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Online Dating Site – Register For Free on Match UK!

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Match: find love with our dating site!

20. 6 million people are already seeking encounters on Match *. Next is your turn?

One in five British people meets a matching couple *****.

Why Match?

Find a good person

Members are looking for their own love story, and we do our best to realize it.

Check out our detailed match profile. Our dating profile is very detailed. It is possible to search for someone to match in conditional search or browse the profile of the members widely.

Goodbye everyday, hello.

Why don’t you meet a nearby single on a live and casual night?

Challenge a ful l-fledged video date

From a safe and comfortable video call, the first date reaction to see!

20. 6 million people are already seeking encounters on Match *. Next is your turn?

Let’s start your own story now

Wide visibility of profile

Matching is not just matching. Register with us and make the perfect one. online Your profile can be displayed as members of our dating services for your 50s if you choose, so that you do not miss a chance to find the date and its special. In other words, you can see more profiles and have more contact opportunities.

Click here for browsing your profile.

Trust and peace of mind

I want you to match and safely match. online On dating sites, you can meet a single that is looking for a serious encounter. We consider the safety of our customers first and strive to ensure the safety of the site. Our priority is to protect your privacy in all profile photos and descriptions on this site.

If you feel uncomfortable with your profile or received message, you can block or report to the moderator at any time. It will be happy to help you. There are also many tips for using this site and when you actually meet. Please take a look at the Help Center.

Net bullying is not connected anywhere. At least everyone has love.

Fight in a cyber space to provide a safer encounter. If you receive an uncomfortable message

  • -Bet your profile to warn the moderation and safety team.
  • -You can block your profile so that you will never contact that person again.

Want to be able to control more?

In the race, you take the initiative. By visiting a single profile or setting your own preference without notifying the other party, you can do the following: can only You can contact someone who matches the search conditions. You are the one who chooses!

Select “Incognite Mode”

Secret mode is yours online Meeting with a superpower. You can browse other people’s profiles without being known to you what you have visited. you only Appears to those who know they are interested. In other words, it doesn’t take much trouble and have more opportunities to find a date.

Select “Zen mode”

The best “ZEN” mode when you want a quiet time. Turn on the power and only If you meet your conditions, you can contact you, so you know that you are a noticeable person.

How to encounter dating?

3 steps to get along with an expert

Please tell me who you are.

Talk about yourself. What is the secret? Being natural, honest, and voluntary. A few lines can give a sufficient impression.

Why don’t you add a little humor? Be accurate. The more search conditions, the more likely you are to meet people with the same hobby.

Create an album that reflects your personality to share photos.

Find a suitable person

With detailed search, you can meet the perfect person for you.

Find out your personalized detailed dating profile.

Meet other single people in match nights and activities.


Don’t you know how to start a conversation?

Tell me the trivial things you were attracted to. online Discuss the profile they are dating and the common hobbies.

It is also creative to share music links and GIFs.

Read advice articles to make your profile as attractive as possible and find hints to get to know.

Our singles nights and activities

More than 300, 000 members have already participated in the original matching events that can be relaxed and enjoyed. Let’s participate in the community

Let’s create a free space in the calendar, please participate in nights and events that match the age group in the area where you live.


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Eric, Sarah

Kate, Simon

Laura, John

Lucy, Emma

Our success stories

20. 6 million people are already seeking encounters on Match *. Next is your turn?

[…] […]

Match dating app

Download the Match online With a dating app, you can always check your nearby profile and chat with a dedicated single who is ready to have a true love. It is provided free of charge to iOS and Android to achieve faster and smoother operations by putting all the features of Match on the palm. online dating experience.

How do you show you’re ready for a real story?

calm down please. To be kind. Like yourself.

Online dates may have increased casual encounters and hoo k-up cultures.

However, those who want to meet single on Match chose our service because they were ready to start a real story. So how do you meet the people you met? online How do you understand and meet that expectation?

The secret is, in fact, not a secret, and something that has been said almost for a long time. The important thing is to respond to yourself, carefully and calmly. And everything starts by writing a profile.

You can find an adult encounter on Match and browse older singles on this site.

Think about who you want to associate with for a long time.

Certainly looks important. However, in most cases, I think you will choose a person who is pure, compassion, is interested in you, and makes you laugh. It’s not anything wrong, it’s the most human, who wants to be with someone who makes you happy.

When you write your online Dating profile confirms that you want to be with you. Clearly tell other people that they are interested in the temptation of wanting to talk only about themselves. What do you want to do on a date? What do you like about people? You indicate that you are a great friend, not the one who wants to be with you.

Meet singles near you

Manchester, Edinburgh, London, Portsmouth … Some people are waiting for you to meet you. Are you convinced yet? Please register after registering.


See you in London

Are you single living in London in London? Register for MATCH for free and browse the other thousands of single London kids’ profile. Date at a single event held in the Tokyo metropolitan area.


Encounter in Edinburgh

Encounter in Edinburgh, do you want to meet someone who meets the conditions of Edinburgh? You can browse abundant profiles and participate in single events held in Scotland’s capital.

Manchester < SPAN> For complaints and inquiries, please click here. If the complaint is not resolved, you can submit it in the following way.

Choose from many Manchester dating sites or visit one of the online dating events.

Why don’t you enjoy a nice date at Manchester in Manchester? Register with MATCH and meet Manchester’s single at a drinking party or joint party sponsored by this site or Match.

In the UK, thousands of single people are ready to start a real love. Why don’t you see someone looking for someone in a city near you?

Ready to expand your search? See and chat with singles in your area

Language matters when you’re online dating!

love and everyday words

Don’t be afraid of words! All the new casual dating sites that have popped up lately have turned the game of seduction into something of a video game.

What was the result? Many single people give up on dating altogether because it’s exhausting. However, many singles are looking for deeper, more serious encounters and long-term relationships.

The key to realizing such a new direction toward authenticity lies in the “words”. Yes, even in the instant world of online Dates and words are really important.

Start with the words that describe yourself. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but singles consistently say profile descriptions are more important than pictures***.

Especially on serious dating sites, it’s important to take the time to craft your writing and expose your true self with honesty and politeness.

And words can break the ice It’s hard to introduce yourself to one person you find interesting. It’s hard to find the right approach or THE message to get people’s attention all the time. Anyone can write a salutation, but will it help you stand out in a meeting? First impressions count on a date and first words exchanged online can make all the difference.

Finally, on a real first date, words matter.

Looks aren’t everything, and when you’re in front of someone, you can’t hide behind a screen anymore. I’m looking for someone to share with, so don’t worry. The most important thing is to be yourself and be as natural as possible.

Meet singles who are ready to commit now.

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*Data, which was conducted by Dynata in July 2021, for 2004 representative respondents aged 18 and over in the UK (Source EUROSTAT 2020). 6 % of respondents argue that they have already met in matching.

** All images and profiles are modified.

*** Data conducted by an internal survey conducted from October 29 to November 16, 2018 for representative samples aged 18 or older.

**** Internal Dat a-The average conversation number (= number of messages exchanged between two members) starting with the matching of each month from August to October 2022.

***** In July 2021, a survey conducted by a dynata conducted by 2004 representative samples of the United Kingdom 18 years old or older. He claims that 21 % know the couple they met in the race.

We are members of online date associations (ODA), and are working to maintain standards, protect users, and provide user guarantees based on our guidelines. Click here for details on ODA. Here is the link to the customer service arrangement.

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