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The LGBTIQ+ guide to London, from clubs and festivals to holistic safe spaces

In the London Quia scene, known as the most versatile city in the UK, his LGBTIQ +clubs and bars, along with Sawho, and Vox Hall, a gay heaven, have been attracting attention for a long time. However, in the last decade, London’s nightlife has changed dramatically, and the London community has opened its own space for specific needs.

London is a symbolic place for LGBTIQ+travelers, and there are a variety of things, such as a place to shake, a holistic community space, and the latest literature of queer writers.

Enjoy all adventures as much as possible, referring to the weekly newsletter.

Best gay bars, clubs & parties

The greatest thing about Quia Night Life in London is that all events can be seen throughout the city. Certainly, visiting bars in the Tokyo metropolitan area is becoming an extreme sport, but there are many clubs, bars and parties that make up for it.

One of the streets that can be up and down to pursue an eclectic nightlife is Kingsland High Street. There are all kinds of queer alcove on the lively streets of Eastolondon. LGBTIQ++performance space, and THE GLORY, a sel f-proclaimed “Drag Hos House”, will make a festive festive at every Friday and Saturday weekend disco and a baseice club. It is everyone.””

As the name implies, the karaoke hall (in the original language), as the name suggests, can enjoy karaoke. Come to enjoy karaoke, make a lot of new quia friends, and go a little hooked on the dragstar, the host of the Quia Variety Show. “

However, the fancy sister of the karaoke hall is deprived. The Dalston Superstore, which claims to be East London’s Premier Premier Palace, has a variety of features, including clubs, cabaret spots, galleries, and community spaces. During my Baibiki era, the night spent in the colorful and attractive wall of this space was characteristic, and the pulsed dance music echoed the body wearing sweaty and bright clothes. There are night events such as all-night nightclub “Trans Vision”, bisexual hard-core rave “Fast & Amp; Bi-Furious”, and famous branches. There is no option for the next intense camp laundry.

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There are certainly some queer places, such as the famous Royal Vox Hall Taburn in Southern London

The Queer Black-Led Reveur Collective provides a space for unreliable pleasure, from rum-filled brunches near London Bridge to transport parties along the river in Greenwich, southeast London. If you’re looking for a year-round dance party with carnival energy, Queer Bruk fits the bill as ‘London’s tackiest black queer night’. Their afrobeat, soca and dancehall gigs take place at venues ‘Paint Factory’ in East London and ‘The Thames’ in Brixton.

Not everyone finds comfort in clubs, and thankfully London’s queer spaces extend far beyond the dancefloor. The LGBTQ+ Community Center in London is one such valuable space. A humble and intelligent centre, in 2018 he managed to raise £100, 000 from local private donations. So you might think that this center has been open for him for over a year.

LGBTIQ+ spaces beyond the clubs

Check out our worthy Instagram posts each week for updates on new events happening in our Community Center. Language exchange groups, film screenings, open mics, arts, autism, neuropathies, trans, 50+, racist queers for LGBTIQ+ students and people fluent in French, Spanish, Dutch etc. There is no doubt that it will be an event where you can meet like-minded friends, such as community-only meetings such as.

Misery, a queer and trans Black and Colored-first mental health hub, has a similar dedication to a sober, holistic space. In addition to hosting nightly night parties, in recent years it has also hosted summer failures with performances, griffy rituals, tattoos, massages, crafts, and more, as well as more recent monthly free events.

– series focused on. plant In “Misery Medicine: Plant Magic”, we perform herbalism using herbs in various green spaces in the Tokyo metropolitan area on the first Saturday of every month.

It becomes medicine. Set in a green space in the middle of London’s famous jungle, such events are perfect for travelers exploring the city. plant If learning about the long-standing presence of queer people in Britain is closer to what you think good times are, look no further than Queer Britain. Queer Britain, the country’s first museum dedicated to LGBTQ+, will open the doors of its first physical home at Royal Cross in north London in early 2022. The museum features 100 years of voices, objects and images from queer life, all free to visit. After checking out the insightful and complex history of London’s communities, complete your visit by shopping for Queer Britain merchandise at the gift shop. The book corner is curated by leading queer bookshop The Word of Gay, with all proceeds going to the museum and nearby charities.

For a wider range of queer literature, check out Gay’s The Word bookshop between King’s Cross and Russell Square. The oldest LGBTIQ+ bookshop in the country, you’ll find all kinds of queer fiction and non-fiction, from classics to the latest publications, in this cozy alcove. If the timing is right, you might meet your favorite queer authors at book releases, readings, lectures, autograph sessions, and more.

The London Quia scene is lively all year round, but inviting LGBTQ+travelers and locals is, of course, the call of pride events. At events held every summer, such as UK Black Pride and Pride in London, thousands of quia people gather in the capital for performance, daily party, afte r-party. However, the latter has been a major controversy for many years, saying that the relationship with trance, blacks, and brown races has a bad relationship with LGBTIQ+community. As a result, a new ultr a-central pride march has appeared in the form of London Trans + Pride, and provides both the blessing of the trance, the ol d-fashioned law and the hollowed trance medical regulations. It has become.

A woman wearing a robe in a hot spring and drinking tea

Dates for your diary

The BFI FLARE, the largest queer film festival in Europe, is held every spring at the BFI South Bank, located south of the river near the Waterloo. The film festival, established in 1986, introduces the best LGBTIQ+movies gathered from all over the world, and provides the opportunity to listen to special screening, gala, and exciting new stars who are active in the industry.。

London LGBTQ friendly facilities

Although the UK is positioned as an advanced beacon in terms of quia participation, the hostile media, critics, and celebrities has been increasing at a surprising speed. Many of the spaces listed above were born and developed to resist Qia Fobic, Transfovic policies and systems, which are established in the national system.

Resources and need-to-know

As the people of Quia and Trans know, there are no safe cities for us, much less safe. In particular, if many people forming the London Quia Community are not recognized (or not recognized at all) correctly by these laws, legal protection is “progressive” or changes in cultural attitudes. You cannot equate. However, the above spaces and events provide an example of commitments for quia people to keep other quarrings as safe as possible when we gather together. For example, PXSSY PALACE offers a taxi system for transgenders and physically handicapped people to return home after spending the night at the club. Unfortunately, returning home with a taxi after a night play is often a major problem, especially to avoid drunk people in public transportation.

In London, you can use public transportation such as subway and trains to quickly move from the corner of the city to the corner. If you are a speed mad, you can find a rental bike everywhere in the city.

Meetup is a treasure mountain for queer travelers (and locals).

The Lonely Planet travel guide reveals an exciting new way to explore this symbolic destination and provides unique adventures in every situation. Looking for a flower jungle at the Colombia Lord Flower Market, visiting the Sky Garden in the clouds, watching Shakespeare in the Globe seat-Create your own journey using local experts and planning tools. Let’s do it.

try it. M is strange and wonderful

In the spring, some tourists enjoy the New York scenery from the open top bus. A woman in blue clothes is taking pictures with a smartphone. ShutterStock ID 1399814936; Your: Zach Laks; Gl: 65050; Netsutori: Online Editorial; Full: Discover

London writer Caroline Odonahu, who reads on December 12, 202 2-8 minutes, explains why South Bank, West End, and … M & AMP will always guide tourists. Mondon Mrondon

try it. M is strange and wonderful

In the spring, some tourists enjoy the New York scenery from the open top bus. A woman in blue clothes is taking pictures with a smartphone. ShutterStock ID 1399814936; Your: Zach Laks; Gl: 65050; Netsutori: Online Editorial; Full: Discover

London writer Caroline Odonahu, who reads on December 12, 202 2-8 minutes, explains why South Bank, West End, and … M & AMP will always guide tourists. Mondon Mrondon

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