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Facebook Is Testing A New Speed Dating App – 2oceansvibe News | South African and international news

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In her about a year, she became too familiar with video chat to make up for the lack of social life.

We have done a lot of things through the video. Work, study, chat with close and distant lovers, meet doctors, watch musicals, and dates.

Please praise yourself, no, really.

Anyway, dating apps such as Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder have already added a chat function through the app, and most of them meet the pandemic needs to see their faces in real time.

Currently, Facebook has added a video chat app, but is working on it.

You’ll be speed There is also an option to date your profile at a time for 4 minutes, lead to a 1 0-minute conversation, and exchange contacts to the next stage (transfer conversation to other platforms owned by Facebook).

The NPE (New Product EXPERIMENTATION) team, which handles experimental applications on Facebook, is very busy testing The name is an app called “Challenge”.

This site, which caused the problem (currently crashed), is different from other popular dating apps by promising no public profile, swiping, no endless DMS, and no cost.

With a Facebook account and key card, a fou r-minute video chat with a stranger will not be awkward.

So far, there are sig n-up processes and waiting lists, and The Verge is investigating it.

When registering, the user must input that you are a kind of data. According to the app, these answers can go before “reviewed by human challengers”. on speed dates.

The user also has to choose whether to date men, women, or no n-bomb and ask if it is open on a transformer.

Sparked is still a small beta version test So far, it will be a Facebook date after Facebook Dating, which is more popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Check all screenshots in the sig n-up process in The Verge, or sign up when the app is available (when it will be unknown).

I’m very happy that Facebook cares about people who are unjustly treated on their platform.

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