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Facebook Dating: Alles über das neue Feature | klarmobil Magazin

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Facebook Dating: Singles aufgepasst!

Facebook Dating gives Tinder & Amp; amp; Co pressure. Click here to see what you can do with this feature and when to be introduced to Germany.

  • Find a single person on Facebook with Facebook Dating
  • Will the Facebook date app appear?
  • Facebook dating function is like this
  • When will Facebook date function come to Germany?
  • Conclusion about Facebook date

At least since the official announcement in May 2018, Facebook Dating in aller It is the mouth. However, those who have already been dating in this country have been disappointed. This function is not available in Germany yet. But that may change soon.

We will collect the current rumors about the release in Germany for you and tell us what you can expect with Facebook Dating.

Find a single person on Facebook with Facebook Dating

Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has successfully announced a single app on Facebook and reduced Tinder’s stock price. Tinder was not just a competition, but an outstanding competition. vor allem If you look at the number of users

It seems that Instagram is now more popular than Facebook among generation Z. However, Facebook, which has more than 1. 5 billion active users worldwide, is still obvious. Ultimately, this may be a decisive factor in Facebook Dating.

This network is registered with tens of millions of singl e-waiting single waiting for the ideal woman or men. But unlike Tinder, Facebook Dating is not just a casual encounter platform.

Instead, Facebook Dating wants to be able to meet each other in the same area seeking serious dating. It may be popular not only for the millennial generation but also for single people in their 30s and 40s.

The elderly, on the other hand, are more and more enjoying Facebook (although the mother certainly feels embarrassing in social media). Therefore, the target layer of Facebook Dating is very large, which is a feature that is not found in Tinder.

Will the Facebook date app appear?

Facebook Dating is integrated into a regular Facebook app, not an independent app. It is not yet clear whether social media giants will change this later or later to release their own Facebook Dating app.

According to the claim, Facebook developers are already busy developing a single Facebook app. If the rumor is not true, you must pass through a normal app to flirth with the surrounding Facebook, but that is not the end of the world.

as a side note. Facebook dating is probably not available on a personal computer and can only be used on smartphones via mobile data or tablets with data communication plans. If you are still looking for a cheap data flat rate, look with us.

Facebook dating function is like this

Setting Facebook Dating is easy. Turn on the function and create a dating profile. Facebook Dating gets some data from your normal Facebook profile, such as your name and profile photo. The customer will be determined for the display of other personal information.

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Therefore, Facebook can make as accurate proposals as possible by answering 20 questionnaires. In it, show your taste and interest. In addition, select the gender you are looking for from the five categories of men, women, transcas, transformers, and no n-binary. Very progressive.

If necessary, you can add photos to your profile. By publishing location information, Facebook Dating proposes only single people within a radius of 100 km. As a result, lon g-distance romance beyond cities, excluding agriculture and continent borders, are excluded.

And that is the flirting mechanism on Facebook dating.

  • Facebook proposes an appropriate single person in your area based on your interests. We will match the appropriate partner by automatic matching based on your personal interests and preferences. alle Contacts from Facebook’s friend list, and contact information blocked by you. But a friend of a friend can definitely make it under a single proposal. Experience has shown that there is the most likely encounter here.
  • You can decide whether you are interested or not.
  • If you want to contact without “matching”, the only text message and emoji want to prevent unnecessary and unnecessary images through Facebook dating functions.
  • If the user ignores other messages, you will not be able to receive a message from the broadcasting station in the future. The penetration work by users who do not want to let go remains in history.
  • With the Secret Crash function, Facebook incorporated new encounters. And the mechanism is as follows. zu neun Place the most interesting person from the friend list. If you are on the list of the opponent, you will be able to match the match and receive a notification. Otherwise, your excitement remains your secret. But maybe it’s more than Facebook’s friends?

When will Facebook date function come to Germany?

If you are now searching for a Facebook date app on your smartphone, you are disappointed. Unfortunately, a single exchange cannot be used in this country yet. After the first appearance of Facebook in Colombia in Colombia, SNS giant gradually provided the same features in other countries, such as Canada and Thailand.

Germany was not one of the chosen countries yet. According to rumors, Facebook users don’t need to be patient anymore. Facebook is reportedly planned to release a dated Facebook in early 2020. It is not yet clear whether this feature will be available only in individual countries, or if there is a possibility that the entire Europe will be coated at the same time.

Conclusion about Facebook date

  • Facebook dating is brought by social media giants.
  • Facebook möchte vor allem

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