Forget clichéd intros . The real question Need to hear matching apps: So can I see your Spotify? playlist ? News from Singapore, Asia and around the world - dating new york city

Forget clichéd intros . The real question Need to hear matching apps: So can I see your Spotify? playlist ? News from Singapore, Asia and around the world

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Forget clichéd intros . The real question Need to hear matching apps: So can I see your Spotify? playlist ?

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The “conversation” of recent dating apps looks like this.

“What are you doing?”

“What did you study?”

“What do you like to do on weekends?”

Everything is predictable. Actually, I feel a little like someone’s resume.

That’s what I thought. If you’re looking for love, why interview like you want to connect on LinkedIn?

In all fairness, these clichéd questions is realistic when considering potential partners. But if the purpose of a date is to find out if the person is fun to hang out with (or at least willing to meet), there’s gotta be a better way.

Perhaps, the real question I have to ask our date.

“You can see Spotify playlist ?”

“Music is a form of language”

That’s what my music buddy Juan said when I wrote this article.

I realized that what he was saying was actually true. Dating apps today are no longer just about scrolling through someone based on a photo. But recently, it has added features to show off your personality.

One of the things many dating apps do is link your Spotify account to your profile. This shows that your potential matches the artists and songs you listen to.

But what is a link?

Profile artists and songs actually help say something about that person. If you think about it, it’s the same as language.

If you have a lot of timeless love classics, chances are you’re a hopeless romantic (or just love old love songs). People who listen to K-POP often; expect ridicule and references to the Korean entertainment industry. What about the Manyao Mixtape guys; ask about PMDS. Or maybe not.

By the way, there are many examples, but did you understand the purpose?

This is also not a new phenomenon occurs. Remember her EMO guys in the early 2000s?

Eyeliner, black clothes, facial piercings, etc. Emo girls introduced their favorite bands on her myspace and friendster. Emo songs were an important part of their identity as anthems expressing the pain, sadness, and other emo things that emo children felt.

Music has always been a way to express yourself, and you can tell a lot about a person by seeing what they like to listen to.

Listen to the same songs, sing the same tune

Points to see candidate dates playlist is not to pronounce eternal judgment. To pick something to start a conversation or to see if the two of you are singing the same song (hahaha).

That means starting a conversation with someone who understands how it feels to listen to Mandopop’s wistful love song on a rainy night or enjoy the chorus of “Breaking Free” from High School Musical in the same way.

Whether it’s sharing a song you love, or the unexpected realization that your music is completely different. from What I’ve been waiting for is the chance to get to know them better.

How did you come across this song, why do you like this artist, what does this song mean?

And if all goes well, the two of you can schedule karaoke and sing together.

Teohen Karaoke

Knowing what song they’re listening to today can give you an idea of how they’re feeling and what they’re feeling right now.

Too Eminem? Maybe a little stressful.

Lo-Fi hits the loop;Probably trying to get some work done.

Ariana Grande? Thank you very much.

By looking at their playlist You will surely find something that does not disappear. clichéd questions .

And everyone really wants to talk about this.

In other words, people always share what they are listening to in the Instagram story. The songs shared by people are basically feeding conversation.

 spotify wrapped

Music and modern-day dating

After just talking about your favorite songs, you will be able to clean up music. playlists As a gift-This is a custom that has recently increased.

It’s romantic (and cost performance is high).

It is like a modern mixtape. a playlist The song that the person seems to like or a playlist This is the spirit of the relationship between them.

By sharing a specially selected song, you can tell what you think about that person.

And everything is because you decided to ask them what they were. playlist .

So, next time you jazz with someone new Ask for what you are doing, but to see Spotifi. playlist .

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