Gewerbeschule Schwenningen: Speed-Dating soll The sons of the butcher shop anlocken - Villingen-Schwenningen & Umgebung - Schwarzwälder Bote - dating new york city

Gewerbeschule Schwenningen: Speed-Dating soll The sons of the butcher shop anlocken – Villingen-Schwenningen & Umgebung – Schwarzwälder Bote

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Speed-Dating soll The sons of the butcher shop anlocken

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Gewerbeschule Schwenningen Speed-Dating soll The sons of the butcher shop anlocken

MAREIKE KRATT 16/03/2022 –1:36 PM

We wish the rapid appointment of trainees at the Schwenningen site of the VS Trade School for Food Trade a successful outcome. photo

The butcher is suffering from a major recruitment problem. The image of a butcher or butcher is not good. Therefore, this vocational school is planning to hire young people in a very modern way.

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V S-SCHWENNINGE N-The butcher has long been struggling to find the right butcher and butcher. And it is reflected in the number of students introduced by Schweningen’s Trade School Principal Svetran Magazino Vich and his team. Freiburg’s administrative district, to which the trade school belongs, has been forced to close two of the five locations in the food trade division recently. Schweningen school is not one of them.”There is a guarantee that this place will not be closed only if the number of students is appropriate,” the principal explains.

35 Schüler der Gewerbeschule sind mit dabei

In order to make up for the general trends, the school wants to open up a new state in recruitment. For example, the school’s management plans a speed dating event where students and local food stakeholders meet at the school in ErzbergerStraße on Wednesday, 23rd next month. So far, about 35 students in the last class of commercial schools have registered, and in September they are looking for local students who want to practice.

Fünf Betriebe aus Region nehmen teil

VILLINGEN’s butcher Staiger, Tannheim’s butcher Hug Hof, TROSSINGEN’s butcher TRAUB, Schwarzwaldhof Blumberg, RewE Market branch representatives, and the school was able to adopt five training companies at speed. The procedure is normal. According to Marx Duffer, the school’s management, a small number of students will first introduce a company and then distribute it to the table. Then, every 5 minutes, go around the table, contact the company in charge directly, and do something like a short employment interview. At best, you may have the opportunity to reemployment interview at the company.

SVJETLAN MAGAZINOVIC said that he was able to know each other well in his previous job. If this speed date is successful next week, it may be possible to use this method for students with potentially important people in other specialized fields.

Regionalität ein wichtiges Thema

Theorist Professor Lena Zauner explains that the lack of young people in butcher shops is partly due to an increase in vegetarian and vegan diets. However, in fact, the demand for locally produced meat has been increasing for some time, so there was a countercurrent that “it is more important to be able to secure a base in the region.”adds practitioner Michael Weiss.”We need to keep jobs in the community so that we can continue to provide local products.” He also said that it is important to spread the importance of “food jobs,” especially through speed dating.“Maybe now is our chance,” he said, citing the empty shelves of oil and flour supermarkets as a result of the war in Ukraine. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if it’s a meat or vegetarian product, especially as butchers are increasingly catering for meatless products in their catering orders. At least in our Schwenningen factory, we always have the expertise, the necessary rooms and the machines for training in the food industry.

Info: Das Azubi-Speed-Dating an der Gewerbeschule

A speedy appointment will be held at his trade school in Schwenningen, Erzbergerstrasse 28, from 8:00 am on Wednesday March 23rd. We are looking for general school graduates and vocational preparation class students who are interested in meat trade and sales specialists.

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