Lovoo, OKCupid & Co: Die besten kostenlosen Tinder-Alternativen im Test - dating new york city

Lovoo, OKCupid & Co: Die besten kostenlosen Tinder-Alternativen im Test

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Lovoo, OKCupid & Co.: Die besten kostenlosen Tinder-Alternativen im Test

Lovoo & Co.: Die 3 besten kostenlosen Tinder-Alternativen im App-Test

Valentine’s Day, the most hooked in the year, is approaching. The single is enthusiastic, but the app encounter is rampant. If Tinder fails, it’s not enough to comfortably comfort Valentine’s Day. that’s why wir beste kostenlose A substitute for OKCUPID was tested to OKCUPID.

Online dates are indispensable for the life of young single and junior high school students, a polyamus middle man. In the principle of Tinder, it is a simple thing that you can date if you put out a smartphone and swipe to the right with a dating app. But this is usually shor t-lived. If you don’t want to earn a number quickly on Valentine’s Day, consider a tube well. So the editor den besten Tinder’s alternative looked around. Lovoo or OKCUPID. die besten kostenlosen Introducing dating apps for Android and iOS under test.

LOVO O-Local

Lovoo is a quick fucker pants in dating apps. It takes a little time to get used to it, but it can be used very practically and quickly. This app is one of the most popular apps in Germany, and more than 16 million active users exchange messages of 250 million per month. Highlight Lovoo is a radar that you can find their ways around you in a few seconds. After a simple registration, you will receive a suggestion that you can do “like” or “reject” with a simple swipe operation. If this is applied to a mutual aid party, that is, it can be solved immediately. There is also a “ice breaker” function that allows you to send a first message to the desired user if you meet the opponent who does not match. An additional function such as live video streaming has completed a highly profitable platform.

Lovoo and Co.

Speaking of age groups, Lovoo is wider than Tinder. The app is easy to use and is not very penetrated. Set the search profile. You can easily search by clicking “Men, women, or nothing” and input the desired age group. In the detailed function, a profile with personal information is also created, but the privacy is set according to the settings. Lovoo has a chance. This app seems to sometimes suffer from fake profiles, ask for upload photos, and seduce i n-app bills.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • User friendly
  • Police and high speed
  • Various age groups
  • False profile
  • Security gap
  • I n-app billing

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OKCUPID: Cosmopolitan

The platform “OKCUPID” dating back to English is the most likely pa

Lovoo & Co.: 3 beste Tinder-Alternativen

But before you start answering questions, OKCupid invites you to define, or rather broaden your search for, your ideal match. 22 gender categories and 4 love types are available to help you find your perfect match. You can enrich your profile in many ways, including goals, talents, traits, and moments. And finally, the essential dating material. With the Double Take feature, the app presents potential matches and allows you to rate them with a single swipe. The Discovery feature shows all available dates in percentages and allows you to sort and discover them by topic. Click the yellow star to see if you’re a good fit. If both are so, the conversation begins. If you want to see someone you like too, you have to buy the premium version. Dating is easy in the internet age.

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