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Peloton-Alternative: Schwinn IC8 Indoor Bike im Test

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Schwinn IC8 Indoor Bike im Test: Die beste Alternative zu Peloton?

Schwinnbike IC8 (800IC) is a cheap cycling alternative for cycling with Peloton. With the JRNY app, you can train according to each user. I tested Indian bike.

Updates: MAREN Hänssler (sports scientist): December 16, 2022.

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  • Schwin bike IC8 trial
  • Experience of boarding / amount of boarding
  • Use Schwinnbike IC8 in the JRNY app
  • Connect IC8 to Peloton
  • Connect IC8 and Zwift
  • Conclusion

To complete the company’s cycling lessons by the Peloton provider at home, you need to delve into your pocket deeply.

Schwinnbike IC8 offers cheaper alternatives. It is less than 2. 000 euros, but less than 1. 000 euros. I have seen Schwinnbike IC8 (800IC) in detail.

At first glance the Schwin IC8.

  • Speed bike with silent magnet brake
  • Color LCD screen display: Time, distance, calorie, resistance, rotation speed/ minute
  • Bluetooth® 4. 0 interface that supports apps such as JRNY i n-house apps, Peloton, Zwift, Explore The World, etc.
  • Size: 1, 55 to 1, 95 meters
  • Price: 999 euros

Schwin bike IC8 trial

Schwin Bike IC 8

Maximum weight 150kg bicycle weight 48, 1kg length 123, 7cm width 54cm, height 131cm magnetic resistance 18kg fly wheel

Production of Schwin Speed Bike

Shuin IC8, unlike Perotron Bikes, requires settings after delivery. Fortunately, some of the interior of the bicycle has already been assembled, so it can be installed in the living room in less than an hour. The structure worked without any problems, but I wanted information using training computers for instructions.

For those who purchased a motorcycle before August 2020: Here, there is a meaning to calibrate the resistance sensor to get a realistic power value.

Click here for detailed operation methods for Schwin’s bicycle.

Experience of boarding / amount of boarding

First impression of speed bike: It is fine and the pedal turns first, and it makes a whispering sound. The worries that the neighbors would be annoying ended with no worries. With a rotary knob

Adjust the resistance value in small increments.

The IC8 is close to 50 kg, so it can keep a solid posture despite the 10kg lighter than the pelloton bike.

Indian bikes are suitable for the size from 1, 55 to 1, 95 meters, and small people can sit very smoothly on the IC8. Here, a more flexible response is desired. Other than that, it is the same ride as a perton bike. You can easily adjust the resistance value.

The Schwinn “IC8” is a bicycle that can be ridden with click pedals and a belt. If you prefer the clicks of cycle shoes: the cleats are SPD compatible. By the way, only click shoes are Peloton compatible, unless you order regular pedals.

Using the Schwinbike IC8 without an app connection

Of course, the IC8 can also be used without an app connection. As soon as you enter the screen or move the pedal, the digital display will start.

You can also set goals for calories and distance if you want. To do so, first press the Start/Enter button until the calorie or distance field flashes and set your training target with the arrow keys.

If you use the app, the home bicycle body is just full of motivation. The JRNY app is Schwinnbikes training app. Let’s take a closer look at this test.

JRNY app settings

After downloading the JRNY app, you start by entering three things: fitness goals, weight loss, and performance. After verifying your identity, you will be able to use the training app. Depending on the time, there are 1-9 minute, 10-14 minute, 50+ minute training videos available. In particular, I like this video because various videos such as strengthening, aerobic, and balance are also available in the app.

Use Schwinnbike IC8 in the JRNY app

This serves his JRNY app

Training Videos (Spinning, Cardio, Strengthening, Braiance)

“Around the World” Exploration Tour

A smart personal training system that suggests customized rotation units

  • The ultimate heart of the JRNY App is the smart training system. People who want to start training first complete the app. We will provide you with appropriate rotation videos based on your current training status. It also learns the system. The more training you do, the greater your personal contribution. Of course, other performances are also available.
  • Video of jrny rotation compared to peloton
  • In terms of numbers, JRNY’s app still lags behind Peloton. In addition, the rotating image is strongly reminiscent of Peloton. It is also very similar to being able to select music individually, depending on the time and taste. In the JRNY app, etc., not only rotation videos but also strength and balance videos are distributed.

Conclusion JRNY

At first glance, it seems like a slightly complicated app. A device must be connected to view rotating videos, etc. Understanding the system makes using the app fun. I like that you can choose any style of music for each rotating image. Of particular note are customized training recommendations. For us, it’s a breakthrough system that allows users to avoid feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied.

in terms of

Peroton is sweating users at a motivated cardio party in the living room at home. On the other hand, Zwift is for more ambitious racing cyclists. On a virtual road, we will conduct training sessions and competitions with other users and fight.

It works in several steps to connect to the app Peloton, Zwift, Explorer the World, Co. Important: If you are using an old smartphone or tablet, check the current iOS or Android version in advance so that the app works smoothly.

In addition, the connection of the application to the IC8 should not be long from the first ride. Download, register, switch to Bluetooth, connect to IC8, and go to wild rides.

First important precautions: The Peloton app costs 12, 99 euros/ month, and can be used independently for a Peloton bike (the owner of the Peloton motorcycle uses them on related motorcycles. Pay 39 euros/ month to do). The center of the app is a number of cycling classes, but also provides strength training and aerobic exercise, and there are also yoga sessions and meditation modules.

How is coupling from IC8 to Peloton class?

Peloton relies on speed and resistance training to adapt to the performance level of motorcycles. When the Bluetooth connection is turned on, the speed of the shoin bike IC8 is automatically sent to Peloton.

Advantages of IC8: Like Peroton, the resistance value from 0 to 100 is set. Although the level does not match 100 %, it provides a certain thing that is the basis for training due to the speed display.

Connect IC8 to Peloton

The Zwift app is not free, but you can try it for 7 days or use 25 miles free of charge a month. The subscription is 14, 99 euros per month. ZWIFT can train with colleagues and participate in tournaments based on virtual routes, not conventional cycling courses.

The app displays speed, wattage, pace, and pulse.

Unfortunately, the paired apps provide low reliable data, as the Twid app depends on the speed of the Twid application automatically taking root profiles (mountains and waterfalls) according to the speed. On the other hand, in IC8, it is necessary to adjust the impedance when it rises in the same way.

Tips 2020 If you have purchased a Schwinn IC8 motorcycle before August, you need to prove a magnetic brake to get reliable data.

Connect IC8 and Zwift

As a cheap and wonderful solution that combines Schwinn Bike IC8 and the Peloton app

SCHWINNBIKE IC8 is a very hig h-quality Indian bike that is very suitable as a cheap alternative to Peroton bike. Both ride comfort, processing, and excellent training options by Peloton will make Schwinnbike IC8 a good training partner at home. The application connection is especially


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