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About the site: Love dating for people who stumble over sexism, homosexuality, and mechanics on tinders and want to find like-minded people. Here you can search for a partner regardless of gender. FEM, PROFEM, LGBTKIA-FRANDILS. How to make a questionnaire

1. Age and city name tags (#femprofem_moskva, #femprofem_spb, etc.) 2. People you are looking for (female, male, it doesn’t matter) 3. Information about yourself 4. Headshot (this is a requirement by the admin to ensure public safety) 5. You can attach your favorite photo and music if you wish



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Kaloch, while Alena Agazikova, the founder of this institution, stood out for her activism and helpfulness, and while I was overwhelmed at work, something went wrong here — Sasha, the board administrator, here herselfI brought in the rules of, as I pleased, as I pleased, but did not incorporate Alena’s opinion. She was asked by Alena to “restore the order here.”

I don’t think I can do enough, so I’m looking for someone willing to help with this difficult issue.

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So, Radfemenika Kranta Karoch, we strive to put everything back together.
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#Femprofem_spb Hi) My name is Elvira, I’m her 17 years old, I consider myself an asexual lesbian and I want to find the same here.

About me: RADFEM. Lutheran. I’m interested in drawing, literature, language and a bit… like I swing on a swing, give gifts, drink tea and have cheese and pasta)I want to enter school or linguistics. In music, I like MKR, MSI and Grandon the most (+ I have two of his mics at home)) not so strong with South Park ghosts and some other ghosts. I like to walk around, I am ready to visit each other, in my free time to attend various events, for example exhibitions and concerts, and I am also very tactile.

I want to find a girl 17-19 years old from St. Petersburg, from whom I can give my love and I will receive it in return.^^ If all goes well, we will live together in the future…)

Mark David Chapman
stupid confidence
my chemical romance
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#femprofem_yan #femprofem_katerinburg show everyone else hello From December 19th to 28th I am in Kazan. And I am planning to go to Yekaterinburg on December 18th and 29th.

I like to joke and tell a lot. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not. Most of the time it’s about me, my past, what’s going on around me, sometimes shit. I still respect sarcasm, Meto-san and Kokito-san are there too. For me, the appearance of “my”, a local meme, is considered to be the building of a new relationship with that person. In public, the next stop – APA suddenly plays in my head and I burst into laughter. If my jokes are original, I’m calm, and I don’t have corny garbage like 157cm or “Tell Lilipa”.

I believe that music is the greatest human creation, a kind of “time machine” and a companion in life. My playlist is a simmering boiler of gibberish: 8% Russian, especially from scratch, 2% English, 90% French Danish Turkish German DutchPolish, Albanian, etc., mostly hip-hop ))))) For music, I solved the puzzle “Spotify in Russian reality”.

I’d like to start taking pictures with film, eventually cover with photos, post them in a case under overseas works, and sign autographs with silly humor. I am writing a little bit in reflection to share with at least some people. Challenge makeup and reconsider yourself. Depending on the angle and lighting, she can turn into a bad girl, a teenage boy, a good elementary school student, and five cashiers who don’t seem to have passports. I like the Middle East, a little less Africa and the Balkans, history, documentaries, Varlamov) I am doing a graphic design course while working a relatively light 2/2 job. I have a Krinja tattoo on my hand and I love it. Favorite movies – Forrest Gump, Call me by name. I only read non-fiction, I read the latest Chernobyl a few days ago. The story of the earthquake.”

Now let’s move on to what I’m looking for. I try to see the world in her 100. 500 shades and not CB, it does not always turn out, but I often want to do this from the interlocutor. I welcome no prejudices. I will not meet Hardradfem.

20-25 years old (the closer the better).

I’d like to find my “friends”, and maybe reclaim the company. He’s done a lot of cool things this past year, like getting into a soccer game, learning how to play, and traveling to some big cities, and sharing those great times with like-cool people. I’m thinking of trying

We encourage you to write to the EM4DK cart @EM4DK. I reply to comments, but not from fakes. All Czech Rave & Arabian Rap!


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