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Online Dating & Relationships

1 in 10 American girlfriends have used it an online I know people who use dating sites and mobile apps, which many people now use. online Aibiki via online have a date withpublic awareness online In recent years, dating has become more active, and SNS has come to play an important role in navigating and recording relationships. relationships These are the main results of a national survey on dating. and relationships It is the first professional study on the subject by the Pew Research Center at the Pew Research Center since 2005 in the digital age.

11% of her American adults and 38% of her currently “single” partners have used it. online Location information in chronological order or mobile app

1 in 10 of her American adults have used an online Without Dating or Mobile Dating Apps In this report, we refer to these individuals as ” “. online Daters”, defined as follows:

  • 11% of internet users (equivalent to 9% of all adults) say they have used it personally. an online Dating sites such as match. com, eHarmony, and OK Cupid.
  • Seven percent of mobile phone app users (equivalent to 3% of all adult girlfriends) say they have used a dating app on their mobile phone.

Overall, 11% of all adults in the United States have engaged in either or both of these activities and are classified as . online There is data forAs for “demographics” online Dating is most common among Americans in their mid-20s to mid-40s. 25-34 years old about 22%, 35-44 years old about 17%. are online There is data forOnline dating is also relatively popular among college-educated people and those living in urban and suburban areas. In addition, 38% of single Americans who are actively looking for a partner have used it. online has dated once.

66% of online 23% of the data she has dated with someone she met on a dating site or app of online Data users answered that they have met a spouse or a long-term resident. relationship through these sites

compared to 8 years ago online Data from 2013 shows that people are more likely to actually date someone they meet on these sites. about 66 of online Data has dated someone he met an online Not using dating or apps, up from 43% of online I have data that did that when I first asked this question in 2005. Beyond Date, 1/4 of online Daters (23%) said they were married or in a long-term relationship. relationship This is almost the same as 17 % of the other person you met on a dating site or app. of online When asked for the first time in 2005, the data replied, “This happened.”

Attitudes towards online Dating becomes positive over time

Even today, online There is no one who grasps dating positivel y-the public opinion is quite a minority online Is skeptical. At the same time, the consciousness of the people online Is becoming more aggressive in the last eight years.

  • 59%of all Internet users agree to the following: “ online Dating is a place to meet, “the number of points has increased by 15 points from 44 % in 2005.
  • 53 % of all Internet users agree that dating is a place to meet. “ online Dating, you can meet more people, so you can find a better partner for you. “
  • 21 % of Internet users agree with the opinions of “these people.” use online Dating sites are desperate, “the number of points has decreased by 8 points from 29 % in 2005.

In addition, 32 % of Internet users agree with the following: “ online People calm down on a date because there are always options for those who date.”This is my first time asking this question.

Opinions of online dating

In general, online The data itself has also been highly evaluated. Approximately 79 of online daters agree that online Dating is a place to meet, and 70 % of the respondents answered that “it can help you find a better love partner because you can interact with a wide range of opponents.”Some online Slightly negative views on the process itself and the people who meet on the site. About one person ten online 13 % of the data agreed with the opinion. use online Dating site is desperate “,” 29 % think so online Dating is “because there are always options for people who are dating, so it can calm people.”

42 % of Americans know an online 29 % of people know who have used Dater. online Marriage relationship

Familiarity with online Dating using friends and family has increased significantly since the previous survey of online Going back until 2005. About 42 % of Americans know those who have used it. online Rose from 31 % in 2005. And 29 % of Americans know who have met their spouses and other lon g-term partners. online Dating increased from only 15 % in 2005.

Familiarity with online dating through others 2005 to 2013

People who belong to almost all major population groups, such as young people, kind people, men, women, and urban and rural areas, are likely to know the users. online Appendix online (Encounter) has been increased from eight years ago. And it is particularly noticeable for those who are in a social economy.

  • 57 % of all college graduates know the user online Dating, 41 % know about her spouse or other lon g-term partner online dating.
  • 57 % of Americans with an annual income of $ 750, 000 know the user. online 40 % of those who know the spouse or partner in this way will be 40 %.
Negative experiences on online There are relatively many dating sites

Even as online Participants are generally positive about this process, but many participants have negative experience with this process. online dating. Half (54%) of online The respondents once felt that others were seriously falsifying their profiles. Even more serious is 28 %. of online There was an application for dating. an online On websites and dating apps, they acted to make harassment and unpleasant thoughts. Unpleasant contact experiences are overwhelmingly more women than men via online Website and dating apps: about 42 % women online 17 % of men have ever experienced such contact on a date.

40% of online It is also said that one in three people has used dating sites and apps for a fee. One in five people has used or used dating sites or dating services. online The respondents are asking someone to help to check their profile.

Paid dating sites and sites that search for opponents with specific characteristics are relatively popular. of online daters:

  • 40% of online Respondents have used websites and apps for people with common hobbies and backgrounds.
  • 33% of online Date is used for a fee an online On dating sites and apps

The frequency of organized outing is quite low, only 4 %. of online The day of participating in group trips and other physical events hosted by. an online dating site.

Additionally, 22% of online The date is to ask someone to set or check the profile. Women tend to ask for twice as much as men to create and improve their profiles. online While I have done it, 16 % of men are.

5 % of Americans who are currently married or have been dating for a long time have met their partners somewhere. online Dating period 10 years or less is 11 %. met online .

Even today, the majority of Americans have serious relationships, such as marriage and domestic partnership relationship He said he met offline. online -about it. At the same time, the percentage of Americans who answered that they met their current partner online Is doubled in the last eight years. About 6 % of Internet users have made promises such as marriage and partnerships. relationship met their partner online -The proportion of Internet users who answered increased from 3 % in 2005. Based on “all adults, 5 % of the total number of engagements. relationships In the current United States online .

The question was heard by everyone who has lon g-term dating, such as marriage, and everyone, including. relationships started long before the meeting online was in the options. If you look at only at those committed relationships 11% of those who have been married within the last 10 years said they love someone. met online Also, younger people tend to say things like this more than older people. relationship began online Nearly 8% of 18-29 year olds are married or committed relationship met their partner online Meanwhile, 7% of her aged 30-49, 3% of her aged 50-64, and just 1% of those aged 65 and over.

Also, anyone who has used online There are many answers. relationship began online than those who have never used online is scheduled. In fact, 34% of committed Americans relationship and have used online People who say they have met their spouse or partner on dating sites or apps in the past online , whereas she is 3% of those who do not use it. online dating sites.

Putting on a toy using the net. research In recent years, “finding a partner” and “finding an old friend” have become common.

Compared to when we first conducted our survey on dating, and relationships In 2005, more Americans online I was able to check out who I’ve dated and flirt with potential romantic interests (or current ones) using the tools.

  • 24% of her internet users have searched for information online About who she has dated in the past, up from 11% in 2005.
  • 24% of internet users have flirted with someone online Up from 15% in 2005.

Young people are particularly prone to cheating online -47% of internet users aged 18-24 have experienced it in the past, as have 40% of internet users aged 25-34. Also, compared to the elderly, young people are more likely to have asked for flames in the past. online However, such behavior is still relatively common in older age groups. About 21% of internet users aged 45-54 and about 15% of internet users aged 55-64 have online to find someone to date.

In addition, 29% of internet users who have recently met said they have dated someone they met. online To find information about people you are currently dating and people you will meet in the future. That’s more than double his 13% Internet users when last asked about this behavior in 2005.

social networking sites new online Dating Navi and relationships

Currently, 6 of her 10 Americans use social networking sites (SNS) such as her Facebook and her Twitter. often intertwined. relationships :

  • One-third of all social media users (31%) have used these sites to check up on someone they were dating or with. a relationship with.
  • 17% have uploaded date photos on her SNS.

Young people, in particular, relationships Through Social Networking Sites About 48% of SNS users aged 18-29 have used these sites to find out who they have dated in the past, and 31% have posted their dating details and photos on social media. It is said that I have done it.

Checking on past relationships and posting details from dates on social networking sites

These sites are also used as background sources research About one-third of her SNS users who have recently been in a relationship with a potential romantic partner use her SNS to obtain information about her favorite partner. In addition, 12% of her SNS users who have recently been in a relationship said that she has specifically kissed or followed her on SNS because one of her friends suggested that she want to get to know that person..

In addition, about 15% of those who have used SNS answered that they used SNS to ask them out on a date. There seems to be

Especially for young people, SNS is a question of “? relationship drama”

As more Americans use social networking sites, these sites can create tension and embarrassment. relationships date withApproximately 27% of all SNS users answered that they have “discomfortably kissed or flirted”, and 22% answered that they have “kissed or blocked at least once”. a relationship I’m usingThese sites are also meant to leave a lasting impression. of relationships 17% of her social media users have untag or deleted photos of themselves or others on these sites. a relationship with.

Younger people, who have almost universal social media usage and have spent most of their lives in the social media age, are far more likely than older social media users to experience all three of her situations. No surprise it’s expensive. And it seems that more women than men have had the experience of being blocked by someone they flirted with, or being unable to talk to them because they made them feel uncomfortable.

Negative relationship experiences

About this survey

This report is based on a survey of American Internet usage. The results for this report are based on data from telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Research Associates International with 2, 252 adults aged 18 and over between April 17, 2013 and May 19, 2013. Telephone interviews were conducted by landline (1. 125) and mobile (1. 127, of whom 571 had no landline) in English and Spanish. For results based on the full sample, we can say with 95% confidence that the sampling error is plus or minus 2. 3 percentage points. For the results based on Internet users (n=1. 895), the sampling error is plus or minus 2. 5 points.

  1. “Recently in a relationship” refers to someone who is single and actively seeking a partner, and someone who has committed to a relationship. relationship 10 years or less.

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