Neue Single-Plattform Unverblümt: mit Kinderwunsch-Button den Turbo zünden | MEEDIA - dating new york city

Neue Single-Plattform Unverblümt: mit Kinderwunsch-Button den Turbo zünden | MEEDIA

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Neue Single-Plattform „Unverblümt“: mit „Kinderwunsch-Button“ den „Turbo zünden “

Border, are you 35 years old and have no children? I thought, “insensitive” immediately. Die neue Dating platform dating promises “a man suitable for family planning quickly.”To register, you need to mark whether each user wants a child in three stages: yes, no, and maybe. The operator is also safe: Press the “Fertility” button to convey the “turbo” speed to the descendants.

  • 07/23/2015

Die Betreiber der neuen The platform “Brandt” accurately considers what the target group looks like.”Beauty, woman, 35 years old, studying, career flau, popular, all achieved,” and you know your problem. The problem of “Oh, there was something. There are no men or children!” The problem of 35 years old is exploding in many ways in the current generation. Many women have ended with children’s problems. To do so, there is less time for family planning than men. “

This is something that should be “blatantly” and everyone should be careful if you want a child. This is “Mr. Right”. That’s why you can make a family plan 2. 0 so easily.

However, “Bukirabo” not only wants to help a single person who is suitable for a child who is born, but also promises to protect from disappointed dates. Therefore, everyone needs to upload videos to prevent fake profiles. The portal site operator commented on the video “Photoshop is not so easy” “There are many opportunities for fake!”

You should have the opportunity to give your first impression on users. Moreover, it is important not only “real” and “real” but also “real”. And in the sample video, a happy single person, such as “I have a selfie stick,” is projected. Or, “I want to go to the event right away, can you help me there?”

Whether such a video is a desire to actually want a child zünden Must open.

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