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Event Host for Online Speed Dating – Dashing Date

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Host our Virtual Speed Dating Events from your home live on Zoom!

Online host special image <SPAN> It was held on February 10, February 11, and February 14.

We’re looking for an online event By using hosting, virtual speed dating events This job offers flexible work hours, multiple hosting opportunities per month, the ability to make money while staying at home, and the opportunity to help people find love!You will also be part of our support team and part of a growing business in Canada.

The virtual events are held on Zoom, an online A communication platform designed for video conferencing. your job is to do the event from start to finish in real time. Starting with management settings and guest control in virtual environments event The curtain opens with a lively and cheerful welcome speech Welcoming guests and teaching dating tips with live video the event will unfold.

Once your speech is complete, use it. the event Use Zoom’s “breakout room” feature to help guests with technical issues. the event . Once the event is complete, a wrap up speech Conclude by thanking guests for their attendance and outlining next steps. Extensive training is provided.

For each event you are assigned to host, you will.

Review the event If you have any prior assignments or special requests, please attend in professional attire accordingly. the event Theme host in venue/area pre-approved by Dashing Date Management Delivers speeches with amazing energy Controls timing and overall flow. the event Provide regular and timely updates to Dashing Date Management Close. the event and complete a basic post event administrative task

Important: Hardware and Set-up Requirements

Having a beautifully decorated and professional space/room available at all times when hosting will qualify you as a candidate. the event Spaces must be pre-approved by Dashing Date Management.

All hosts are reliable, excellent condition computers or laptops, available storage space, cameras and highly reliable high speed It provides a stable internet connection environment. We strongly prefer MacBook or iMac users, but we can accommodate PC users due to procedures.

Because of the need for good lighting, consideration should be given to suitable lighting fixtures for video.

For those without proper lighting. Our team guides you in choosing reliable, affordable equipment on Amazon after rental. This equipment becomes your property and we anticipate an investment of $80-$200, which will be returned within his first 2-3 weeks. 4 events .

I’ve put together a few ideas for lighting on Amazon. If hired, our team of experts will help you choose the best option for your space and budget.

Application process

Ready to roll!Click here for the application procedure.

Step 1: Fill out the online Application form below Step 2: Submit your Spotlight video Step 3: If you are selected as a candidate, you will be invited to a formal virtual interview.

I know I’m the right person for this job, but if the setup is not 100% complete she’s not ready to do the installation work and invest in the right lighting equipment as mentioned above. If so, you can apply.

Note: Only applicants who submit spotlight videos will be considered for selection. You can apply and wait for a response, or you can apply immediately and be first in line. Click here for the Spotlight Video Guide

Finally – this recruitment is conditional on making it in time for his 2022 launch on Valentine’s Day!please. only Apply if you know you can complete the self-training program in time (usually two weeks) and can temporarily host your first set of events It was held on February 10, February 11, and February 14.

Compensation & Event Schedule

The reward is $ 50 fixed. per event A bill is issued at the end of every month.

Events are held on weekdays and sometimes on Saturdays. You can accommodate a lot. events Many bac k-back events per month. Each event You need to log in 30 minutes before and prepare for the setup. the event start time.


Please enter the necessary information in the following application form and post the video (the video posting procedure will be guided after entering the application form). In addition, you need to upload two or more photos of recent photos, so be prepared.

If you fill in the required information in the application form and send a video indicating “Why you can be a great digital photographer”, you can speed up the application and complete the competition. event You can send it to [email protected] com using WETRANSFER.

Candidates who submit the video move to the top of the row.

About Dashing Date

Dashing Date proposes a fun and unique “night outing” for modern freelancers. The event will be held at home, and you will be able to meet a good single person in your city that has been judged in advance.

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