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Inside Bobby Bones relationship with his wife Caitlin Parker – TheNetline

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Inside Bobby Bones’ relationship with his wife Caitlin Parker

Bobby Bones is a popular American radio station in Bobby Bones Show. Bones broadcast programs on a weekday morning from the Nashville WSIX-FM studio. His programs nationwide have gained popularity in the United States, Canada and the UK. Bobby has interviewed many music stars, including Ed Sheeran, Deaks Bentley, Break Shelton and Taylor Swift.

Bones have published two books: “Bare Bones”, “It’s not lonely to read” and “until you fail without reading.”Fight. Snow removal work. Again, both are the bes t-selling New York Times. In 2018, Bobby and Shanna Burgess won the dance with the Stars.

In this work, I will look at Bobby Bones’ love. I was able to confirm that I was not married, but seriously relationship .

Bobby and Kaitin Parker had a wedding on July 17, 2021 at the entrance of Nashville’s home.

Bobby Bones, Kaitin Parker

Bobby and Kaitirin Parker had a wedding on the night of July 17, 2021 at the front yard of Nashville’s home. I chose the backyard because this house was a new starting point for them.”If you get married in Nashville, it was a simple thing to get married at home,” Parker told PEOPLE.

“I won’t meet until she walks on the aisle,” said Bobby. Bobby is very superstition, “Parker told People. I don’t want to say the word “dress”. He doesn’t look at my mobile phone. I’m afraid that the photos will be displayed.

The bones could not go with the courage to the closet with the French Lahave dress. She finally saw the dress as Kaitin pulled his father’s hand and walked on Virgin Road.”His blessing has a great meaning for me.” Parker likes the idea of becoming a new and most favorite person in the world about his father’s gesture. “rice field.

The two dog errors and Stanley were walking on the virgin road with ribbons and pearls. Kaitin and Bones offer a sentimental oath in front of Parker’s pastor Jeff Elkins.”I don’t have a named parent, but if I have it, he (Elkins),” says Kaitin. That was the only option.””

At the wedding, celebrities such as Chuck Wicks, Jake Owen, and Charlamagne Tha God were invited.

Bobby proposed to Kaitin after the two moved to Nashville together.

Bobby proposes to Kaitin

Bobby and Kaitrin had been in a lon g-distance relationship for the first few months. relationship Bones brought a drink from Sonic every time he picked up Kaitin to the airport. At your wedding, Sonic Driv e-in dishes and drinks that got a drink when Bobby picked up Parker.

They describe Sonic’s snacks as “the most personal part” and look back on the uproar in the early days. relationship So it’s a big meaning for us that occupying the big part of our marriage, “says Bones.

After the pandemic in March 2020, Parker moved to Nashville. with Bones. “I’d rather be with Parker tweeted, saying that only L. A.’s me should keep my boyfriend trapped in my house than to stay in my house. “BONES tried to keep Kaitrin into a Nashville as long as possible.”When she finally agreed to move here, I wanted to propose,” said Bobby.

This bone was proposed after two of them moved from the pad to the Nashville house. Matt asked a question at the backyard barn. After saying Jesus, they went to Matt Carnie’s special performance.”She said at the mat concert that she knew she was for her at the time of this song,” says Bones.

Kaitrin tells PEOPLE, despite the time of the trial. the relationship She knew that Bones was that person without any annoying thoughts. I’m with He told PEOPLE, “I know he’s for me,” he told PEOPLE, no matter what happened that day.

Bobby told Bear Grillus that Kaitin regained trust in love.”I’ve only seen it in movies and books,” says Bobby.”If you haven’t experienced it, you’ll start going, even if something goes well.” with I, or everyone lies.”And since I met her, like a charging inside of me.”

Bobby was in love with his wife Kaitin Parker.

Kaitin Parker and Bobby Bourne < Span> For several years, it was an unmarried bone for several years. He said he couldn't appear in pop culture due to his busy schedule.

Bobby met Parker, thanks to the common friend in the ABC’s “Dancing”. with THE STARS. The two did not meet immediately and began to talk a month later on Instagram. Finally, Bones, who had come to meet, thought he was dating Parker, but did not think Parker was a date. Bones told People:

“Go outside, go out again, and happily on the spot our relationship It was like, “Would you like to be isolated together?”So he came here (Nashville) from Los Angeles.

For several years before the hoodie was removed, it was an unmarried bone. He said he couldn’t appear in pop culture due to his busy schedule. a relationship He said, “I had dinner, but it’s like.”What happened? Why don’t you have a lover?”So, as soon as I took out my mobile phone,” Oh, it’s hard. It’s my calendar. “

Bobby and former lover, Lindsay El, put an end relationship Because it hindered the career

Bobby and Lindsay have been a lon g-standing friend before dating. I waited for a while and decided to release it with their relationship I was afraid that Lindsey’s career would have a negative effect. Their prophecies hit, and in early 2017, Sacramento radio stations have dropped one of their programs. her relationship with Bobby.

In 2017, the radio station stopped playing Lindy’s songs for her union. with Rival hosting, after all, considering Lindsey’s career, the couple chose to break up. Bobby revealed on his program.

“She began to feel stressed our relationship I thought it was my fault that she couldn’t get anything. She aimed to succeed as an artist for a lifetime. In the end, she gave a record, and that the record was ranked first, but the radio stations across the country were not dating me, and that strange anxiety was amplified everything.””

After the catastrophe, Lindsey was greatly shocked, but had to give priority to his career. She posted the following caption along with the Instagram post in October 2017: “Life is Hard sometities …. And it doesn’t always mean what I want. Love should win. But life is not always under our control. This is not what I wanted. “

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