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Our era

Our era

TIME has earned 1 and 44 stars in consumer evaluation. 326 reviews If you look at it, you can see that most customers are generally dissatisfied with the purchased products. Consumers who are dissatisfied with TIME have the most common problems related to customer service, fake profile, and credit cards. OUR TIME is ranked 33rd among to p-time sites.

Positive reviews (The last 12 months): 1. 7%.

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  • Customer service states that it has seen abnormal activities that restrict it.
  • Update I filed an objection to my credit card billing.

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Top Positive Review

“Perfect matching”

Samantha V

Both me and my husband were perfect for this site, the compatibility was 110 % and the proposal was perfect.

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“I’m really disappointed”

There is almost no information on the person, so you have to choose only the photos. It will not be at this age!? Also, you cannot “take a rest” and hide your profile for a while. There are always people who leave the company, and their profile remains. There are so many people and photos, and most of them are suspended. This is a match platform, and there is no such function. I need a job!

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November 8, 2022

Let’s not approach this scam site, everyone. Time is an unscrupulous company. This site has a lot of bots and fake profiles. My uncle got married for the second time. What is your wife http: // j4dates? It’s easy to meet me, me, me, and now to meet Ukraine women: they are now spreading all over the world, and there are many in my country. For now, I am satisfied with enough. I met a very beautiful woman at my favorite age. So don’t be involved in our fraud. I started to deceive customers. You may receive a message from a woman who has never seen your profile. The only thing they can provide is to respond to a large number of bots.

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January 5, 2023

I created an account and paid for one month for trial. There were many difficulties. As with any country, some sorting is necessary, but I am satisfied with the number of areas where I live. It looks better than other apps.

Some people learned that I was a private chef and learned that there were events that would not gather next week. We were planning to have a meeting at the venue (safe) to the details and have a meeting on Saturday. Attention. I helped him. I did not plead to him. At that time, my job was not even stated in my profile. Anyway, I waited for him to give the phone number until he noticed. The site deleted my account and said that I was asking a question, and said that the site was for love. That’s weird. He asked what my job was. He said he needed help at the event. There is a lot of wasted time.

There were other conversations. Actually, there are many. The person who thought “if this person” said he wanted to exchange the phone number. I answered “yes”. But it’s been deleted with Dokan. Lost chat time.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to be investigated before deleting or closing an account. For me, it’s a shame to fill in such a profile and upload photos. Dating sites take time, so I haven’t done it all the time. What is wasted now

The best thing was … I live in a small town, so I didn’t want to put it on my profile, so I contacted the customer service, but I couldn’t find a way to delete it. Some say that my town is small and everyone knows and can be found. I thought it was uncomfortable. I usually put a large city next to my profile from a security perspective. So I asked what to do. You’ve asked and deleted your account. “I don’t think I’m thinking about anything with my account because it doesn’t reply to the message. This is an unkind and no n-professional customer service.

Also, it is not the best app, but a problem. Do you have two smiles? Haha

I had to r e-enter my profile information many times. Not saved yet. One man was angry at my profile that I had no children, but I was angry with having a child.

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