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Legit Safe Dating Verification Site – Dating Security Advisor

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Legit Safe Dating Verification Site

You may have heard these words from someone you met online: “Dating sites require safety checks” and “For safety reasons, I only contact or meet with verified members.”

Dating sites and apps are undoubtedly full of impostors, scammers and even ruthless criminals. Due to numerous reports of fraud and criminal activity on dating sites, most dating sites now require members to verify their identity.

It is up to you to provide information by trusting a specific app or dating site

What is Safe Dating Verification and how does it work

A secure dating authentication site protects users at every level of interaction, from the first shared email to the final face-to-face moment. After all, if someone takes the time to verify their identity, you know that the person you’re meeting is real, the photos are real, and they use their real names. The anonymity of the Internet is quite high, but the problem is that it tends to give the impression that it is vulnerable to fraudulent transactions and anonymous and expressionless people.

Using an online identity can minimize the risk of online dating scams. verification It’s not perfect, but until the internet perfectly solves this problem, this will be your best option for staying safe on online dating sites.

Identity verification In online dating, it is important that the dating site is the sole purpose. of security Therefore, members can be sure that “this person is talking about me”. online dating verification provides stickers that can be incorporated into online profiles such as dating sites. It also allows access to safer dating sites.

How is Verified Safe Dating done?

  • Profile, photo & age verification
  • Bi-annual profile updates verification
  • Authenticity judgment system
  • IP verification

most popular dating methods verification By uploading a photo with writing, you upload a photo holding a piece of paper and the site asks you to write something specific on it. We will then verify the unedited image and approve your account.

His second and most used method of online dating profile verification It’s a method used by many dating sites to upgrade your account by paying a certain amount on your credit card. Some may charge you, while others only ask for your credit card to verify you are a real person and not a bot.

However, the dating site you use is free to use any method to find a real person.

Is Safe Dating Verification Legit?

It is up to you to provide information by trusting a specific app or dating site. If you really want to find a date online, you need to understand that dating sites and apps are strictly demanding identity verification to protect them.

It has been recorded that more than 3, 893 accounts have been rejected in the past year. The following is the most common reason that the account was rejected: SEX illegal, counterfeit, online fraud, cat fishing, spaming, fake profile.


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