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It s Facebook Official, Dating Is Here | Meta

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It’s Facebook Official, Dating Is Here

Nov 22, 2021 14:20 PT Update: Some information in this article has changed. See the latest privacy information for Facebook Dating. Original published on September 5, 2019 at 6:45 p. m. PT: Facebook Dating makes it easier to find love through what you like – help you start meaningful relationships through things you have common, like interests, events, and groups. You can save the trouble of creating it and know more realistically what kind of person it is. Today we are launching Facebook Dating in the US. It also offers the ability to embed Instagram posts directly into his Facebook Dating profile and the ability to add Instagram followers, not just Facebook friends, to Secret Crush lists. Later this year, we’ll be adding her Facebook and Instagram stories to her Dating profile.

Finding a romantic partner is a very personal thing. That’s why we created Dating to provide safe, inclusive, and selective dating. It is a product that puts safety, security, and privacy first. We’ve worked with experts in these areas to build Facebook Dating from the ground up with protections such as flagging and blocking features, banning photos, links, payments, and videos from being posted in messages. It also provides easy access to safety information. These features give you more control and more peace of mind. Learn more about privacy and Facebook Dating here .


Starting today, anyone over the age of 18 who has downloaded the latest version of her Facebook can choose to join Facebook Dating and create a dating profile (separate from their main profile). rice field. There is an offer if other participants also choose. Suggest people based on your tastes, interests, behavior on Facebook, and more. Facebook dating isn’t about waiting for a swipe or a like from someone to get the chance to connect. If you find someone you like, you can let them know by commenting directly on their profile or pressing the “Like” button. If you’re not interested, just broadcast it. Facebook Dating allows you to match friends of friends or people outside of your circle of friends. Facebook Dating will not match you with friends unless you select Secret Crush and add each other to your list. All your dating activity remains on Facebook Dating. It is never shared with other Facebook users.

Main function

  • Users will soon be able to connect and share Facebook and Instagram stories. Modern people are required to judge whether they like it instantly, based on a static profile. Instead of “telling you”, the story shifts to “date” to show. In this format, you can express the real thing that you can not do with a general dating profile, and you can know the other person before and after matching.
  • Secret crash can match with people you have already met on Facebook or Instagram. Facebook Dating does not match Facebook friends by default, but some say that you are interested in exploring romantic relationships in expanded circles, such as Facebook’s friends and Instagram followers. If you use the popular “secret crash” function, that is possible. If you select a secret crash, you can select up to 9 of your Facebook friends and Instagram followers.(To increase Instagram followers, you need to link Instagram accounts with Facebook Dating). If your best friend is op t-in to Facebook Dating, you will receive a notification that someone has pressed “likes”. If your lover adds you to a secret crash list, it’s matching! If your lover adds you to a secret crash list, it’s matching. If your lover is not registered in Dating, you have not created a Secret Crush list, or you have not registered in the list, no one knows that you have entered that person’s name.。

  • Instagram posts can now be added to Facebook Dating profile. Adding Instagram posts to your profile will make it easier to build a better dating profile, show the aspects of your life to your partner, and find a common connection that will bounce conversations.

  • If you select an event and a group, you can see people with similar interests. You can select another person who uses Facebook Dating that suits your taste at the group or participation or participating event. If you choose those people, you will also look like them.
  • Please talk about the contents of the date with confidence. If you are using Facebook Dating, you can share dating and location details live with reliable partners through Messenger. Whether or not this feature op t-in will be able to control the customer. In that case, you can control the person who shares the information.
  • Setting a dating profile is easier than ever. Based on feedback from people using dating in other countries, Facebook’s dating profile can now be created more easily. We recommend photos and information that can be edited or deleted by one click from the Facebook profile. You can also create your own dating profile from scratch.


Facebook dating is currently available in 19 countries, in the United States. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Gaiana, Laos, Mexico, Mexico, Palaguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Surinam, Thailand, Uruguay, Vietnam. We plan to advance to Europe in early 2020. Click here for details at facebook .com/dating.

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