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Relationship (The Sims FreePlay)

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In the Sims Freeplay, “relationship” is an important factor in communicating between shims. There is a difference. the relationships The system is used in series, including “The Sims Free Play”.


  • 1 Friendly relationship
  • 2 Romantic relationship
  • 3 No n-friendly relationships
  • 4 different interactions

Friendly Relationships [ ]

There are several steps in friendly. relationships To produce friendliness relationship Among the two shims, you can have actions such as “getting along”, “hugging”, “interesting”, and “stretching”. As the pair shim goes to each stage, you will get a certain Simoleon and XP. The number of interactions to be unlocked is as follows. the relationship If you know the shim between Sims, you will be able to shake hands. Introduction of “hig h-touch” when you become a friend, “browhag” when you get along well, and “chest bump” when you become a best friend.

  • Get along + 150XP
  • Friend + 150XP
  • Good friend+200xp+100LP.
  • Best friend + 250XP
  • Great Friend+300XP+1. 000. 000 Simolon
  • Great friend + 100000000LP.

Romantic Relationships [ ]

Love is also possible if you are more than a pretene relationships There are various stages in love relationships To create romance relationship You can take actions such as “Be Romantic” and “Woohoo” among the two shims (partners, fiancee, and married people only). As the pair shim goes to each stage, you will get a certain Simoleon and XP. If the Sim level is not 6, there is no romantic stage such as dating or moving.

  • Romance sprout + 100xp
  • Date + 150xp
  • Partner + 150XP
  • Engaged +200XP.
  • Married +250XP

When two shims become partners, they will be able to propose. The screen for purchasing the engagement ring is displayed. The higher the value of the ring, the easier it is to accept the sim. However, if the price of the ring is low, the Sim is more likely to refuse the offer.

There are five proposal rings, each of which is more likely to be adopted than the previous ring.

  • Dinosaur ring vending machine -§1. 750.
  • Mood ring … §8. 050
  • Silver Rin g-3 LP
  • White Gold Rin g-6 LP
  • Eternity Rin g-10 LP

If Sim accepts, you will be engaged. The two shims do not get married until they live together. You can buy a crib with a couple and give birth to a baby (clicking on a crib will display a screen that encourages the baby).

If the couple is divorced, the player needs eternity ring to reunite them.

Unfriendly Relationships [ ]

There are many stages to be no n-friendly relationships How to make something no n-friendly relationship Make actions such as “say rude things” and “complain” among the two shims. As the two shims on each stage, you will get a certain Simoles and XP. Bad shims can do “fake handshake”. When two shims become enemies, “rude gestures” can be exchanged, and if two shims become enemies, they will be able to play. You can get XP and Simorion as you go on the stage.

  • Manby +100
  • Enemy +150
  • Nemesis + 200 + 1000000LP.

Different Colored Interactions [ ]

There are four types of interaction to execute SIMS.

  • Green exchange fosters the friendship between the shims.
  • Purple and pink interaction nurtures the romance between the shims.
  • Red interaction deteriorates current relationship And ultimately, give the shims to break up if they participate in love.
  • The blue exchange has a romantic feeling of each other, but now it means or vice versa.
  • White exchanges occur when the shims are already divorced.

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