MAMAMOO Hwasa Dating Rumor: How Did She Get Involved With BTS Jimin? | KpopStarz - dating new york city

MAMAMOO Hwasa Dating Rumor: How Did She Get Involved With BTS Jimin? | KpopStarz

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MAMAMOO Hwasa Dating Rumor: How Did She Get Involved With BTS Jimin?

Hwasa, who made her debut as a member of her four-member girl group Her Mamamoo in June 2014, broke beauty rules in South Korea not only with her powerful vocals and charismatic performances after her debut. It became known as well. As one of the best singers in the industry, her life is in the spotlight and many people are always curious about her love life. In fact, the singer once involved in a dating rumor with BTS frontman Jimin! But why was she related to him? Is she really dating? Please take a look.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Dating Rumor With BTS Jimin

In December 2020, Mama Moofasa and her BTS her Jimin fans were shocked by their sudden encounter rumor That the two idols were in a romantic relationship. The rumor suddenly caught fire after a Twitter user claimed South Korean media confirmed the two were dating.


(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa) Mamamoo Fwasa

By the way, Mamamoo fashion was something that annoyed people

This Twitter user tweeted about a “definite mission couple” including several idol pairs such as Hwasa and Jimin, Monsta X’s feature and member Apink and her NCT members Jaehyun and (G)I-Tle Miyeon. Was. However, the tweet did not have an official link at the time of the mission, and served as common evidence of this alleged romantic relationship between the two. At the same time, her Twitter user who made this tweet did not have a proper username on social media, just passing “/”. Therefore, this Twitter user had no information as to who they were or where they were getting “confirmed information” that they were dating the aforementioned idol.

BTS Jimin

(Photo: Instagram: @J. M) BTS Jimin

Naturally, fans of both idols are shocked by the relationship. rumor And I even wanted to know more about the answer. But thankfully, many were quick to deny it. the rumors Only because there is no evidence to prove a romantic relationship between Hwasa and Jimin

In fact, many of her Twitter users laughed at her lack of effort in believing even outright lies. Fans were more interested in the threats the two idols might face the rumor was blown away. but it didn’t last long the rumor To die and be buried.

MAMAMOO Hwasa Relationship Status

Currently, HWASA is single and does not publicly admit to dating. However, the “Maria” singer has previously said she has dated in the past.


(Photo: Instagram: @_mariahwasa) Mamamoo Fwasa

By the way, Mamao Hanasa’s “Stance Controversy”: I will introduce what really happened.

However, Kasai said that she “likes innocent men” and “she likes people who love her for who she is”. What do you think about Hwa Sa and Jimin’s relationship? rumor always check her Kpopstarz tab for K-pop news and updates. This article he owns by Kpopstarz. Text: Robin Jones

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