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Facebook Dating Apps – Dating Sites Reviews

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Facebook Dating Apps

The following is a dating system that integrates with Facebook (directly or indirectly) and uses the information found (including the connection of your Facebook profile and friends list) as a main means of matching with members. List of service.



Introducing a small Facebook app. Euglum. ZOOSK ZOO, which started as a Facebook date application in 2007, has grown into the largest online date site. ZOOSKERS is deeply involved in social networks and is connected to multiple platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, HI5, Bebo, and mobile apps.

Region America, Canada, UK, International

Service form: Android application, Facebook application, iOS app, mainstream, popular, website

It is by member type. Fre e-Basic + Contact, Paymen t-Cost: 12, 49 $ / month

What you are looking for: dating, friends, lon g-ter m-religion: any

Author evaluation: -A average user evaluation: See



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Matching started in 2005 and now there are more than 3 million members. It is attractive to be able to easily find someone who interests you in any age. How nice! Just click on the date. This dating service is a simple online dating approach, and you like, “Who do you like?

Region America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, overseas

Service type

It is by member type.-P costs: $ 9, 90/ month

What you are looking for: casual, dating, friends, lon g-ter m-religion: any

Author evaluation: -A average user evaluation: See


facebook dating

dating Facebook

Dating is a matching platform that can be used in the Facebook app. You can access the existing Facebook account, but the date is op t-in, and the profile and message system are separate. Your profile or dating activity will not be disclosed to Facebook friends, and dating will not propose Facebook friends as a matching partner. Matching will be proposed based on what you are doing on Facebook, such as your taste, interest, groups you participate and events you participated in. Dating is aiming for a mechanism that allows you to realize what kind of person you are by creating a profile with a date.

Region America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, overseas

Service type: Android app, Facebook app, iOS app, mainstream, social network, website

It is by member type. Fre e-ful l-cost. free

I’m looking for it. Encounter, lon g-term, marriag e-religion. any

Author evaluation: -A average user evaluation: See



Hinge is reborn as a “love app” and intends to be an alternative to endless Tinder commuting. This hinge encourages you to dig deeper into each profile instead of determining the opponent as “Jesus” or “Pass” by looking at several photos. Without the swipe function, you can press “like” to a specific photo or anecdote shared by others on your profile and start a conversation from there. Hinge provides a prompt so that users can be creative and share their individuality, so that the user is absorbed in the online date process.

Region America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, India

Service form: Android apps, women, iOS apps, main streams, smartphones

It is by member type. Furr y-fre e-free, pai d-expenses: from $ 4, 99 / month

I’m looking for it. Dating, Lon g-ter m-Religion arbitrary

Author evaluation: -A average user evaluation: See


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TWOO launched Massive Media in 2011 and grew rapidly to the world’s largest site in the personal information category. Last year, it was acquired by Meetic and is currently affiliated with the US OKCupid owned by the IAC. These two features are matching algorithms that connect users and other users based on location information and interests. Rather than dating sites, Twoo encourages people who are interested in meeting friends to participate, so it is essentially connecting those who have the same interests, regardless of whether they want to love. How to use. Users are worldwide, support 38 languages and provide mobile apps.

Region America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, overseas

Service form: Android application, Facebook application, iOS app, mainstream, popular, smartphone, website

It is by member type. Fre e-Basic, Credit, Pai d-Costs: from $ 4, 99/ month

What you are looking for: dating, friends, lon g-ter m-religion: any

Author evaluation: -A average user evaluation: See

What is Dating on Facebook?

dating Facebook

In this dating category, we defined three ways to use Facebook for online dating. In any of these services, if you do not first obtain your permission, you will not be able to use your Facebook information or actively execute it with your account.

Dating app for thir d-party Facebook

Third-party Facebook dating apps provide Facebook locations to meet other Facebook users. This app is directly integrated into Facebook itself. Many Facebook dating apps are run by different companies. Most apps offer the ability to find, match, and contact her other Facebook users (as long as they’re using the same app) for dating. Most Facebook apps are run by online service companies, who also offer other ways to connect with singles through their dating sites and mobile dating apps. Facebook’s dating app is a separate entity and is not connected to the membership company’s main database. Facebook dating apps just work on Facebook and manage connections between Facebook users. They can access your girlfriend’s Facebook profile information, including her friends list, but they can’t directly modify it (such as posting to your wall) unless you give them permission. The Facebook application may hold additional information about you that is not included in your main girlfriend’s Facebook profile.

The Part 3 Facebook dating app was very popular in the early days of Facebook, but saw a very steep decline in membership with the rise of mobile dating apps.

facebook dating

As of late 2018, Facebook itself is launching a dating app for his Facebook called “Facebook Dating.”This app integrates directly into Facebook and was designed, tested and developed in-house. Similar to third-party Facebook dating apps, you can set up a separate dating profile and use the app to find other her Facebook members as well.

Integration of dating services

Some dating sites and dating mobile apps allow you to link your Facebook account to your dating profile. These services don’t just pull your Facebook details and photos and photos to use in your dating profile, they go a step further and use your friend list and friends list to connect and match. develop.

Why is Facebook Dating the Best Option for you?

Many singles already use Facebook to connect with friends and family, share links and photos, and keep track of groups and interests. How about using the SNS you already like and looking for new encounters? Facebook is the world’s largest social network with over 2. 2 billion monthly active users and in the US alone he has over 200 million singles.

How does our Best of Lists work for Facebook Dating?

There are many types of Facebook dating apps and Facebook-integrated dating services. Our aim is to list only the best apps and sites that fit the niche you’re looking for – the ones that work for you. Each of the apps and services introduced in this article meets the minimum standards.

Each of our reviewed Dating services also allow posting. reviews and reviews from readers. each user review Includes a 5-star rating and a description. By listing the names of the dating services above, you can get an idea of their Editor ratings, along with their average user ratings.

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