to it.”

Then, when the alarm clock rings and 5 minutes have passed, the participant moves the chair one step in front of her. To find commonalities in learning, papers are placed on the table with questions such as “Which do you study in the morning or at night?”Or, “When do you plan to start intensive study?”Kevin’s new conversation partner, Lucas, puts the newspaper aside. frei Shall we talk about it?” and started talking brightly. Do you always take notes in class?” Kevin asks.

At the next table, another couple is talking loudly. Observers may have the impression that this quick rendezvous is not just for study. At least some of the children look so happy to see them, laughing and winking like crazy. Either way, one of the study sessions will be held that night. If it turns out to be more, the society will be worth twice as much as her.


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