Fake Amazon Dating App Sells People at Various Price Points - dating new york city

Fake Amazon Dating App Sells People at Various Price Points

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A fake Amazon dating app that ‘sells’ people at various price points is going viral

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online dating

  • Animation company thinko and a team of content creators have created Amazon Dating, a satirical dating platform where people can pretend to have the date of their dreams.
  • It’s very similar to the actual Amazon site, with a functional feature that allows you to “buy” a given date.
  • Others said it was a problem to put a price on people, especially Black people during Black History Month. Some found Amazon dating humorous due to its similarities to the harmful nature of online dating.
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Online dating suggests spotlight profiles and chat-up lines for others to go through, often making people feel more like commodities than love-seeking singles.

In that spirit, content creators Susie Singh, Ani Akopian, and Morgan Greuer teamed up with animation company Shinko to create the satirical Amazon Dating service.

In it, users can “buy” people they want to date as easily as buying a book, a vacuum cleaner, or Amazon. com’s removable perforated avocado pool.

-ANI ACOPIAN (@aniacopian) February 4, 2020

Items that are “for sale” on Amazon Dating come with prices, reviews, exact descriptions of your interests, and even a dropdown to choose your height.

In keeping with the typical Amazon style, there are also some love-related features added. Just like the digitally designed dream date allows people to choose whether they prefer love language such as positive words, service activities, and physical touches from among Gary Chapman’s best-selling books. Instead of offering different sizes for each, we’ve added an option for ‘words of love’.

Different people cost different amounts, which raised some concerns

If you go to the full-featured Amazon homepage, you can see different people as if you could buy them.

Shinko pointed out that Amazon dating was a joke, but some viewers didn’t like getting people who earned different prices.

-SNACK FALCON (@BijanStephen) Feb 4, 2020

-Stephen Etienne (@stefanetienne) February 4, 2020

-Advisor to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson (@Swolecialism) February 4, 2020

Also, there was a voice saying, “The play was interesting.”

-TOM JEPSON (@tomjepsoncrtv) February 4, 2020

-Chess🌕🌘 (@chesmrow) February 4, 2020

Amazon Dating allows you checkout like you would on the real Amazon website

After browsing a selection of potential dates on Amazon Dating, users can click to “buy.”

To try out this feature, the insider “purchased” Teddy (87 years old, size “check word”, height 170 cm).

A person who purchased Teddy before said in the review column, “Teddy is the best gift for her family.”

She “purchased it as a wedding gift for her great-aunt, who remarried in her 80s.” Fake Review reported.”It was a cute reaction,” she said.

Hitting “Add to Cart” brought up a review window just like her real Amazon order.

A fake confirmation message was generated when the order was placed.

The website has other functional features, including a downloable ‘non-ghosting agreement’

Amazon Dating offers fake people shopping, clicks and interactive features to make dating fun in the digital age.

For example, clicking on “Legal” in the top menu will redirect you to a downloadable document titled “Non-Associate Agreement”.

“This Non-Aligned Agreement is entered into between ______________ (the “Disclosing Party”) and ______________ (the “Party Parties”) for the purpose of preventing the fraudulent activities of “ghosts” as defined below.”increase.

Also, when a user clicks the button on his Prime Video, it redirects to the popular video chat chat roulette.

An Amazon spokesperson said it had “no comment” on Amazon’s relationship.

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