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Review — Can It Be Used as a Dating Site?

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Tagging has been the fastest growing social network for dating and networking in the last few years. Originally a social network for teenagers, it has now evolved into a semi-dating platform. Although there are many complaints about performance and spam, there are also voices that praise it.

Tagged environments are certainly alive and well. However, is it for everyone, is it really possible to find someone suitable for a long-term relationship, is the link good, is it safe, etc. Is it reliable?

These and other questions are answered in the tags below. review . review

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Final words tagged.

I thought the tags were stiff, messy, and a little creepy. Trying to be both a social network and a dating platform doesn’t seem to work, at least not the way Tagged does it. It seems silly to us to pay to be a VIP member on a site like this.

Evaluation with Tag will be Poor.

If you want a good online dating experience, it’s best to stick to sites that specialize in this service.

— Pros and Cons —

Strong Points

  • Available on both mobile and desktop
  • super fast registration
  • In operation since 2004

with AIDS

  • Half of the profiles you see are from members thousands of miles away.
  • VIP member registration is required to use all functions.
  • Presence of members under the age of 18

— In-Depth Review —

When he visits Tagged. com for the first time, he may be confused or overwhelmed by its appearance. If you know a little background, you may be able to understand Tagged better. Originally launched in 2004, it was aimed at users under the age of 18. It was literally tagged for middle school and high school social interaction. In 2006, the tag was made open to anyone regardless of age. Currently, the site’s user demographic ranges from 30 to 49. He accounts for over 60%. The site is clearly not for teens anymore. However, many of the original features that appeal to young people remain. It’s like a label that is both a social network for teens and a dating discovery app for adults. A mix without compromise.

An example of this is the kind of social network aesthetic used on the site. For us, it’s closer to the Facebook-Friendster hybrid we saw decades ago. Also, the integration of online social games into the platform has strengthened its appearance as a social D. I. C.

In this test, a slight delay occurred in the Android version. Although it did not freeze, the operation has become significantly heavier than the iPhone app. to review Tagged’s desktops require navigation on tagged. com website. From there, new users can sign up using Facebook and Google Plus authentication information. It is also possible for users to register manually. The latter requires only the minimum information. Either registration method is completed within 1 minute.

— Available Platforms —

If the user who downloaded the mobile app is registered from a mobile phone, you can register in the same procedure as the desktop registration above.

Immediately after registration, it switches from various platforms to invite friends, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. The mobile app version makes it easy to start this work randomly. If you do so, you will need to send an invitation email to these platform contacts. For that reason, many complaints have been posted on the Internet that “spam mail” is sent to the contact information.

— Registration Process —

In both desktops and mobile platforms, tagged is connected by default unless the connection is canceled.

Tagged uses your location information to determine the optimal profile to display on the home screen. However, in this test, the mechanism did not work well. More than half of the profile displayed on the top page of the membership site were thousands of miles away, some of the people behind the earth.

In addition, how to fix the age group of this member’s profile … there were some awkward places. It is not unusual for a social network model to be displayed on the screen to display the profile of a member under the age of 18 on the screen. As everyone in the tester announced, “This is very creepy.”

There are two features to find two people in tags. The first is a list of profiles that seem to be from a nearby area displayed on the home screen. The second discovery function follows the model of “Swiping”. If you swipe to the right, you will be able to “like!” And if you swipe to the left, you will find a “through” profile. When both parts are swiped correctly, a communication link is established between the two numbers. Unfortunately, the same problem as the “nearby person” function is also in the swipe function. In this test, about half of the presented members were very far from where they live. Reviewing the profile settings has not solved this problem. Announced on both mobile and desktops.

— Members Area —

The free version of tagged is limited to starting conversation with other members. To get a complete communication function, you need to purchase a VIP membership. This costs $ 9, 99 per month. Also, when you become a VIP member, you will be able to see the person who saw your profile and check if the message was read. Tagging also mentions future VIP functions, which are said to filter other members’ profiles based on charm. The details have not been disclosed how this function works or when it will be released.


— Features —

With cost tag.

— Cost of—

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