One Of T. A. T. u s Fake Lesbian Singers Says Being Gay Isn t Natural - dating new york city

One Of T. A. T. u s Fake Lesbian Singers Says Being Gay Isn t Natural

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One Of T.A.T.u’s Fake Lesbian Singers Says Being Gay Isn’t “Natural”

Rosaline Warren <Span> All his remarks are ... ant i-LGBT.

One half of Russian girl duo t.A.t.U. – who became famous for their faux- lesbian Is appearing in the video. hit single “Everything she said” -Becred that he would blame if his son was gay, because he wasn’t gay. ” natural “.

In a Russian television interview, Julia Volkova said she would not want her son to be gay as it’d mean that he was not “manly enough”, but having a lesbian daughter would be OK as young women are “aesthetically much nicer”.

Here is a transcript from the interview:

Do you blame if your son was gay?

Julia Volcova: Yes, I blame him. Because I believe that a true man should be a true man. God created humans for prosperity. the nature For me, a man is a support and strength … I don’t admit the gay son.

Stop the interviewer … You said that your daughter was fine, right? a lesbian Is it a story of freedom?

Yuri Volcova It applies only to her daughter and does not apply to her son.

Interviewer, do you think freedom is only for women?

Julia Volcova: I think it’s free in a bad sense for men. In modern times, there are so many frivolous girls (and men can *** in large quantities of the girl). This is free for men. And the man has no right to ***. Wome n-Different from men. I think. lesbians It looks more beautiful and more beautiful than two men holding hands or kissing.

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