Eiza González s Full Dating and Relationship History - dating new york city

Eiza González s Full Dating and Relationship History

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Here Is Eiza González’s Full Dating History in Case You’re Nosy!

Preview of SAM HEUGHAN & AMP? Eiza gonzález pulls each other.

Eiza González is currently dating Jason Momoa, apparently she is “I really like him” (no one who doesn’t like it) is “a fun person together.”In other words, a new celebrity was born. relationship It is to stick to it. And when I feel like I’m going to go deeper into the past of Aiza and Jason relationships Here is the timeline of the cruise with Lisa Bonnet, and the full picture of the dating with Aiza. history for you below.

2022 Met Gala Celebration

Mike Coppola // Getty Image

Jason Momoa: May 2022 to Present

After Jason was witnessed at the premiere of Aza’s movie ambulance, there were rumors that they were dating. This is because some sources told People that they were dating. Although he cares about her, “he pointed out that it is not a serious story yet. Emphasize “still”!

Premier held in Los Angeles

John Coparov // Getty Image

Paul Rabil: May 2021 to December 2021

New York celebrities September 12, 2021

GOTHAM // Getty Image

Despite the launch of Lacrosse’s star player Paul Ravil last May, he broke down. relationship In December, seven months later, one person told Just Jared, “The catastrophe occurred a few weeks ago, but it was not bad.””Just because the schedule of the two work did not match, it put a burden on the two. relationship But you can be a friend!””

PSST: Swipe these photos on top to see the two photos.

Dusty Lachowicz: December 2020

Toast with Graegus to the 2017 National Open Round of 16

Ilya S Savenok // Getty Image

Although nothing has been confirmed with the two, DAILY MAIL took a picture of Eas and the model holding hands in Los Angeles.

Timothée Chalamet: June 2020 to October 2020

When a photo of Timy and Isa relaxed in the pool, the Internet was really fuss. However, this seemed to be just a summer play, and in October, E! News Source confirmed that she was “not with Timote for a while.”

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Stance after seeing the photo of eiza gonzález Timothy Sharame and Kiss pic. twitter. com/spk8nwowun

-Justin Langan (@justinrlangan) June 24, 2020

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Luke Bracey: September 2019

Ralf Lauren Arrivals September 2019 New York Fashion Week

Dimitrios Kabouris // Getty Images

The two of them were connected for the first time after attending Ralph Lauren’s gala, and in a few months, “Daily Mail” was released exclusively for kissing underwater during the vacation in Mexico. It has been witnessed in the photos. It is unknown when it broke up!

Josh Duhamel: February 2018 to July 2018


Randy Holmes // Getty Images

Josh had been dating Aisa after breaking up with Fergie and had been dating for about five months until she broke up in July.”Josh was really enjoying dating with Aiza, but he is ready to go next, and one person is in the Entertainment Tonight magazine,” The two are really different pages. He added, “Josh is very independent and values his space and free time.”””

There was also a light drama. Immediately after breaking up, Josh was caught by Paps and said:”It’s okay if you look for an idiot”

Calvin Harris: September 2016

2015 Billboard Music Award Arrival

Jason Merritt/Term // Getty Images

Aisa and Calvin were super casual, and when they began to hang together, one of the stakeholders said in a US Weekly magazine, “I really wanted to be modest for a while, but when this photo came out, that’s not the case. I understand that. “Both are happy and just see what is going on now.”This scenario was done immediately after Calvin broke up with Taylor Swift, and another information is E! News,” Adam (Calbee’s clothing name) is now living a single life. He is, he is. No monopoly contract has been signed. relationship Now Adam is enjoying several different women and enjoying it. He doesn’t think seriously.””

DJ Cotrona: November 2015

The 40th Saturn Award winner arrived

Albert L. ORTEGA // Getty Images

It is unknown how long these two people have been dating, but they appeared on a red carpet several times, and in November 2015, a photo released by Daily Mail was witnessed on vacation.!

Liam Hemsworth: September 2013

Matthias Nareyek // Getty Images

Liam was literally witnessed a kiss with Eiza the day after the engagement with Miley Cyrus, but they were not dating.

Pepe Diaz: Circa 2011 to Summer 2013

Gramul magazine Mexico Beauty Award 2013 Pink Carpet

Victor Chavez // Getty Image

Eiza was dating a businessman Pepe DIAZ. two full A few years before breaking up in the summer of 2013. end!

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