Kennenlernspiele & Ice Breaker Spiele für jeden Anlass - dating new york city

Kennenlernspiele & Ice Breaker Spiele für jeden Anlass

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Kennenlernspiele & Ice Breaker Spiele für jeden Anlass

Get to Know Each Other makes it easy for newly formed group participants to know each other. This applies to the first trusting base, which enables subsequent team building.

But not everyone knows, it is suitable for any group. In particular, for the age of the group members, it is necessary to select a game that suits the educational level and children. Also, it is not allowed to confuse the ice breaker before the game play with an intrudaction game.

Nutzen von Kennenlernspielen

Outdoor humans usually take a little easier, full of expectations, and sometimes doubtful when they come together for the first time. Individual team members do not know who is sitting on him or how to evaluate it.

This applies to any kind of groups, such as school classes, youth groups, sports teams, and groups formed for business purposes. Even if you are a family, if your family’s life partner is suddenly a member of the family, such actions may be seen.

However, in the foreground, you can reduce it with playfulness and relieve the situation. This is possible by the introduction games that encourage group members to reach, speak, and interact with each other.

Get to Know Each aims to relax and get people who have never met in advance. In such a game, group members also exchange substantial information, such as names, interests, dislikes, hobbies and occupations. First, the team members know each other and face each other, and recognize the other person more specifically.

It also focuses on eliminating even prejudice and fear of contact. This is the only way to build the basics of human relationships between individual team members, and is a prerequisite for a good work environment and optimal cooperation.

3 Kennenlernspiele für jedes Alter

In order to know each other, there are cases where two people are performed and the whole team is performed. Not only games that exchange opinions about interesting and unique things, but also games with movement. It is often appropriate to leave pairs and small groups by chance. When counting young people, the elderly, women and men as a group, the standard for the corresponding group formation can be set in advance.

However, consideration is required, especially for the age of the group members. Because of its complexity, games that know each other are only suitable for adults, and adult games are too simple or childish, so some games are suitable for schools and kindergartens. Of course, you can deepen fellowship with games that can be enjoyed regardless of age. Here, I would like to explain the three of them.

I’m upset

Stand Up for the Game – One chair is required for each participant. Everyone sits in one of the chairs. Now ask each other various questions that can only be answered with “yes” or “no”. Examples of introductory game questions similar to this one include:

  • Have you ever seen an aurora?
  • are you married?
  • Would you like to travel to America once?

All participants who can answer “yes” to the corresponding question stand up briefly and are thus observed by everyone else. If you can answer “no” to this question, please remain seated. This game is over in 5 to 10 minutes for him. But in this short time you can learn a lot about an unknown person.

similarity collection

In this introductory game, he is always paired with two. Also, if the group has an odd number of people, he may form a team of three. Each partner talks to her for 3 minutes and collects all the common parts. For example, the interlocutor says she has two sons, is 34, and he goes to the gym three times a week, or lives in the same city.

After 3 minutes, each pair presents its overall result. The commonalities that emerge are surprising, and it is very rare for two pairs of results to be repeated. Ultimately, the whole team gets to know a new side of each member. It takes a little longer. Schedule 3 minutes for grouping and explaining, 3 minutes for collecting similarities, and 2 minutes for presenting similarities.

speed dating

The introductory speed dating game is similar to classic speed dating. First, participants are divided into her groups of two. Talk a little about each other for 1 minute. Then the signal sounds and the participant sitting on the right side moves to the next partner. Now he is exchanged information for a minute, a minute. Repeat this until everyone has finished speaking.

However, the difficulty level is raised a little with group members. As such, participants should be briefly introduced to participate in the discussion. Afterwards, discuss the themes that the two pairs have decided on. What is the topic that can be thrown away every time you change the opponent? As part of such an introductory game, possible topics are:

  • life goals
  • hobby
  • sports
  • sports, sports activities, music
  • series

It goes without saying that these are important issues. Political, religious, and socially critical issues should be avoided as much as possible when playing introductory games.

Kennenlernspiele für Erwachsene

is often difficult to find. spielen Therefore, it is important to explain the meaning of the appropriately selected game to the participants, and if necessary, give options that do not spontaneously participate in the game. Indiscriminate questions about religious beliefs, home environment, age, etc. should be excluded from the beginning. By doing so, the participants will be able to get a high convincing for each matching game.

Portrait game

Few adults are drawing regularly. The results in the portrait game are “poor” accordingly. Decide the rules so that everyone can draw a disadvantageous picture so as not to be ashamed.

Before that, distribute 3 A4 paper and pen to the group members. Here, divide the participants into two groups. Let’s draw a portrait of each other between partners. However, according to the rules you have decided, the painter should not look at the paper while drawing, and do not put a pen. In addition, a portrait can be completed in one minute.

After the time, the participants hand over the portrait drawn to their partners and pair with new members. After a total of three rounds, each team member will have three caricatures at a time. This time, everyone will choose their favorite portrait and announce.

traffic jam

Before the game starts, the rope can be spread on the floor like a little arc. This time, the whole team stands on the rope and faces the front. The team leader must decide the order of all participants in the side of the rope (do not walk next to the rope). For example, for example, as a possible specification

Name, last name, first character from A to Z

As a team building game,

  • House number from 1
  • Birthday
  • Minokake
  • If you do not communicate within the group, it will not be the right configuration, so members will automatically know each other. However, at the same time, no participants can get off the rope during sorting, which promotes the unity and organizational of the group.

By the way, there are some discovery games where players stand on chairs, even though the pattern is the same.


Hold the booth and the members are scattered in the room. This time, we have to line up with a scale depending on where we were born. If all participants were born in the same federal state, the scale would naturally be different from participants from the entire Germany or from a different country. Organize a small group according to the composition of the group. Next, as a team leader, interview each team or participant very easily.

Once you’ve mastered a game where everyone gets along, participants can create creations that correspond to their existence, for example, to their affiliation. In addition, it is also possible to line up after practicing hobbies and sports. If a participant faces more than one group, he must go to the correct position between the groups concerned.

Unlike normal adults, children are very open to getting to know each other. Rather, I am happy that we can get to know each other.

allowBut if you’re 10 years old or older, “children’s games” can seem silly. Here it is important to choose toys that are suitable for the right age group.

Kennenlernspiele speziell für Kinder

My right, right-. spielen For the game…… my right, the right place is empty. You can make a circle of chairs. One chair must be programmed for more than participants. All the children are now sitting in chairs. The person sitting on the left side of the non-reserved seat says.”My right, right space is free, I want the previous (…)”. The names of the participants are identified in this article.

The just-mentioned player said, “What did you come here for? Then the starter nominates an animal, which takes on a new position to the left of the starter, while the aforementioned teammate takes charge. A space becomes available next to the player and the next round begins.

Name Xiaos Team Game


In order to know each other’s true intentions and tatemae, each participant thinks of three things he wants to convey to the other person. These include hobbies, interests, characteristics and experiences. But only two of them are true for her. One is imaginary. Each player says three things while saying their name in turn. The rest of the members must guess and coordinate why they are lying.

The time required for this game is very small if you have a small number of people. It usually finishes in about 15 minutes. However, children under the age of 10 should be considered less likely to lie. Therefore, “Acquaintances” should only play in groups where all participants are 10 years or older in her.

Storytelling to know each other in the team

chaos in name

“Chaos”, on the other hand, is a good name for children from the age of 6. Play music first. Children have to cross the room. Groups can also agree on how things work, such as hopping, creeping, stringing, etc. At some point, stop the music and call the member’s name. Now all members of the group must run to the designated person.

Confusion can arise here, as all the participants in the introductory round are often acquaintances. Children usually

S O-What is called an ice breaker is often the same as an introductory game. However, these are games that are usually played before we know each other. Until now, people who have never had a point of contact sometimes have ice breaks and mute them. Before you exchange personal information, such as hobbies and work goals, you need to create a relaxed atmosphere to some extent. Especially effective for ice breakers.

Story game

Ice Breaker Spiele

The storytelling game requires the creativity of the participants. You can play together from children to adults. At first, there are always two participants. One person is in charge of narration and the other has a bell in his hand.

The game starts with a story, for example, “There was a hungry cat …”. When the player rings the bell, the narrator has to exchange the last word of his story. Then, for example, the story is like “THERE WAS A Hungry Lioness …”.

Ice breaker games become more interesting as they hit. Thus, the storystone must be away from the actual story and, in some cases, provide a completely different story.

As a team leader, you can look back on the time required for this ice break. 3-5 minutes is ideal. And the partner should take the role. Depending on the time, you can always form a new duo team.

Denmark’s hit game

Denmar k-type knock games are not only ice switches, but also ultimate energy games. Divided into a group of two people. The partners face each other and think independently in the direction of one of the top, down, left and right. This time, throw both hands in the corresponding direction.

Turn your thighs in different directions in your hands in different directions, and refers to a new direction. When both hands of the partner turn in the same direction, hit the thighs to make a high touch, hit the thighs again and turn their hands in the new direction. If you decide as a leader, the game ends.

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