Episode #2: Lex from Netflix s Dating Around from Memoirs of a Gaysian: The Podcast on RadioPublic - dating new york city

Episode #2: Lex from Netflix s Dating Around from Memoirs of a Gaysian: The Podcast on RadioPublic

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Memoirs of a Gaysian: The Podcast

“A view of life from An almon d-type almond of a 3 0-yea r-old Geiajian man living in New York.”Peter Perry Lamb’s spi n-off work, which became a cabaret act from youth video blog, appeared in podcasts! From Broadway to spi n-class, and until the Drag Queen era, Peter covers everything in its unique way. Continued. I Read

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March 4, 201 9-46:25 PM

Episode #2: Lex from Netflix’s “Dating Around”

On today’s episode , Peter interviews Lex from Peter is one of the Netflix dating programs where Rex makes five blind dating, and one of them is one of them. He also discusses the latest trials with Michael Cohen, Season 11 of Rupaul’s Match, Jussie SMOLLETT.

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