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How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile (or Take a Break)

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How to Delete Your Facebook Dating Profile (or Take a Break)

Delete your entire profile , or use “Take a Break” to stop getting matches

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Updated August 26, 2022
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Is explained. to delete Your Facebook timeline profile How to completely eliminate and stop your own profile Those who want to take a break without missing conversations or games.

How to Delete a FB Dating Profile

Delete Facebook dating profile Delete the reply, the accumulated “likes,”, matching, and conversations with other users. This is permanent, so if you start a Facebook date back, nothing will return. new profile .

  1. Tap the menu button in the upper right (Android) or the lower right (iOS).

Android version of Facebook Dating App profile icon, dating, set up tool

Tap the setting/ grid icon on the upper right.

In the future, there is an option to “take a break” so that you do not miss the match and start over when you return to Facebook Dating. What is there is in detail in the following items.

Read the question that you can’t date again profile for 7 days if you delete It became your account. After confirming, click Delete.

If you have a technical problem, check if Facebook Dating does not work. Explains some of the modification methods without deleting the whole. profile .

How to Use ‘Take a Break’

You can take a break on a Facebook date to stop matching with new people. However, you can send messages to those who have already liked or matched, and you can continue your liking! profile at any time.

In the Android app in Facebook Dating, the equipment is set, a break, and the < Span> is displayed, and all the conversations are deleted.

Select Continue to put your account on pause. To resume your account, return to the menu >Open the dating page from the Facebook app and select Start Matching Again.

FB Dating Profile: Delete vs Take a Break

What are the best options? delete your profile Or take a break? The answer depends on what you want to do.

You should delete your profile If you want to stop using it completely, maybe you’ve met someone or are interested in investing time on other dating apps. Closing greeting profile Is the same as not making it in the first place. Since the relationship with the match has been cut off, I will not be able to contact through the timeline. profile It is displayed, and all the conversation contents are deleted.

The “rest” option is perfect for such cases. Chat or matching will not disappear, and you can send messages to those who are already connected. Until you cancel the pose, you will not be seen by other FB Dating users profile .

What Happens When I Delete Facebook Dating?

When you delete your Dating profile Click to delete reply, likes tags, matches, conversations, etc.

What it won’t delete Is a type of tactics. FB profile This is FB Dating profile Is different. In other words, you can completely delete it without any effect on your everyday life. profile Photos, messages, messenger friends, etc. uploaded to Facebook are not affected because they have nothing to do with Facebook Dating.

However, since the dating is integrated with the Facebook account, the Facebook account is also deleted. delete your Dating profile .

How do I delete Photographs on Facebook’s dating profile ?

In the Facebook app, go to Menu > Dating >Profile. Find a photo, tap X at the bottom right to tap delete.

Displayed in Facebook Dating profile ?

No. Facebook date activities are not displayed in your friend’s news feeds or notifications at all, so you won’t know that you are on a date. profile .

What should I do if Facebook Dating doesn’t work?

If the Facebook date is not going well, check the Internet connection, update the Facebook app, clear the device cache, and confirm that the notification has not been blocked.

How can I tell people who are participating in Facebook Dating?

Open Facebook Dating and move to chat. Next to each person’s name, the date they finally use Facebook Dating will be displayed.

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