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Free Online Speed Dating – Meet People, Not Profiles

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Online speed dates . real-life fun

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Check out the fun at your next live event.

Dating should be fun. (Duh.)

Sure, you can get your thing together. online -Four-letter after-experience: Functionality over fun (nailed?)

hello!Welcome to the two of you. We make dumb entries fun to change the way you date.

The set-up

Dating for couples starts out like any other. Registration on the platform, input of personal information profile In response to the question, if you tell us who you would like to meet, the matching engine will match you with a partner.

(Here’s where it gets interesting).

Woman online speed dating

Man online speed dating

The other set-up

In pairing, it’s our job, not yours, to take the awkward first step. We will set up a date and introduce you to your partner with a virtual video. speed – Just create an event couple account and log in.

Couple online speed dating diagram


The event

At virtual tables and mining rooms, couples are very sociable and seriously having fun. The reason for this is none other than the wonderful hosts who act as MCs for each event.

Basically the coolest.

Couple online speed -dating example

Woman online speed dating - 2

The dates

When he meets a match, he will have a three-minute date with a private video stream. You can flirt quickly, but keep small talk in moderation. The moderator will be able to open up to you in advance, so you can have a conversation with peace of mind.

Couple online speed -dating interface

couple dating - 2

The decision

At the end of each date, it’s time to judge how you feel about the other person. Select couple (return), hookup (sefure), cut (pass). Check your email after the event. Send a message from our site and you may get a second date or a new lover.

couple dating - 3

couple dating - 4

The after-party

When the date is over and the night is just around the corner, secure a spot for the after party. All couples come to an end in this spectacular event. Bring a drink, a steak, a secret talent (which can be weird sometimes), and stay late at the table or have a couples competition in your room. Rumor has it that the after party is just as fun as the show.

Couple online speed dating after-party interface

couple party

with us

My husband and I believe that face-to-face dating leads to more communication. We also believe that dating should be an event.

What do you get when you combine these beliefs with a great team? speed – Fixed parties (live!) where you meet your matches. No searching, no swiping, no stress.

in pairs. Be prepared to meet on the screen and scatter sparks.

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