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Gudzuhn, Jörg

In Fallad a-Letztes Kapitel © Def a-stiftung, Wolfgang Ebert


Born on March 23, 1945 in Ziler Hof, Germany. From 1966 to 1970, he studied acting at Ernst Buch SchaUSPIELSCHULE in East Berlin.

Goodyeen has a long career as a stage actor. After appearing at the Hans Otto Theater in Post Dam from 1974 to 1976, he participated in the Maxim Goriki Theater in Berlin, “On the Cuckoo Nest” (directed by Rolf Winkel Gourund), “Summer Night Dream).(Director Thomas Langov) was recognized as the leading role and continues to the present. In 1987, he joined the Berlin German Theater and praised the audience for the King Oedipus, Othello (directed by Alexander Lang) and the Sage Natan (directed by Fried Zolter). From 2001 to 2010, he played a soccer coach in the Leben Bis Männer (Director: Peter Ensicato), the original of Thomas Brussics, and performed more than 100 grotesque plays in this thrilling. In 2010, he played a successful psychotherapist in Oliver Bukowski’s monologue Der Heiler (Director: Piet Dresser), which was the last role of the German theater, who was enrolled for 23 years. He again appeared on the stage and appeared on “EIN BISSCHEN RUHE VOR DEM STURM, director: Wolfgang).

In addition to theater activities, Gwenen plays an important role. film Active as an actor. Many appeared in East German works film This is the production. After the supporting role of Liner Simon in “Oilen Shupi Gel”, he was selected as Franz Zar Stannebine in “Das Luftschiff”. He is an inventor, but he is not aware that he is being used by Nazi officials. In the love story of Rotor Vaneke, EINE SONDERBARE LIEBE, “Fahrschule” (directed by Bernhard Stephan) plays a passionate walker with two cars. He played German writer Hans Farada in Roland Gräf-Letztes Kapitel’s “Fallada”, received a high reputation internationally, and won the Silver Hugo Award (Best Actor Award) at the 1989 Chicago International Film Festival. Even after the wall collapsed, Goodsung played an active part in movies and television, creating a huge number of works. of film In Verfehlung, director of Hinener Karo, he c o-stars with many famous actors, shares Angelica Domley and Gotfried John, and is a love story before the German East War.

Gudotun’s TV appearance, which began in the early 1970s, has expanded many films and series, including the popular German TV program “Mr. Children”. films

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