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Get Simda Dating App

The Simda Dating Finding Love app is difficult, life meets strangers, and the world is not a movie that falls in love. Instead, there is a date app in this digital age!”SIMS 4 Dating App Mod” gains a match with “Simda” Dating App “” to prevent your Sim from depriving this experience, date with a cute unknown person, and finds love with Uhufu. I can enjoy the rush of happiness.

App dating SIMDA

Simda Dating App

Mechanism of Simda Dating app.

Under the social menu of the smartphone, a new “SIMDA” Dating app menu will be displayed.

  • If you are looking for a special day special person, this may be your right choice.
  • Blind date (extra options for men or women) Adventure; open mind? be on one’s mind? If you want surprise, choose this!
  • On e-night love is something you want to hook up immediately.

Special day/ matchmaking

Once you select an option and date (specific date), select a date meeting place for a date.

With the results of the date, your shim can do bad dates, good dates, and great dates.

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If your date is wonderful, a special relationship will always remind you of that fact (after the event is over, you have to be near your date. Relationships. To deepen).

One night

Do you just want to enjoy it?


If you choose the SIM you want to enjoy, it will be there immediately (only at home)

DO after greeting!You can choose all the Woohoo options in the game. Bed, closet, tent, bush, rocket, telescope, lighthouse, coffin (vampire), bathtub, steamer.

Also, if you install WickedWhims Addon (see below), you can turn Wicked WHIMS to “Woohoo” (the function of sexually tempted will be temporarily added to the SIM if you have not yet requested. Woohoo is successful).

Since it can be used unconditionally overnight (excluding babies), romance/ friendship will not be born, and the night stand will disappear immediately (until the visible on e-night love disappears, or until the preventive buff itself disappears 4 hours later. Note that romance/ friendship prevention buff is valid).

You can select/ disable connection calls from the menu of the Simda Dating app on the phone.

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If you enable this, you will have the opportunity to receive a call connection from the NPC. Then you can choose whether to go or not. When you are invited, your SIM will be able to enter the rabbit hole for 2-2 or 5 hours.

Via PC/ tablet

Simda chat room on a personal computer and tablet


This SIMDA chat room can be used to flirt with SIM

Increase the possibility of pregnancy further.

  • With a 0%probability, disable al l-age pregnancy!This also happens when the sim is menstruation (bad whim) or when you are already pregnant naturally.
  • With a 15%probability, the probability of pregnancy rises from 5%to 15%
  • With a 25%probability, the probability of getting pregnant increases from 5%to 25%
  • With a 50%probability, the probability of getting pregnant increases from 5%to 50%
  • 100%probability … Is that really the case?
  • It does not cut off pregnancy for teens, but it affects the possibility of young people + pregnancy!

15-100 % odds are not compatible when multiple are ignored. If you use 0 % together with other things, 0 % will surpass others and will not be pregnant.

If SIMS uses protection (with Wicked WHIMS or MCC), the probability will decrease to 0 or 5%.

It can be added as an option.

  • NPCs that are not dating are used in mods.
  • Only the shim of the same age as the actor can match.
  • A si m-dading is added to the suction target, “continuous romance” is two dates, and “Soulmate” can earn gold on two dates.
  • The target of the holiday variations (season) is completed with the Holiday Delivery Simda Date (Special, Blind, One Knight).
  • Change the NO* Word string table and do not use F* words for link calls (please insert the ad d-on in the same folder as the main mod and do not delete it!). First!)

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Supported ad d-on

  • Wicked WHIMS ADDON Sims will be very highly likely to be refused if you invite you to WW after saying “Hello” overnight. They add a WW function (temporary) via ad d-on (from the WW site: “This feature will greatly improve the WW demand effect and make WW with almost all SIMs”)It can be installed only when WHIMS is installed!).

Language English (default), German is me, Spanish (by juniorCayher & amp? Maxi), Polish (Diffevair/ Ahinana/ Firiaw), Finnish, Russian (Neko Amiko), Swedish (NATSUKIMA), Swedish (NATSUKIMA)Korean (POPO) and Japanese (MARU). Portuguese (ANA CAROLINA), French (INOOX), Dutch (BlemishSims), Chinese (OOYD), Czech (Simsczechteam), Italian (ZaffirogArnet Simplified Chinese) Licer by ricer (Licer Bylicer)

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