Reddit s Female Dating Strategy turns love into a game. Does it work? ABC Everyday - dating new york city

Reddit s Female Dating Strategy turns love into a game. Does it work? ABC Everyday

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Reddit’s Female Dating Strategy turns love into a game. Does it work?

A woman sits with her laptop in her lap during a Reddit article on dating strategies for women.

For a long time, Jenny thought it was Jenny’s fault to be treated terribly by men.

“I often thought I had to change what I had to change, I had to accept anything,” she said.

With the discovery of FDS (Female Dating SubbbedIt Strategy), she became able to control her love.

“When I started reading the FDS post, I felt very strong.

“I was able to connect with other women in the forum, so I understood that I was unconsciously looking for a man who didn’t suit me.”

The female -Social Media Platform Reddit Forum alone has 100. 000 subscribers and explains that it is a place to discuss effective dating strategies for women.

Dr. Emily Van del Nagel, a lecturer at Monash University at the University of Monash, states that this is a powerful subscription base, considering that all members are women and Reddit is a space of mal e-dominated male dominance. I am.

The easiest way to understand FDS is to think of it as a reaction to the “pic k-up” phenomenon.

The attitude and goal of “Nampa Master” is really to turn Pursuing women into Gam e-Assuming that it has a certain rule and a woman acts suitable for exploitation.

“FDS feeds into This is the model. We treat dating and love as a game.””

FDS has helped Jenny to stop compromising harmful men, but the stiff ideology of FDS means not a safe space for everyone.

Benefits of virtual date

Before you actually meet, some people feel the merit of almost dating.

What is Female Dating Strategy?

In a dating strategy with women, we seek a “valuable man” that promotes women to “speed up” and treats themselves like a queen.

“We will discuss how to maintain a healthy relationship that is beneficial to me.”

Subscribers are recommended to read the FDS handbook before posting, and have been warned to delete posts that are contrary to group ideology.

Dr. Van Deer Nugel explains that this is a typical sucked su b-loaded. They are profitable by indicating what is allowed (people upgrade related content and reduce unrelated ones).

  • Being a “valuable” woman who has his own career and hobbies that is not swayed by men.
  • Let a man do hunting. The role of a man is the chasing and chasing, convinced that he is a man worthy of you. As a woman, you don’t have to prove his mistakes.
  • No sexual intercourse before commitment has been established.

Other topics that hint at the subreddit’s sexually conservative nature include its denial of consensual BDSM and porn viewing.

Dr. van der Nagel says, “It’s aimed at women looking for healthy relationships and gives them a positive impression.”

But he says it’s a valid criticism that the group promotes only one version. of female dating.

It’s a subreddit with a limited view of “what women want, how they work, what their purpose and goals are.”

A space for “monogamy” and “heterosexuality”. It’s not queer friendly.

“There is no room for women who want to sleep over.” If the pleasure of dating comes from casual interactions with men and other women, then that’s the best approach to dating.

Jenny doesn’t share all of FDS’s beliefs, but she says it helped her change her view of men.

“I consider myself a modern feminist, but I can’t say that the modern approach of soliciting men has always worked,” she said.

“FDS made me realize that many men are still made to love chasing and don’t necessarily respect women who are easy to win with control.

“Men want to feel like they have to work to get your love.”

Seeking love and cultural sensibility

As a black woman, Molly Hunt writes, she could never be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t feel comfortable talking about her race and culture.

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