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From Laid to Paid: How Tinder Set Fire to Online Dating

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From Laid to Paid: How Tinder Set Fire to Online Dating

NIR Note: In this guest post, Ryan Hoober features the red dating app “Tinder”. Ryan approaches the popularity of the Tinder app and the secret of excitement. Ryan writes a blog on Ryanhoover. me and follows him on RRHOOVER on Twitter.

Featured Newcomer “Tinder of online Millions of optimists have attracted the attention of optimists. The premise of Tinder is simple. By launching the mobile version of Tinder app and connecting to Facebook, users can browse other men and women’s profiles. Each matching candidate is presented as a card. If you are indifferent, collect the left, and if there is a person you care about. If each other is interested, a matching will be established and a private conversation will begin to become lovers.

Tinder has settled as a social networking app in the top 25 in the US App Store, and has 1. 5 million matching per day because more than 50 % of users connect many times a day.。

It’s not luck. This is a smart design that understands the mechanism and user psychology of the game.

Here are four ways Tinder involved with users.

Simple as stupid

Tinder rarely requires the brain. Tinder reduces the load on the cognition to the binary conflict, which is a left swipe (not interested) or a right swipe (interest). Traditional dating sites have several ways to show interest. OKCUPID users can evaluate others with 1 to 5 stars, send messages, and start conversations. She should I send a message 3 or 4 stars, what should I say if I send it?”These are questions before taking action, and the girls are wondering. Multitask consumers are increasing, playing with friends while watching TV, chatting with friends. I am. As a result, the frequency of access to products that needs to concentrate all nerves will decrease. Tinder users can use services all day with less mental energy.

Tinder is also characterized by less physical burden than conventional dating sites. In the latter case, the user must process a huge amount of information and evaluate several actions. And once you have decided, you have to move the mouse and click on the link on the large screen. this is

It is not unusual for Tinder users to browse more than 100 profiles in one login. Every time you scan, you can solve the mystery of who will appear next, and you can quickly get satisfaction. After all, this may be this. Users swipe to the right, satisfy the desire for gaining social reputation, and try to see if their affection is the same. Every time the scan is over, the next profile is displayed smoothly and determined.

Bet distribution and work from On a conventional dating site, once created a profile, no additional investment was needed for users to find a matching partner. On the other hand, Tinder makes users work and impresses productivity and perfection every time they swipe. not only By using this service, you can connect with someone. Before the matching is established, both singles need to be interested.

Every time you swipe to the right, you will have a matching opportunity immediately, or in the future. As Playboy dates a number of women at once and disperses the bet money, Tinder users have more opportunities to get good luck. As a result, the user will continue to scan, hoping that investment will be rewarded.

Date with double participation

I met a girlfriend (now) with OKCupid. Before I met her, I rarely received a message. The only When I was wondering, I asked how many men received a message and said, “I received more than a dozen messages every day.”

“I keep getting at least a few every day. I haven’t seen it now.”

Her experience is very common. Most men send a date candidate message

It forms a on e-sided market. This mismatch leads to women overwhelming and exhausting women from (I’m sorry the first There is no reaction.

To solve this, Tinder requires a double option and both men and women are interested. This allows women to decide who sends a message to themselves and can control their dating experience more freely. In addition, you can avoid showing rejection. If there is no reply, she judges rationally that she has been rejected. When this happens frequently, lonely men are unlimited to keep using Tinder services in messages. online In fact, Tinder is more like a game than a dating site. Finding hot friends does not continue to engage. With the expectation of that reward, the user keeps dragging his fingers, and he will be curious about what is next. from Which is more fun to play compared to Match or Eharmony? from NIR’S Note: This guest post was written by Ryan Hoover. Follow Ryanhoover. me for Ryan’s blog with rrhoover. me for Twitter.


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