Love Scamming durch angebliche US-Soldaten und Liebesgrüße aus Afrika | Detektei Lentz® - dating new york city

Love Scamming durch angebliche US-Soldaten und Liebesgrüße aus Afrika | Detektei Lentz®

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Us soldaten dating

Since the divorce has been established, we will take this opportunity to submit the corresponding evaluation here. By searching on the Internet, I was able to learn about the lent detective service. Due to the popularity, I chose this detective service to prove both the marital relationship and the unadvised work to my wife who had been separated at the time, but I did not disappoint. It turned out that the construction, positive, always fun, and wonderful teams, and above all, the ability of the lento detective office. I am satisfied with everything) BERND-Rüdiger L., Bremen

Very competent, reliable, and intentional to achieve the goal. It was also positive that the person in charge could always access online and knew the current situation. Drote S., Vibringen

Professionals, very specialized, intelligent, reliability, quic k-these are features found after using three commercially use. Christian E., Brussels

I will contact you again.

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See in detail in the review durch Our customers are as follows.

Quality consulting Average price evaluation: 5
Service quality, advice, service, customer service, advice, advice, advice, advice, advice, advice. Average price evaluation: 5
Quality of quality Average price evaluation: 5
activity report Average price evaluation: 5
transparency Average price evaluation: 5
Contractor Average price evaluation: 5
You can access it. Average price evaluation: 4
reliability Average price evaluation: 5
The entire Average total overall score: 4. 91.

Your contac t-no call center
Overlar rate
Can be used 24 hours a day if necessary
Private detectives only by qualified ZAD exa m-IHK
Subcontracting is absolutely useless!

§ Cost reception. Federal court ruling also supports individual customers.

Federal Court BGH has confirmed that the cost of the development of detectives is part of the cost of the process, both in private companies and financial institutions. And in the event of a dispute, the lower parties have to pay the court. Based on the specific suspicion of the execution of the law, if it is necessary to use a detective work “, for example, a man was observed the original stimulus because he was seeking unreasonably maintenance from him. If you receive it properly, you must pay the investigation cost of the detective industry (Source: DPA).

§ Federal Labor Court-Observation for employees is allowed!?

In the ruling on February 19, 2015, the Federal Labor Court determined that if he had a rational suspicion (legitimate profit), he could continue to observe employees.

Detektei günstiger als Opfer eines ‚Love Scammers‘ zu werden!

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If you think you have malicious intent because of the impostor, please consult an experienced and reliable agency.

Because we often handle such cases, we are always aware of the latest fraud information of criminals, and we are very quick to spot fraudulent activities.”

Häufig an unsere Privatedetektive gestellte Fragen (FAQ)

Customer rating

In the last two years he’s had over 30 orders for fake American soldiers,” Lentz quickly warned. About 95% of the profiles turned out to be fake. With our proven methods and good contacts with the relevant authorities in the US, we were able to confirm the authenticity of the profile with his 100% confidence and convict the fraudster within days. increase.”If you have already been scammed like this, don’t back down in grief or shame. If you don’t do anything to stop the scammers from doing their job, the scammers will still have other unfortunate victims.”You’re going to help them find their victims.

How Much Does a Scam Detective Cost?

Private investigators are charged from 50, 00 Euros per hour plus VAT if cheating or fraud is suspected. Be sure to include documents, minutes, photos and, if necessary, video. From a quality perspective, we employ only private detectives with ZAD (IHK) qualifications as full-time employees, and we do not use any inexperienced subcontractors or temporary employees.

What is the cost of investigating a suspected sexual offense? – durch We are happy to do an audit for you. If the suspected sex offender is a U. S. military soldier, provide the following:

Offered at a fixed price of $2, 000 with a longstanding relationship with the US military in Washington. 400, 00 euros plus 19% VAT, not open for results if the photos/videos etc sent really belong to this person or if someone else or similar is imported hereYes – I use image editing software.

Can a private detective help with the sugar daddy/sugar baby problem?

of course. Part of our team consists of ZAD (IHK) qualified and experienced full-time private investigators who are skilled in processing orders related to Sugar Daddies/Sugar Babies arrangements. Our top priority as detectives is always to protect our detective agency clients and their reputations.

Can a private detective help with dating scams?

If you are a victim of an eroge scam, please consult an expert. Such fraud can have serious financial consequences. A private detective from our detective agency can help you convict a fraudster.

How to deal with marriage scammers

Marriage fraud is becoming more prevalent, especially in the Internet age. A reliable detective agency will clarify the facts and support the victim to pursue justice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Operational Detective Agency

Presentation by an expert. durch angebliche Do the detectives have any questions about the eroge scam?

Whether it’s an American soldier or greetings from Africa, leave it to the experts.

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