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How to Date a Thai Girlfriend for 7 Days (Ideas Costs)

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How to Date a Thai Girlfriend for 7 Days (Ideas + Costs)

If you are thinking of going to Thailand in hopes of a romantic getaway, then you won’t be the first. Blessed with many beautiful women, Thailand has long been a popular country for men seeking love.

But it’s not all about their looks. Thai women are unique and seductive. And for those visiting Thailand for the first time, meeting them is exciting. It can also be expensive.

It can cost is about. 52. 000 THB (1. 500 USD) her one week for your fun dates. girlfriend was held in Thailand. This budget covers Bangkok’s most popular hotspots including the best bars, clubs, restaurants and rooftops. There is an allocation that can be used as a holiday shopping or relaxing place.

However, this is a general rule of thumb.

It depends on your financial situation, what you want to do on a date, and your level of self-control. Thailand is the country that tests it all. It may not be your intention to go on a date that drives you crazy to spend cash, but sometimes you do it without realizing it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to have the best date on your trip to Thailand. share the best dates ideas to entertain your girlfriend And what you probably think is cost You again, “Where should we meet? girlfriend And how can we fulfill it?

What Is It Like to Date a Girl in Thailand?

As a young foreigner in Thailand, you should have more than a few options. Some Thai women are the type who prefer foreign (farang) men. Especially in Sukhumvit, the center of Bangkok.

You can meet attractive women just by walking. On the street, in a cafe, at a mall, on the BTS Skytrain. Most Thais speak English on Sukhumvit, so you can have a conversation easily.

If you’re not that Sure, she can download Tinder to her phone in less than a minute. More matches are possible. than In your home country, you can easily arrange a date in a short time.

You can enjoy being in the spotlight. That is also the characteristic of Thailand. and date a girlfriend Thailand can be a fun experience, especially in Bangkok.

I have a lot of things I want to do.

Bars, restaurants, pool parties, rooftops, nightclubs… the options are endless. Also, if you go on a date with a Sukhumvit woman, she will be happy to be your tour guide.

She will make you feel like a king. And in return, you want to treat her like a queen. If it’s fun, you won’t mind putting your hand in your pocket.

That’s what it is.

Best Ideas for a Week of Dating in Bangkok

If you want to lead and impress Thailand girlfriend With local knowledge, the seven-day itinerary and approximate itinerary are as follows. costs allows you to create a budget.

timing itinerary

Total cost

Based on this itinerary. the cost of dating a girlfriend One week in Thailand she is 52. 000THB (1500USD).

This is an approximate number.

You don’t have to do every single day on your list. Maybe you don’t like parties very much. Or party hard all night together and you’ll be ready for the next day’s activities.

Lower your expectations and date a Thai girl. Or maybe you have the confidence to charm her without spending a lot of money. Also, everyone has a different budget. You can spend less and have a better time in Thailand.

But remember, money counts when it comes to dating a Sukhumvit girl. If you don’t want to do big things, you can find other farangs who can do it for you. Dates in Bangkok are like dogs and monkeys.

Earning pocket money comes with it.

If you are prepared to spend more than 50, 000 THB at the time of your visit, you should be able to make an unforgettable date.

In fact, this is a mediocre number. If you have a high goal and mix a ful l-fledged cycle that Some men consume 50k+THB overnight at Spasso Restaurant & Amp; bar.

Also, when you look into large shopping malls such as Siam Paragon in Bangkok, you often see Farang. girlfriends With a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag for that amount.

What Makes Them Great Date Places (and Worth the Money)

Now that You have a date and budget. ideas A more detailed explanation will explain the wonderful things you can do with your girl.

Avoid Bangkok

You can see the cocktails made in front of you with escape

Escape is an elegant cocktail bar that You can take a break away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. Located on the 5th floor of Muk Otier, the atmosphere of the tropical country drifts.

Both make you feel as if you have come to Bali beach bar. This is the only bar in the center of Sukhumvit. It is a perfect place for sunset shooting, overlooking the skyline of the city. Before the party in Sukhumvit, the last place Oscar

If your girlfriend He knows about Oscar, she is a favorite girl at a party. Oscar is one of the most visitors in Sukhumvit. It is a place that meets all conditions, such as meals, drinks, music, and atmosphere.

Club flat

You can see a flat opposite OSKAR. This level aims to bring the thrill and atmosphere of the European Bangkok nightclub scene. And they do a good job. Spend the night of entertainment on the stage where DJs, live, and dancers are woven.

The bar is located in the center of the club, and there is space around it. There is a permanent table under the stage, and the options for VIP are substantial. Your girl will surely be pleased if you can see it in this club. No one at the Sukhumvit party there.

Sugar club

Fixed table services and table services are indispensable for dating in Sugar Club

It is unlikely that you want to be flat all night. That’s where sugar appears.

However, be prepared for the space to be quite small. Sugar is a small but very popular venue. It will be buried, but it is an atmosphere including that. There is no doubt that you will be inspired by the bottom story on a date.

Octab Roof Top Lounge & Bar

Among the wonderful roof top bars in Bangkok, the octave of the Marriott Hotel is special. Located on the 49th floor, you can overlook the Sukhumvit Skyline.

The music and the atmosphere are very chilled. If you want to enjoy a relaxed date, “octave” is recommended. Therefore, it is one of the most popular dating spots in Bangkok.

Singing theater

The whole picture of the singing (source)

The Sing Cincarner in the Soi Sukhumvit 45 alleys is a popular hig h-end night spot.”Shinshin”, which reproduces the ancient Chinese theater on a reddish lantern ceiling and a silk wall. Its name is derived from “Hoshiho”, which means new star in Chinese.

Chat Chuck Friday Night Market

The Chat Chuck Weekend Market is the world’s largest market with over 15. 000 stalls, and hundreds of thousands of tourists visit every weekend. It is natural that it will be a little cramped (source).

The good news is that Chat Chuck is open every Friday night, so it is recommended for those who want to avoid congestion. We provide an environment where you can walk with peace of mind. girlfriend And enjoy local dishes and alcohol.

Terminal 21 Asoke

It is a bustling shopping center in the tourist area Asoke. Each floor has a unique theme that reflects a tourist city or location from around the world. Hence the name “Terminal 21”. The mall also has the largest escalator in Thailand.

westin pool party

Book a Westin Pool Party VIP Package and Your Date Will Be Happy

The Westin Grande Sukhumvit Hotel comes alive on the third Saturday of every month. Because it hosts some of the hottest and busiest pool parties in Bangkok. A great place to unwind with great music and a great atmosphere. girlfriend .

el gaucho grill

Tips for you and yours girlfriend Enjoy your free download

Argentinian steakhouse El Gaucho is located on Soi 19 across from the Westin Hotel. It is said to be the home of “the best steak in Bangkok”.

Vertigo & Moon Bar

An unforgettable date at the top of the Banyan Tree

For a luxurious and romantic evening, there is no better place. than This Banyan Tree Rooftop BBQ and Bar. Vertigo for al fresco dining and Moon Bar for exotic drinks.

From the 61st floor, the two of you will enjoy his stunning 360-degree view of the city of Bangkok. And if you want to do something truly memorable, step out onto the glass floor and do a “moonwalk” for two.

8 Tips on Successfully Dating a Thai Girlfriend

1. Don’t try too hard

Always be yourself when dating any woman. She gets nervous when she tries to get her attention too much or pretends to be someone else. Holidays limit your time in Thailand. Make the most of it without pressure.

If you plan to use it a lot according to the itinerary above, that should be enough. You are in a position to let money do the talking.

That’s it. So don’t try too hard to charm her. She may be willing to go along with your efforts and share her humor with you. But inside her, she must be thinking, “That’s weird.”

2. Be respectful

On the other hand, it is also necessary not to be rude. Just because it goes my way girlfriend Throwing her money around on a fancy date doesn’t mean you can treat her like an object.

And don’t assume there is a special “arrangement”.

Don’t expect anything in return (you know who we are!).

We respect each other. If you are a kind and gentle person, it will be the same. It’s part of their culture to show her well and treat her well and respond accordingly.

But, if you find that Unappreciated, or generally bad apples – move. I don’t need a week of drama. Especially in Thailand, there are more fish swimming.

3. Be open and honest

Build your foundation early. He must have felt it by now. that you are a touristBut it’s best to be open and honest that You’re here to have a good time, not for long.

By doing so, everything will be clear from the beginning. Some of the Thai women you meet may be looking for a long-term relationship (long distance relationship) or a husband. so be honest her that You are not asking for more than accommodation. This helps prevent unnecessary confusion.

Hint You may think he’s silly, but it’s a good thing idea You can find out your age. It’s true. that Thai women look naturally young. But she’s never safe than I’m sorry. This is to avoid getting caught up in the Thai age limit issue.

4. Be friendly and not take yourself too seriously

There is a reason Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”. Remember it’s there to have fun. So go out and have a friendly, smiling conversation. Don’t worry if your date is having fun. If a Thai girl is interested, I will let you know.

And even if she doesn’t return her smile or say much, she doesn’t shrug it off. She may be embarrassed or nervous about speaking English.

I don’t have time to take my vacation seriously. You just started dating, so you’re not in a relationship?

5. Learn the local language

If you are not good at English, why not try to be able to speak simple Thai. A Thai girl is always impressed when foreigners try to speak their language.

Also, if flirting with her is a bit awkward, why not download the Messenger Line app (her WhatsApp equivalent in Thailand) on your phone and chat with her there? You can also download her “stickers” and send them to her to break her English barrier.

Tip: If she wants to joke with a girl and be very charming, instead of hitting “haha”, tap “555”. For more information, see What does 555 mean in Thailand?

6. Don’t greedily go on too many dates at once.

Bangkok is a dating playground. If you find yourself overwhelmed and thinking about dating a lot girlfriends Things to remember while traveling that This is dangerous business.

Sukhumvit girls tend to go for revenge. If they know your social media details, they may share your profile on her Facebook group, which is secret among local women.

Bangkok is a big city, but Sukhumvit feels like a village. Everyone knows everyone, everyone talks. If you catch too many women, you can get blacklisted.

It doesn’t make sense to have a bad reputation. What if you don’t plan to go back to Thailand?

7. Ensure financial security

not uncommon in Thailand girlfriends to “help” the visiting Farang man with a local bank account. The risk outweighs the return, although there are benefits in cash conversion fees and his ATM fees (his 220THB per withdrawal).

Once that I am depositing it in that Accounts, remember they have access too. And if things go wrong between you, your money is at risk. If you find out that you’re dating another woman, it’s as good as nothing.

Moreover, her budget of 52. 000 baht (1. 500 USD) that we recommend is more than 1 week. Don’t get carried away and increase your spending. Things can snowball quickly. Stick to your budget and resist the temptation to bend your credit card for a shot in the VIP area.

If your girlfriend can sense that Feel if than In Thailand, Tinder is gaining popularity among those looking for a more casual relationship. If you’re looking for a Thai woman in her 20s who speaks English comfortably and is more sensitive to western culture, this favorite dating app is for you.

Thai friendly.

Thaifriendly is her one of the best dating sites from Thailand for finding girls and Asian ladyboys interested in dating foreigners. girlfriend thai kiss

Thai Kisses is also a popular Thai dating site. It may be suitable for those who are looking for an adult woman. girlfriend 2.

Alternatively, you can skip dating sites and take a softer approach. As the saying goes, consider “slipping into DMS” on Instagram. that High probability.

5 Ways to Get a Girlfriend in Thailand

Her Thai girls who read your messages are known to filter DMs when they’re bored and want to go on a date. So if she doesn’t reply right away, she won’t be disappointed.

A quick DM might get her to establish a relationship and allow her to date you before you leave.

writing on resume

Even if the other person writes NO in the DM, do not postpone it by saying “only for business contact”. it’s 1 minute

It usually means the opposite. They also tend to mark their positions on her resume with invitations to make connections.

But keep it clean and respectful regardless of the decisions you make.

3. Bars and clubs

This time in old-fashioned manners.

These bars and clubs are not only great date spots, but also a place to connect with singles.

The best of Bangkok nightlife

There is no stigma or embarrassment in being single. So it’s very easy to meet like-minded people. that If you go to the bars and clubs in Sukhumvit, you may meet the next person.

Here are some popular nightspots that we haven’t introduced yet.

mixed disco

It’s a “game of numbers”. cue that Mixi has always had a favorable male-to-female ratio. This popular nightclub seems unknown to most tourists. All women are free to enter, so there are few foreign men and you are guaranteed to meet a lot of beautiful Thai women.

Located in the basement of the InterContinental Bangkok, it’s an intimate venue consisting of her two rooms, one for modern R&B in the main room and another for dance music lovers. MIXX’s pricing is competitively priced compared to major clubs.


There are many tuk tuk drivers in Sukhumvit who will take you to Mixx. The reason is that the commission is paid by the club. Why do so many people pay fees?

Tip If you like the atmosphere but find it too crowded, then head to Pattaya’s Insomnia Club. It has a similar atmosphere, but it’s not noisy, so it’s easy to talk to women. There’s also a pool table and a beautiful outdoor ocean terrace where you can chill out with a potato.

Route 66 is that The Route 66 club on Bangkok’s Royal City Avenue (locally called RCA) is a good option if you want to party somewhere not for “farang”.

Located 3km from the center of Sukhumvit, Route 66 may feel less touristy. You may be a little out of your comfort zone. But the benefits girlfriend You are sure to meet many attractive local women.

But please brush up on how to approach in advance. girl is hard to take her first steps

Below Sukhumvit Soi 11.

4. Around Bangkok

Sukhumvit Soi 11

If you’re not in the mood for a party, you don’t have to go to SOI11’s clubs to find potential encounters.

There are usually beautiful women on this street with whom you can start a chat.

There are also plenty of casual bars like Hemingway and rooftops like Upper Eleven and Nest Rooftop.

A short walk from Nana BTS Station, SOI 11 is in the middle of the action. There are also many hotels on this famous night street, making it the perfect place for her busy date week in Sukhumvit.

Khao San Road

If you’re looking for something different from the usual bars and clubs, check out Khaosan Road. There are plenty of bars and clubs to hang out with and street parties every night.

This famous street in Bangkok has something for everyone, attracting locals as well as foreign tourists. Massage, shisha, scorpion, beer tower, party, how you enjoy it is up to you.

Khao San Road is the ultimate tourist destination, so you can meet people from all over the world. Girls come in droves from all over Thailand. So it’s a great place to look.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

5. Outskirts of Bangkok

This time, we focused on her week-long trip through downtown Bangkok. But obviously Bangkok goes beyond Sukhumvit and Thailand goes beyond Bangkok. girlfriend .

There are beauties all over Thailand, including Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Northeast Thailand (ISAN). If you have extra time in Thailand, please go there.

Farang men have flocked to this land of smiles for decades to mingle with local women.

Thai girls are not only beautiful. She has personality traits that are deeply rooted in the culture of the country. is that You can charm men. And they know it. That’s why dating them is so much fun.

Are you ready for a dating week in Bangkok? This article gave all the tools-tips. than Don’t let money get in your way and set a budget.

Don’t spend too much money trying to impress and feel like a rock star.

Always be respectful and never ask for anything in return.

Oh, and the golden rule is… don’t fall in love. girlfriend Remember how the relationship began. I don’t want to risk losing everything!?

I am Taimania who has been traveling in Thailand since 2017. This country has given me so much and this is my small return. We hope that the articles on this site will help you learn more about Thailand and inspire your next adventure to the Land of Smiles. Thank you for visiting Thaiguider.

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