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Quirky Dating Sims to Spice up Your Life and Maybe Weird You Out

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Quirky Dating Sims to Spice up Your Life and Maybe Weird You Out

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Or do you like to give up the world of encounters and that the tw o-dimensional character jumps into your heart? the weird , WACKY, and sometimes an amazing dating world?

We have an interesting lineup to experience and spend dating sysims. However, note that these dating sysims were named. quirky ” for a reason.

From the encounter of birds and monsters to the dungeon crawler and single faser encounter, it will probably be a content that everyone can enjoy. and maybe Probably a surprisingly fun experience that you never expected.

Here are 12 favorites. quirky dating sims.

Hatoful Boyfriend

max gentleman sexy business

Suddenly, I’m sorry, but Hatofuru’s boyfriend is a bird dating sim. Yes, that’s right. Birds, dates, yes. This game, which began as a joke of April Fool’s Day, became a wel l-made viral sensation and became one of the most downloaded games in 2011.

The mechanism is that a single man who can use it is composed of birds with various sensations and is connected to one of them. It’s a strange story, you are a person studying at the elite bird school and is a romance target for eight types of birds.

Each bird is unique, and the choice of visual novel determines who will be with you. There are many twists and turns, and strangely, it turns out that Hatofuru’s friends do a very interesting sim date.

Dream Daddy

Tears of Challenge

Dream Daddy, who has pioneered their fan base, succeeded in the vira l-phenomenic popularity of the word “daddy”. To tell the truth, this game is not always naughty, but it’s actually pretty cute.

If you are moving to a new area with your daughter, you will know the seven dads in the area. Some people, some have children, and some have problems with them, but they don’t stop dating. SOSY, Sorcie.

In any case, this Daddy Sim can compare hints from dads, papa jokes, and papa golf. In a very adorable environment, all your choices affect the results and go with each dad. At the end of the date, you can get your dad’s evaluation.

Mystic Messenger

spirits arcade

For those who want a little more spices, here are some small spices for mobile phones that can be brought anywhere. In the game, you accidentally download the app called “Mystic Messenger” and start receiving.

In terms of high school life, “Monster Promu” is a great deal. This game has many interesting moments, healthy hearts, and cool monsters to date. There is a multiplayer option as a unique function of “monster prom” that other dating simulation games do not have. Up to four players fight to find a date, and the one who secures a date partner will win.

Anyway, if you fly solo, you will be able to replay over and over again and date each character in order. Each of the six options has a sweet charm that regrets if you do not go many times.

Monster Prom

dungeon friend

By the way, “Pounding Bungee Club” is actually trying to be close to a psych o-horror game, but it starts as an innocent date sim. In addition, there is one more reason that dating sounds like scary. If you are not good at horror or sashi, or if you are likely to be psychological torture, you may want to skip it.

Oh, this game will make you twists and turns!Please note that it is known that countless players have been injured.

Basically, it is forced to join the literary club in the high school, and it is suitable for dating three of the four members. As usual, there are many goals and adventures, and some cut scenes with each girl have been unlocked. Let’s enjoy it now

Doki Doki Literature Club

speed dating for ghosts

Are you interested in the Victorian businessman looking for love? Well, you get an idea!This is a strange mix, but to be honest, I don’t know what you are dealing with until you try it, and we have certainly seen a strange dating system* COUGH* HATOFUL boyfriend*COUGH.*.

The outline of this game is to run a business and to adhere to single and single people who are subject to affection. As long as your business survives, you are free to manage.

Here, you will make a decision for work and personal interests. All relationships have a purpose. Make the right decision for your mind and business!Also, since it is an adult game, sensitive content can be turned off.

Max Gentlemen Sexy Business

I love kernel sanders!

Another work of the mobile group, Temis’s Tears, is a date adventur e-shim released by mihoyo in 2021. You will play with four men with each role and code name as a lawyer of a private organization created to solve a mysterious case.

As you proceed with the game, the motivation and background of the men working together will be revealed, and they can help them understand and discover their own various aspects.

You can customize many games, including chat options and characters. Your choice of romance may affect not only your future but also the future of the game center. There are eight characters and you can choose whether to move in love or platonic.

Tears of Themis

Long story

The game can be played like a visual novel date sim, and if you meet the specific characteristics that the characters are attracted, any conversation and exchanges will be unlocked or activated. In any case, please find a real partner like yourself.

The way you find a friend has changed, but in “Friend Dungeon”, “please fight for me” is very important. The team who forms a team will turn into an awakened weapon and capture the dungeon. It feels like a metal, right?

As the protagonist, you are working to protect the city’s safety while fighting monsters in dungeons. Being familiar with weapons enhances the power of battle and has a unique type depending on the type of weapon you meet.

Arcade Spirits

The mix of crawler dungeons and dating sysims is definitely unique. Currently you have seven weapons, but as the games are growing and growing, more characters/ weapons are added, and you can conquer the dungeon at once!

Speed dating for ghosts will make a shim date in the undead world and find a partner to spend forever. This comedy horror advances to the SIM date world and asks you what will happen if you die.

Please play and play as you decided to participate in the ghost speed dating event. Here, I encounter something interesting.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Ghosts are trying to find their partner in the world. A total of 13 ghosts will appear, and spin will be spinned through trial and error.

Some ghosts are difficult to meet and love, so if you meet or are interested, make sure to pay in front of you. I don’t know when to meet again. As usual, you will know the motivation and background of each ghost, but there are also quite tragic personal stories.

Again, the first thing that was a joke or a marketing strategy was a reality. I love Kernel Sanders!Is a sim to reach the romance of Silver Fox Kernel Sanders.

Speed Dating for Ghosts

In this game, my beloved grandpa turns into a silver fox handsome and suddenly

To find him … This hot game is short and enough, set in three days in a wonderful cooking school. Kernel Sanders is your classmate and both are graduating as a chef. and quirky Of course, other characters will appear in this story. It is a pretty eccentric character. There are a lot of things, such as making dogs as teachers and making robot classmates. As a date game, there are some parts that I would like to have a little more options other than Kernel Sanders, but it is a marketing tactic, so I can’t say much.

You may find a sequel to a chain mascot and a fast food chain founder.

I Love You Colonel Sanders! A Finger Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator

Club Doki Doki Literature Club

Most of the shims listed above are rather qui a-friendly, but Longstory is a LGBTQ+friendly dating system, and responds to those who are looking for it. To be honest, there are few open quia dating suims, so I’m happy.

Also, it’s a dating sim for preteens, so everyone is in high school. In some ways, Longstory could be a game that helps people struggle with their identity and relationships during the most confusing but important period of their teenage years. not weird Basically, you create a character as you like, including pronouns and gender, and look for a date. The focus is on teaching players how to manage relationships and have tough conversations that don’t sound like teenagers. During the game, he has 5 data, choose from them and finish.

For those who are generally shy or have given up on dating, these dating sims allow you to explore different aspects of relationships and experience all personality types. Video games can also help with training

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I love kernel sanders!

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mystic messenger

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